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The Young People Will Win, Even If They Have to Deliver Their Commencement Speech Outside After Being Barred For Being "Political"


The Young People Will Win, Even If They Have to Deliver Their Commencement Speech Outside After Being Barred For Being "Political"

A Kentucky high school valedictorian - and oh yeah openly gay, gender non-conforming social activist - was barred by his Catholic school and local diocese from giving a speech they deemed "aggressive, angry, confrontational" and "inconsistent with church teachings." Undaunted, Christian Bales, 18, used a bullhorn to speak outside the ceremony; so did his best friend and school council president, also banned. Bales praised the gun-control advocacy of Parkman students and others working to be "ethical individuals." Young people must speak up about today's issues, he said, "and we mustn’t tremble in the face of the institutions that try to silence us.”


The creator gave us each a voice. Your own voice, not a parrots voice.


“inconsistent with church teachings”

Spend 2000 years working on Dogma and you fail the Final Exam

…“Wrong, do it again!”
“If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding
How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?”…


Let me see if I’ve got this straight (no pun intended), according to the Catholic Church it’s not right for a graduating valedictorian, who’s gay to give his/her commencement speech, but sodomizing young boys by the clergy, that’s ok.


Wasn’t Jesus political?Throwing the money-lenders (today’s banker parasites) out of the temple was clearly political…the problem seems to be that “church teachings” do not match the words and teachings of Jesus…


You Go, Christian Bales! Rave On! The stodgy old fogies (like me) need a bit of ass-kicking. We thought we were done changing the world 40 years ago, but the truth is…we have only just begun! Power to the People!


The Catholic Church has no room for criticism. And I am a Catholic who knows about the “Doctrine of Discovery”,
and read 2 books that expose the church. “Render to Rome: The secret life of money in the Vatican” by Jason Berry and “Absolute Monarchs - A history of the Papacy” by John Julius Norwich.
Carry on Christian Bales. We need more people like you.


I think the kids may save the world. They breathe a different truth than we were raised on.


This is wonderful. It’s very interesting that I blog that I just posted this morning appears to have some connections.


As Roseanne Barr found out, private institutions can restrict what is said on their property and penalize people for what they said elsewhere.


The church has always held a tortured reality in the course of human event from the crusades to Avignon. A brick and mortar institution that is hard, if not impossible, to overcome. The present-day church is populated essentially by purple hair and shiny bald heads. The kids have gone. The churches: Jewish, Christian and Muslims are in a struggle till death spiral taking large populations and even nations to their end. Yet the faithful are so blinded by “faith” that it seems impossible for them to see logic or reason. The quintessential definition of “Fascism”. Is the human race doomed to turn the earth over to the cockroach?


Really? And you have evidence of this creator?


The Catholic Church keeps irony alive.

Remember this Commondreams the next time you promote the pope and get all sentimental during Christmas for Jesus.


Did I get this right? Did he really support friends for attending an anti-abortion rally??? WTF???!!!


At least they are not descriminatory they will molest anyone’s children, the more vulnerable the better.


All you have to do is see what you are looking towards. It is everywhere. To give it a name is folly, some though call it the force of life.


I love it that his first name is Christian! We need more such Christians!


Why not just call it the universe?

What is this god thing?


Uh no, because Christians believe in the bible and the bible supports slavery, incest, rape, hatred of women, genocide and so much more.

Don’t believe me? Read it. And then look at the history of the Christian church.


Since you wish to bring up our Creator, let’s talk about the science of the body.

When someone creates a thing, it is created for specific use. There is a reason for the creation, a function to fulfill, a role to take. If, for instance, a man creates a machine which is to fill cartons with boxes of candy, and the machine decides to start flinging those boxes across the warehouse floor, no one will say that the machine is operating correctly. An expert will be brought in and the computer that operates the mechanism will be tested and fixed so that the machine works correctly.

Observation of the human body shows us several things about the Creator. Men and women are uniquely structured to fit together. The purpose of this joining, known by observation of how the reproductive organs work, is that life is brought forth. The male sexual organ was not designed to fit into the male rectum. Such activity causes severe damage. Likewise, the union (or perhaps I should say, rubbing together) of the female reproductive parts does not bring them to their proper teleos. It is a sterile and non-productive action which goes against the design of bringing forth life.

In other words, the Creator’s design shows us His intent - that sexual union is for the purpose of bringing forth life. Any other action goes against this design.

Therefore, for a boy to think that he is a girl shows that the computer running his machinery is out of whack and is in desperate need of adjustment so that it works correctly. The purpose of the wonderful computer called the brain is to make the parts of the body function in accord with their design.

In other words, what we have here is a deeply disturbed young man who desperately needs psychological help.