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'Their Secret Agenda Today Is Exposed': Corbyn Says Leaked Trade Docs Show Tory Plan to Privatize NHS With Trump's Help

Anybody here remember the absolute ratfckery of Cambridge Analytica?
Their ratfckery started with Nigel Lafarge and his anti-brexit antics.
and led to face book ratfckery in the 2016 election here in the USA.
C A is still in bizness under a different, New! Improved! name.
Same old shyte though.
Net flicks has a documentary about it all and there is also a ted talk by a reporter that broke the story in the UK.

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Hardly a surprise here. The U.K. made the conscious decision a couple of decades ago to be the lapdog of the USA. That’s why they never fully embraced the EU. Those arrogant and dumb Anglo bastards convinced themselves that, if they stay in our shadow long enough, when our world empire collapse they would be right there, ready to step in and re establish themselves as the only world hegemony.
Of course, this is all part of the movement towards worldwide fascism. For the fascists to thrive they will need to eliminate any and all successful socialist constructs.
Especially single payer or socialized healthcare systems.

It seems obvious the for-profit right-wing crowd in the UK manipulated the nation into the “Brexit” fiasco - sure, there may be some down-side to EU membership, but those are things that likely can be negotiated, while the Brexit profiteers bamboozled the public into a referendum with counterfeit money!

There should be a new referendum called and voted-on in light of this NHS privatization scam/development as evidence that the entire Brexit fiasco was also a scam to enrich some at the expense of the many.and cost the nation billions diverted from actual benefits for the public!

That scumbag Boris reportedly has interests to make him lots of dough, just like trump has in the US; both corrupt arrogant loud-mouth swine! IMO…

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All of Western Europe has been a lapdog of the USA since the Marshall Plan implemented. Indeed the Marshall Plan was implemented to ensure that remained the case.

Sweden deciding to prosecute Assange for rape after the case originally dropped for having no merit was just one example of that. NATO acting in concert to take out Libya, bomb Syria and continue to supply arms to the Saudis as they bomb Yemen is another.

Now The French and Germans show some semblance of independence form US dictates when compared to the United Kingdom , but those Governments are fully on board with far too many policies being written up for them in Washington DC.

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Polls indicate Johnson and Conservatives up. Hope they are wrong, like they were in the Theresa May snap election, but if not you have wonder about the vast majority of Brits if they are right.

I know their press is generally horrible, but are the people of the UK that swayed by such nonsense.

Gee, you all have me very thankful that the Britz empire is still the biggie in the whole world. They own Houston Texas with british petroleum and royal dutch shell. Corn acres in Georgia having two harvests each year. The pipeline network throughout north america. Etc., etc., etc.

Just as our democratic primary contenders have plans for medical - so do other countries. And their politicians can dispute as ours do.

If the british squirm, I am so happy that I’ll mention their distress at table prayer tomorrow. Continue their sorrow.

Yet still the Cons lead in the polls.
The people brainwashed by the pro corporate agenda which own most of the press .

They vote for their own demise .

If you think the Tory neo-liberal plan to sell off the NHS and deregulate the UK in general has nothing to do with brexit and escaping EU regulation then you’re stupider and more ignorant than I thought, which, between you and me, doesn’t leave much space to fit more of that in.

You know damn well that at no point have I made such an absurd claim you’re just deliberatley pretending to be obtuse and be at cross purposes to present a valid argument that has no connection with anything I’ve ever said to you. Just like I suspect you also know by now you are wrong, yet can’t admit it. Go on, do it now, you’ll feel better afterwards!

Regarding most EU regulations (called directives) all member states are obliged by EU law to meet a minimum standard yet if they surpass that, (as in the case of many Scandivanian countries) that’s fine and actively encouraged in the directives, the fact the UK performs poorly in relation to many of them, hovering around that minimum, due to years of Tory Austerity (engineered by the very SAME people who want brexit) rather proves my point, that without such minimum standards these same deregulation maniacs would take the country even lower, which is what they hope to do once they escape the EU. There’s numerous testaments, words from their own mouths, to prove this is the case, I’ve quoted to them to you in the past but whether you read them or not I’ve no idea as you have a habit of scurrying off and not responding whenever such facts put you in a corner and leave you with no way of refuting them. I’m still waiting for replies to most of them! No doubt you will do it again as that seems to be your character.

