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Theater of the Absurd: On Israel's So-Called Purity of Arms


Theater of the Absurd: On Israel's So-Called Purity of Arms

With Israel's slide into right-wing nationalism, the trial of Elor Azaria - a young Israeli soldier filmed shooting a mortally wounded Palestinian in the head as he lay on the ground - perfectly, painfully captures the ramifications of that descent. After he was tried, convicted and given "a sentence fit for a bicycle thief," his case spiralled into angry chaos - appeals, racism charges, disparate factions deeming him a brute/role model - mirroring the deep divisions of an apartheid-afflicted Israel.


Beautiful commentary in video - his comparisons of humanists - as extreme left - and murderers as extreme right.

those who torture animals are extreme right and those who adopt are extreme left

rapists extreme right - respectful men as extreme left

that nails it


Thanks for this article.


this is what happens when a traumatized people refuse to deal with the effects of the holocaust on them and then turn and abuse others without healing themselves. as a Jewish elder I am appalled by what they continue to do to their own people and the Palestinian people. Shame on this country for continuing to collude with them. No more money for killing fields.


"and the Israeli parliament just gave preliminary approval to a so-called "muezzin law" aimed at silencing the Muslim call to prayer by banning loudspeakers at mosques - a move one critic calls "a collective hate crime" proving that Israeli leaders have abandoned all pretense of morality."

Banning loudspeakers at mosques is an excellent idea. I once lived next to a small mosque for 6 weeks. I preferred to get a good night's sleep rather than being woken at 4-30am every morning by a hideous amplified caterwauling, and kept awake late in the evening by additional protracted caterwauling.

I also object to loudspeakers playing heavy rock at full volume and would also object to someone amplifying the sound of bagpipes at 4.30am and playing them, amplified, all evening from 7pm to around 11pm. Much as I like bagpipe music. And if some Christian wanted to amplify the sound of church bells next to my house, 5 times a day, every day, I would be of the same opinion.

Demanding the right to a good night's sleep and a peaceful day is not a hate crime in anybody's culture..


It always brings a tear to my eye when someone speaks up as you have. My wife, who is also Jewish, feels the same way. Thank you.


I love everything you write, Abby Zimet. Much gratitude for your persistence, skillful words, and perspective.