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The Year Without the Open Internet Order: 2018 Year in Review


The Year Without the Open Internet Order: 2018 Year in Review

Katharine Trendacosta, Ernesto Falcon

In the waning hours of 2017, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order, ending net neutrality protections for the millions of Americans who support them. The fallout of that decision continued all throughout 2018, with attempts to reverse the FCC in Congress, new state laws, and governor executive orders written to secure state-level protections, court cases, and ever-increasing evidence that a world without the Open Internet Order is simply a worse one.


I’ve seen nothing in this battle that limits a company from voluntarily providing the service with net neutrality principals as it’s business model (legal experts, chime in if I’m wrong). All of the legal action could be avoided with a company who will provide service with the above business model, supported with common customers and local government entities, it wouldn’t take long for the huge service providers to get the message with large reductions in their profits, and realizing their greed was their downfall.
I know their are wealthy investors out there who believe in net neutrality, on principal and for the profit of their other businesses, it’s time for them to step up, do the right and profitable thing, and launch a provider service that everyone can get on-board with.


Let us hope that ALL consumers remember that VERIZON was willing to burn down part of California, in order to force a rate increase in the middle of a fire, and thereby dissing the Fire Department and Californians. Hmmm I wonder Verizon—if your business caught on fire------would anyone come?