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'Their Racist, Anti-Immigration Crusade Knows No Bounds': Trump White House Tried to Stop Immigrant Kids From Attending Public Schools

Yes, “forced by a government gun” for public education. Sure thing. Only in the Ayn-Rand-addled USA would you ever find someone writing something like that.

The issues is one of alternatives:

Firstly, the consequences of children, who “legal” or not, are living in the USA being denied education and literacy are far worse than spending the little bit of extra money educating them.

Secondly, education is a fundamental right for every human on earth - as spelled out in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

And you are also using a false-dilemma argument. Of course the US needs to stop supporting the corrupt regimes, chronic underdevelopment and consequent violent crime that drive migrants northward. It also needs to educate all children. As the richest country on earth, it can easily do both.

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I can’t wait to hear Bernie Sanders on his first day in office. The first words out of his mouth after his inauguration will be “you’re fired” and that will apply to the entire Trump team.

“Can this country support both a welfare state and open borders?”
Easy answer: Yes. Yes it can.
Moderate answer: Can this this country support a welfare state for war profiteers and open borders for shipping repressive dictatorships mountains of money?
Adult answer: Once you understand what the federal reserve is and what it does, your question makes no sense.

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Brilliant work my friend ! You may be on to something bigly. A lot of nice people on both sides are saying they never seen anything like it. It’s a beautiful thing. We’ll see what happens but everybody knows.

Stephen Miller is one creepy little human being. I heard this guy speak today and it made my skin crawl. Just saying.

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Memo to Trumpo and Stepho. This border issue isn’t something that just started a couple of years ago. Seek the counsel of your capitalist cronies and discover the immigration policy is designed to bring in illegal workers so they can pay cheap labor because they are illegal. If they were legal they would probably seek more profitable work. Or at least be paid minimum wage to do the work you can’t get American citizens do like pick crops in the hot sun. Landscaping. Personally I see very hard working people coming from Mexico .

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Keep on tellin’ it – wonderful!

I think we have to ask ourselves, is the Democratic Party making enough noise about
GOP racism? I don’t think so –

Nor do I think that the Dem Party is making enough noise about the sexism of Trump
and his administration – considering that women are more than half the population in
every nation and here in the US, though we continue to be under murderous attack in
many ways –

and considering that we have much more at stake in attacks on contraceptives and
abortion here – and attacks on the Supreme Court where we should remind ourselves
Roe is at risk – but also who’s to stop Trump from replacing Ginsburg with another male?
Even another male pervert?

How often do we hear members of the Dem Party calling out the GOP for its sexism in
refusing to renew “The Violence Against Women Act” which has to do with protecting
women in America from violence? That should include GUN violence as well as women
in the US have 11 times the risk of being shot by a male with a gun than women in other
wealthy nations. We all suffer as citizens in our communities from male violence – but
especially women lose their lives to violent men – their ex-boyfriends, husbands, or
disappointed admirers. Where is that discussion in our newspapers and on TV?

Males are also our sexual abusers of children – and they are heterosexual males, not
homosexuals. This was made clear in studies in the 1970’s so no excuse that our press
doesn’t know this – or our Congress. But the public generally doesn’t know it.
Homosexual males are 100X LESS likely to sexually abuse a child than a heterosexual male
would be.
And Freud knew this – he knew it because his young clients had confided in him their sexual
abuse by grandfathers, fathers, uncles and male cousins – and male friends of the family.
Freud lied in the Oedipus Complex which has never come under attack for its lies –
and Freud’s atrocious suggestion that it is infants, toddlers and young children who are the
sexual aggressors against adult males in their families.
The press has really never told women, mothers, wives – nor families the reality of this sexual
abuse by heterosexual males. Women, in fact, are not our sexual abusers of children …
UNLESS they come under the influence of a heterosexual male.

Our elected officials at every level must be encouraged to speak out against the racist, sexist
and homophobic attacks by the right wing GOP at ALL levels – from our Town Councils to
our Town and State representatives – whatever the party.

And the treatment of our Whisteblowers in the US on every issue –

and especially Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning – and Edward Snowden

are the evidence of that fascism here today.


Very true. Chelsea is in prison; Julian had to seek asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy; and Snowden had to flee to Russia. What do these three brave heroes have in common? They are anathema to the fascists!

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