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'The Young People Will Win': New Analysis Shows Youth Voter Registration Surged After Parkland Shooting


'The Young People Will Win': New Analysis Shows Youth Voter Registration Surged After Parkland Shooting

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Voter registration among Americans aged 18-29 surged nationwide following the February mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 people and spurred a youth-led movement for strengthening gun control laws, which has featured


These young activists are changing the political dynamic, but will the political machinery support them or betray them …again?! If past is prologue the DINO establishment will sabotage them and betray their energy! Faint heart ne’er won fair (critical) elections!

During Bill Clinton’s tenure he did nothing to build a Dem progressive base, just the opposite - he catered to big-money and power - 8 years wasted…then we got Dubya.

When Barack Obama ran on progressive issues and was elected there was great enthusiasm and hope - for about 1 week - then the truth became apparent; Obama was a sellout liar… he was never a progressive. During his tenure he did nothing to build a progressive Dem base, often just the opposite…talked a good game but never delivered, except to business as usual…8 more years wasted!

When Bernie Sanders ran for Prez there was great enthusiasm and hope, especially among youth, but that hope and political involvement by the young along with many other demographic’s was again squandered and betrayed when the same Clinton/Obama DINO establishment screwed the people and nation (and world) nominating the despised and loathed HRC… So much for learning a lesson.

So many became cynical, infuriated, depressed, .outraged that they stayed home…they were given nothing to vote FOR, only against and many didn’t bother - tweedle dee or tweedle dumb…if they knew how what a truly really depraved, psycho, and corrupt scum the malignant trump was , maybe…but they didn’t…wish I didn’t know now, what I didn’t know then…42% or about 100 millions stayed home.

Now the same opportunity is being wasted by the same looser dunghead gang, the Clinton/Obama/ corporate-whore DINO establishment wing that refuse to cede power or do a goddamn thing to build a strong dem/progressive “socialist” base that can and does inspire and lead! Predictably that cabal of sellout swine sabotage progressives and “socialists” and their OUR issues…4 years wasted (so far)…all the depravity and destruction by the ginger pig & Co may never be repaired…especially given cowards and craven DINO collaborators - Quislings!

This fight is for the future; a future the DINO establishment big-money sellouts reject…they would rather (we all) lose than change!.. and that includes Tammy “won’t play here” Duckworthless…