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The Yes Men's Guide to Resisting Trump

The Yes Men's Guide to Resisting Trump

The Yes Men

What happened Nov. 8 is for many of us (especially liberal white people) literally unthinkable — which may be why our bodies are getting involved, with many reporting stomach problems and nausea, or intense cravings for human company combined with irritability. It’s as if we’re reconfiguring ourselves for the awful new world we’re stuck in now, and it kind of hurts.

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Love you, YES men! I became a PCP–this is my last ditch effort to turn my party around. I fear but continue on and will leave if this doesn’t work. With Schumer in the leadership, who knows? Not a good sign.

Also get rid of Pelosi!


It is well past time that progressives do the hard work and mimic what the evangelicals did in the 80’s to the GOP, infiltrate and take over. To the inevitable retorts of ‘Third party,’ guess what, the USA’s first-past-the-post winner-take-all electoral system (which is the case at all levels starting with Dog catcher and up to President), as well as complex myriad of state laws that only grant automatic ballot access to the the two major parties in all 50 states, mandates the most viable option: take over the Democratic party and re-brand it. Anything else is masturbatory noise.


Dear “yes men”

First of all, please leave out qualifiers such as “especially liberal white people” out of articles that are about stopping that kind of nonsense.

And then there’s this:

“Remember, it took several decades for the racist virus spread by Republicans, as part of their strategy to win away Southern Democrats, to take over and turn their own party into a fascist one.”

Wait–what? You can’t just string words together and expect people to blandly swallow it. This sentence is pure piffle. Yes, there are a lot of good ideas in your article overall, but if I am choking on the first few paragraphs you’ll have to have pretty good stuff thereafter if you want me to take you seriously.

We got rid of parties in the past. For example the conservative Federalist Party was eviscerated by Thomas Jefferson in the election of 1800. Also the Whig Party went out of existence, so it can be done. But it’s rare, I’ll give you that.

We have to figure out which elite billionaires are teed-off, like Micheal Moore, and get them to convince firebrands like Bernie to leave for the American Party, or the Love Party, or the Weed Party, or the Yes Party or something catchy like that.

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The problem with your scenario is that since the last time a major American political party disintegrated, the Whigs, ballot access laws have come into being (starting in the 1880’s) making the task of getting on the ballot in all 50 states a real chore (the Libertarians barely accomplished it, while the Greens were only on the ballot in 38 states) for parties other than the major two. Non-major parties expend significant resources each election cycle gathering signatures that could well be utilized elsewhere, such as actual campaigning.
For all intents and purposes, the evangelicals have gotten rid of the GOP of the past by taking control, thus effecting a de facto rebranding.
The only vaguely viable option for American progressives is to do the same to the Democratic party.

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I loved the Yes men back in the late Clinton/Bush years - their “Million Billionaire March” back in 2000 was a blast.

But just like so many other activists organizations back then, where the hell have they been for the past eight years???

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That’s what Bernie and even I thought when the decision had to be made after the DNC cheated Bernie out of several states with polling trickery. Now, it’s clear with the Super Delegates scam, that’s impossible.

The GOP did much the same with evangelicals for years, but they stuck with it until sheer force of numbers and an active base that participated in every election, function, committee meeting, etc. did the trick for them. Bernie proved it was possible and the ‘election’ of Dump has made it necessary. Those in power never relinquish willingly, it must be hard won…and one election cycle is not hard won. What is virtually impossible is the Democratic party being supplanted a la the Whigs & Federalists, but a takeover is doable…it just won’t happen immediately.


You might be right. But the Repukes didn’t have even a fraction of the undemocratic Supercitizen situation the Dems did. There were over Seven-Hundred Superdelegates many with a plurality of votes more than a regular delegate. Bernie has called that impossible situation out, and it’s been slightly modified, but it still exists.

When the DNC won’t even give primary Sanders voters in California a legitimate ballot to vote with, instead instructing poll workers to issue a provisional ballot which is never counted, you know the corruption is so vast and entrenched, that nothing except burning the whole infested carcass down can affect meaningful remedy.

The DNC is Super corrupt and cannot be reformed, imho. The culture of dishonesty runs too deep. And the Clintonites are still right there.

We need new blood, new faces, new belief systems, not old world nepotism, cronyism, and more systemic subterfuge as modius operandi. Just like in old Chicago, Al Capone simply cannot be reformed or trusted since he’s once had a taste of running fake elections and taking over political machines by hook or crook. The only thing you can do is investigate his Clinton Foundation and send him to Alcatraz.

Meanwhile, honest citizens who believe in “one person, one vote” must organize somewhere else, not inside the crooked casino, even though it’s an uphill battle to just get on the ballot.

By just showing up in their voting casino, you are giving it legitimacy and support. If you boycott it, you take away it’s power.

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The GOP used to have a similar ‘Super Delegate’ set up as well (and there are significant vestiges of it left, such as in Colorado, that Dump whined about), but one of the things the evangelicals did over the years was try to remove it as much of it as they could in a systematic manner so that their strength in turnout could be leveraged. If the GOP primary had been closer like the Democratic, you could well be assured that Dump’s fans would be carping like Bernie’s.
Simply put, there is no other way within a Millennial’s lifetime to have progressives reach a position of political power commensurate with our numbers than taking over the Democratic party…any other scenario is not simply wishful thinking, but outright fantasy.

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That was the same rejoinder I heard about Bernie Sander’s candidacy: fantasy.

If we could get Democrat Primary recounts on paper genuine paper ballots, we might be living under an enlightened President Sanders.

So with the level of discontent present in America, a Love Party is certainly possible.

My rejoinder has nothing to do with Bernie’s candidacy, as I enthusiastically voted for him in my state’s primary. While the DNC shenanigans did not help his cause, capturing more older minority voters in diverse states would have helped more (and the warning signs were there early on, as I attended a beyond capacity Bernie event @ the LA Sports Arena on August 10, 2015 and the #1 concern amongst the audience was the lack of people of color in their midst).
As for your ‘Love Party’ there are already worthy competitors for that elusive position of the the third party to displace the Democrats: the Libertarians & the Greens (of which I’m a member), so your proposed party is at best merely a figment of your desires. You could be better advised to concentrate your energy on winning local elective office as an independent, call yourself the founder of the ‘Love Party’ and try to follow up. But I can pretty confidently predict cold hard reality will hit you quite soon.

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The odds are, you are probably correct.