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TheBook of Palestine: National Liberation vs Endless Negotiations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/09/thebook-palestine-national-liberation-vs-endless-negotiations

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I’m not sure what this author thinks the Palestinians can do. They have no leverage or power at the bargaining table, they are in nothing more than survival mode, while the world watches their extermination. Their only hope is if the world gets off their a$$es, and comes to their aid, and the US stops the flow of money to their killers. I’ve said it before, Israel is a failed experiment, and needs to end. The zionists never had any intention to live peacefully with the Palestinians, they’ve proven that with their actions.
BDS !!

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the trouble with this article is that the Palestinian Arab strategy since 1947: refusing to accept any Jewish state, instead promoting hatred of Israel (sometimes Jews generally as they booted all Jews out of Jerusalem, Hebron etc when they could 1948-67) ) boycotts, and employing whatever violent terror possible, even at the Olympics, in the hopes that somehow Israelis will go away or allow themselves to be killed or expelled. By now it should be obvious that s a filed strategy, and has only made thigs worse and worse. The only way for improving their lives and reaching a nation state is to work for compromise with Israel, reconciliation with its people, and cooperation with all in the region.

Excellent article. Thank you.