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The Year the Open Internet Came Under Siege: 2017 Year in Review


The Year the Open Internet Came Under Siege: 2017 Year in Review

Jeremy Gillula, Ernesto Falcon

Even with the FCC’s bad vote coming so late, we fought all year to build up momentum that will allow us to fix their blunder in 2018.


There are no comments because most, obviously, believe this ‘calling your Congressman’ to be pie in the sky, which it is.

Orwell’s 1984 is here - and NOW.

We need a better plan.

Fighting with the partisans in Albania and Italy in WW II, behind enemy lines, Bill Tilman identified the ‘freedom to move’ as the ‘sine qua none’ of guerilla warfare.

Are we not all behind enemy lines now - guerillas in fact?


We would be if most of us weren’t already afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome.


After three decades of rapidly spreading the Stockholm Syndrome epidemic in the US dwarfs the opioid epidemic.


Interesting thought - but is it accurate - do you think ?

For myself, the gut tells me no.

I can sense the deep resentment of the many workers imported here as cheap and expendable labor - hostages to deportation should they in any way mess up.

Everyone is an actor - Hollywood is simply a mirror.

To survive - you must needs play the part - pretend to support the system, and this is as it has always been.

I think the excesses of the French Revolution are more who we are - when the guillotines came out, for a time anyways, and the pent up fury sought its release.

It is the story of the Inca Empire, and the Aztecs.

No one was sorry to see these empires destroyed - not really.

One form of control is then substituted for another, that is the continuing problem, to which no one has ever found a sustainable solution.