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'Their Racist, Anti-Immigration Crusade Knows No Bounds': Trump White House Tried to Stop Immigrant Kids From Attending Public Schools

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/18/their-racist-anti-immigration-crusade-knows-no-bounds-trump-white-house-tried-stop


Looking at the calendar of events these past few years, I think I have detected a pattern. Using advanced statistical techniques I have discovered that the President only does something truly stupid, narcissistic, xenophobic, and racist on days that end in “Y”.


DPearl, your capacity to auscultate, assess and act reflects the breadth of mind capable of maintaining depth of humor/humours that provide the staying power of true grassroots generation! Onward and upward!
Stand with Public Education!!!
There is something I would add: Though it may sound like a crazy conspiracy theory, I think these political cats are demons. They’re trying to make the present the past. Why? Because their task is to make ALL USAns forget/dismiss/cover their asses for the war crimes in central America and - everywhere else in the world - that have been perpetrated for over a century. Problem of course being - reality won’t swallow their shite in the long run. It absolutely will not, cannot go down and they’re too f()^! self-absorbed to get past their knuckle-dragging narcissism and see the light.


Must be that “christian” thing, no?


This again, was another teahing moment.

A moment that teaches Americans just how low this hateful administration will go to undermine the compassion that most Americans have towards our nation of immigrants.

Thanks, Stephen Miller.


The seething racism of Steven Miller is driving all the explosive anti-immigrant policy from the Trump admin. He is toxic. He needs to go. Trump is bad, Miller is far worse. 'Nuff said. Peace


but remember people… anti-fascists are the real terrorists… /s




“There is nothing more dangerous than to construct a society with segments in that society that feel they have no stake in the society because they end up with despair because they have no jobs, because they can’t educate their children, because they can’t live in a nice home, because they can’t have adequate health facilities.”


Part of our dilemma is that there are not enough people that are willing to put their beliefs on the line, in public, unafraid, and be steadfast about it. Let alone the trumpies who promote this “all white” agenda.
We are too lazy to be counted for anything. We don’t realize that it will take another MLK effort to make any headway in decreasing the racial divide. Scary stuff.

Scary is that these efforts are aimed at trying to increase votes for Trump.**


Indeed, appealing to one’s racism, one’s hatred of others, is some of the scariest shit we as human beings, must encounter.

Since I was a child, I shyyed away from racists, and as a child of the 50’s, racists were plentiful in those years, to be sure. My folks both taught my brother and I well.

Most of the other kids in my neighborhood, weren’t as fortunate. Although I had fun playing with them, once I reached high school, their indoctrination with hate and racism from their folks, all of those formative years, made it impossible for me to remain close to them.

I imagine that many of them were taken with Trump’s racist rhetoric and joined the “crazy train to Trump’s last stop before Hell.”

It’s a shame some people have children and teach them all of their worst attributes.


You sir are a statistical genius.

Drumf belongs in Helfaer Park, here in Milwaukee (https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrCwog6_FldORMAqgYPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=helfaer+park&fr=yhs-pty-pty_converter&hspart=pty&hsimp=yhs-pty_converter) : I’ve heard it pronounced “Hell Fire”!

This border issue I struggle with. Whether the Dems or the Repugs are in office and even is they have a majority, they just don’t deal with it. Of course I feel sorry for the kids and their parents and the circumstances that forced them here, keeping in mind that some of this country’s misguided (and worse) policies contributed to those cicumstances. But what about the taxpayers who are forced by a government gun to pay taxes for those schools? Can this country support both a welfare state and open borders? Giving free stuff to anyone who slips over the border is a taking from those who are already here, government can give only after it first takes, usually by outright force or extortion. All this brings up the issue of why have a border? Why have a “country?” What is good and what is bad about having a country? Building a wall seems crazy/desperate. There has to be a better way to create peace and prosperity on both sides of the border. Sorry, but I do not buy that the border hullabaloo is primarily about racism. There is a conflict between compassion for immigrants and compassion for the people paying for that compassion. I don’t know what the answer is here but it reminds me of that saying, "There is no complex problem out there that doesn’t have a simple answer…that is wrong. Gopherit

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So…somehow…I was able st a young asge… to understand the concept of racism…The old " Eny meant minny mo" …had a phrase in it where I am from…not to catch a tiger by the toe…but…to catch…the " n" word by the toe…I remember sitting on the washi.g maschine… one dasy…my brother Nd I were doi g some thi g kids do(?)…and I had to say this…but when it came to that phrase. Using that word. I stopped… I couldnt say it. I knew others around me had said itbefore. ( not my psrents)… but I could nkt…I was about 8 or so…I believe… I was born I 1957… sssooo… I vaguely remember seeing the news on TV in which people were being sprayed with hoses…anyway…maybe my mother told me it was wrong…but…I dont remember that. Any way…I understood the issue…I went to a very rural elementary tray school of farm kids …in Pa. .

Sorry for all the typos… I cannot type on a phone…

I am a life long liberal and have emigrated from the US and back gaining dual nationality with the US and a Central American country - I stood in line and followed the rules - thus little sympathy for economic immigrants that do not follow the rules. I also watched and experienced the terror that has happened in Central America do to US policy – the coup of 2009 was the final blow when the US stood by and watched graduates use the experience that they gained in the School of the Americas to remove the duly elected president of Honduras an turn the area into a hell hole of oligarchs and drug lords .

We need to help these countries return to democracy. A Marshall like plan should be used – spend a little of the trillions wasted on our wars to do some good.

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Gopherit –

Your concerns for your pocketbook are misplaced in this disaster at our borders.
In reality, immigrants are contributing more to our wealth than they are taking.

And it is the wealthy here who have most profited from their labor.

A “Welfare state” is pure fiction. In the days when pretty much everyone had a job
there was very little welfare.

And since Bill Clinton that 60-70 years of Welfare guarantees has been overturned.

That issue and destruction of unemployment benefits for longer than two years is
what has created the homelessness which continues to grow every year.

You should also know that it is primarily WHITE women and children who have been
the welfare recipients.

Our general budget is a lie –
Social Security which costs the government nothing whatsoever –
(in fact SSA pays the government 3% to administer the program)
is included in the budget to HIDE the MIC budget.

Welfare has always been a even less than miniscule cost for the nation
compared to the costs to taxpayers of the upkeep for the wealthy and their
graft, theft, corruption. Those are the things you should be think about …

Like the costs of our fake wars for OIL and EMPIRE.

I’d much rather pay for public education which enriches the nation than for
OIL and EMPIRE which enriches the few among us and is suicide for the planet.


Is there nothing good, moral or decent about this man? Apparently not and he is supposed to represent the USA. How pathetic.

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