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'Their Masks Are Off': Facebook Removes Trump Ads Using Nazi Concentration Camp Symbol Used to Signify Political Prisoners

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/18/their-masks-are-facebook-removes-trump-ads-using-nazi-concentration-camp-symbol-used

If you have Netflix, I recommend Hitler and his Circle of Evil. The parallels with trump and Steve Miller, Kushner, minuchin, and Barr are chilling. I left out Moscow Mitch the trembler.

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David Patrick Underwood (say his name) was the Oakland federal courthouse guard shot to death (concurrent with a BLM protest two blocks away) by an active duty MP Sergeant from Travis AFB. Along the way, the state-sponsored assassin posted several FB messages pretending to represent ANTIFA!

Infractions of state-sponsored terrorists while sowing conflict exceed the merely symbolic, you see, inscribing their desperation in blood, in the senseless murder of our brothers and sisters, in order to blame it on someone else. Keep your eyes open – psyops like this one continue, full speed ahead.


Back to the red triangle. Is the video available? Since these stupid social platforms are too irresponsible to handle political advertising, why not just drop it? If folks want politics they can link up to a feed. It’s that simple. If they want to watch Nazi hate mongering stuff, let them. But choose not to sell it for profit. That’s not limiting speech. That’s a business decision. Takes guts and a clear statement that minds and people matter. I know shareholders wouldn’t approve but the power to protest isn’t just in the street. It’s in the fingers of those who log off Facebook and delete that app until Facebook does the right thing. People unite!

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It’s too bad you have to damage your own credibility with that ridiculous “Moscow Mitch” distraction. I’ve noted previously: this too-clever-by-half nickname does nothing but play into rampant warmongering on all sides, however it is intended. I fervently wish people of good conscience would stop warmongering with that stupid nickname. But nobody pays any attention to me.


Two of the Trump team you cite are Jewish. On that basis, your Nazi comparison falls a bit flat.

I do! Especially when it comes to your literary references, arctic sea ice and covid data interpretations. And your humor.

Moving into the not funny:
do you think there will be a BOE this summer?

And full throttle fascism this fall?

At the risk of getting lambasted by people that hate the dems (including myself) I am going to post my scribbles related to this article about fascist trump et al.

I’m curious if this nightmarish behavior by trump ( and Stephen miller? or was this straight trump?), via nightmare FB is going to change any minds among the commenters here about who to vote for in November?

I will admit that this blatant full on promotion of fascism by trump is even surprising me. It seems he is getting desperate. What will that desperation (and its ratcheting up) look like between now and November?

At the of risk repeating myself, biden disgusts me -----just typing his name and thinking about all those propping him up and what they represent is nausea-inducing.

But I feel I might have to vote for him. (she ducks and covers)

My daughter who campaigned for Bernie and was involved in the democratic socialist group at college is lobbying hard to get me to vote for biden . . .

Seriously, what do we do at this point?

I suppose if we have a BOE this summer combined with another massive wave of covid this fall we won’t have to worry about voting?

What a fun way to get off the hook----and it does feel like being on a massive, multi pronged hook with biden as the nominee. Like the kind my dad fished for musky with . . . I think it was called a billy fin? A lure if you will.


The Palestinians might disagree with you. As I recall in Nazi Germany there were such things as jews who were Nazi collaborators as well. There are many instances of those who work for regimes who commit genocide against their own. The Nazi comparison still holds. Just watch Trump’s rallies.


Trump is an atrocity. Five months until Biden is president. Truth. Republicans will retreat to organize and sabotage the Biden presidency before the White House gets cleansed. The perpetual hero versus nemesis theater. It’s going to get much hotter.


Kushner and Mnunchin lick Netanyahu’s boots. Ask the Palestinians about that.

Sure, Trump rallies are unartistic, hayseed mockumentaries of Leni Riefenstahl documentaries, but that doesn’t negate the sycophantic devotion to The Apartheid State of Israel in the Trump regime. Sheldon Adelson owns his ass.

My comment history, by the way, amply illustrates my feelings on Zionism. BDS.
Meanwhile, going Godwin in a kneejerk fashion strips Nazism of meaning.

What’s next?

Signs above meatpacking plants and other “essential” businesses proclaiming

“Arbeit macht frei”?

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Yes, too bad for me.

I know your history regarding Zionism and BDS. We agree on it. My only point is that Kushner and Mnuchin would sell their souls (and have) for a few more shekels to be part of the Fourth Reich which one can argue they are. Trump’s support for Israel Is nothing but showmanship as he only has allegiance to himself and his unchecked (so far) desire for power. He would dump Israel in a heartbeat if it suited his aforementioned desire for power. If the word Nazism bothers you, I would substitute Trumpism instead. Trump has already shown he will kill off his own citizens in his lust for power as his response to the Covid-19 outbreaks shows. He would have no issues with burning the world to the ground if he thought it served his quest for absolute power. And a couple Jews in his administration would not stop him, and as alluded to above would happily support him as long as the money keeps flowing to them. They may lick Netanyahu’s boots now, but first and foremost they lick Trump’s boots and they will do whatever his twisted mind tells them to do. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump could become another Hitler if given the chance to do so. Perhaps that makes my comment nothing but a knee jerk reaction.


Ever heard of the perverse?

Politico July 31, 2019
Two former top staffers to the Grim Reaper lobbied Congress and the Treasury department on the development of a new Kentucky aluminum Mill backed by the Russian giant Rusal, according to a new lobbying disclosure. The investment is worth $200 million dollars to Kentucky and will supply the Defense Department. The Grim Reaper worked to block a congressional effort to stop the investment. It passed. Oleg Deripaska, who has close ties to Vladimir Putin, is majority shareholder of Russia’s Rusal, second largest aluminum company in the world. (I substituted Mitch’s favorite self titled name for himself)

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The one sliver of good news with this story is it’s running on MSM, so maybe some of the people will see it.

Anyone wonder what symbol will be used for progressives in the future? You can bet Little Stevie “Shit Stain” Miller is working on it.

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I tremble to say this but who will those shaven headed white nationalists with black boots and wearing the symbol of the Nazi party go after next? Think about it. The message was put on Facebook. They sold it to Facebook already. Who do you think came up with that? It wasn’t trump. He doesn’t know enough. Look at who surrounds him. Who has been behind his sickest policies? His most depraved policies? Who has been with him from the beginning? It’s just a few. And they are horrid.


Good lord, I hope not.

Well Trumps hero is Hitler, and we know the Nazi’s targeted academics and forward thinking citizens, so just a logical assumption IMO.

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Hi SkepticTank:

Of course Netanyahu is said to be Jewish—but the way that the Palestinians are treated is by Israel is very similar to the way of how the nazis operated… : (

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