The UK doesn’t ‘surrender’ it’s sovereignty to the EU, you sound like Nigel Farage, you’ll be saying Trump is ‘making American great again’ next, yet it certainly will do that post-brexit to the US for example as this very article demonstrates, and to WTO rules which is Farage’s and Johnson’s preference, a trade system far more rapacious than anything coming from the largely socially democratic EU. So here we see you are big fan of WTO rules. I’m taking it you weren’t at the Seattle protests this time many years back, despite your Guido Fawkes logo.

The EU is nothing like Nafta or any of those trade deals. To make such a claim shows your ignorance. The EU rejected TTIP because it resembled such deals under pressure from the socially democrtatic element within it, morer than Canada or the US ever did.

So carry on with your anti-EU propaganda on behalf of your soulmates, Johnson, Farage, Rhees-Mogg, Cummings, Patel, Aaron Banks, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and co.

Oh please, Tony Blair started gutting your NHS and was not in support of Brexit. One has nothing to fo with the other as the EU does not have authority over the Health Care in member Countries. A Country can have an entirely privatized system and be a EU member.

You know that yet you advance the farce that the NHS is somehow protected by being an EU member. It a fabrication.

Just as you tried to pretend that the Education system in Denmark applied to what you have in the UK.

Supporters of the use of Glysophates are now trying to get the EU to overrule Austrias recent ban on that crap. Thats what the EU does. It does NOT set policy for health care, maternal or paternal leave , educational policies and the like in member Countries . That is why all Countries have differing levels of support in those areas.

Again you know that but pretend ignorance on the matter.

The EU did not stop Tony Fucking Blair from lap dogging to George W Bush and fabricating evidence to promote war on Iraq. Again you know that but pretend otherwise. If George W Bush told Tony to kiss his backside Tony would have been on his hands and knees in an instant and Tony Blair supported the EU.

Again you know that but pretend otherwise.

The fact the UK is in the EU has NOTHING to do with the NHS.

Wherever you come down on the issue of leaving the EU or remaining and reforming, the objective now must be to elect Corbyn and Labour, and for US Americans to stand in solidarity with them. Here’s an excellent discussion of the issues (and at the end what he thinks of the impeachment issue here) by Tariq Ali

Here the EU entering into a trad deal with Japan that will allow food imports from the prefectures affected by the Fukishima areas to be allowed into Europe. This law overrules restrictions a given country might have on the levels of radiation allowed in Food. In other words if the United Kingdom requested this food be labled they are violating EU trade laws.

South Korea, by way of example still prohibits these imports. Japan tried to challenge this via the WTO and ultimately failed. South Korea is a sovereign and independent Country and allowed to pass laws restricting these imports if the deem they might pose a health risk. Apparently member nations of the EU do not have that power.

The EU is about protecting Corporate interests. It is not there to protect the NHS.

This a link to farmers protesting new EU rules being implemented across Europe. These rules favor industrial farms over small family farms and again are a sop to the CORPORATIONS. As per the article the new rules do little to protect the environment and move away from supplying food at the local level to a more Globalized system.

The EU was not formed to protect a nations health care systems or its Social programs. It was formed to protect Corporate interests allowing them access to markets they otherwise might not have had access to.

Other protests go on in France over new rules the EU implements to allow more food to be imported from North America and the Mercursor block under various free trade deals. Farmers there indicated they will not be able to compete with that food being dumped into their market.

Well, if you really believe all of those rants then they contradict your previous bold assertion that the UK, or any country, being in the EU is ‘surrendering its sovereignty’ considering you’ve just argued on, what was it, six different points, that the EU has no control over what any government does at a local level, so some serious cognitive dissonance there, eh? And then you post two more things where you argue the exact opposite, that the EU does control what’s happening on a local, national level. I’d say you’re very confused. Which is understandable as the EU is a large complex institution that doesn’t neatly fit into the limited, black and white, absolutist dichotomies that your mind tends to function within. With you it’s all or nothing, especially if it’s reduced to a mere abstraction, which is a great failing of thought. If only you could escape that, you might see the light!

For example when you spout the historical and contemporary nonsense that:

Does that mean, in your black and white world, there was no one in the EU ever, nor is there now, who supports and supported the EU project because they believe in human cooperation, peace after 5000 years of war, social democracy, anti-tribalism, anti-nationalism, pan-European enviro-socially benefical regulation and protections (essential if we’re to tackle such issues as climate change and ecological destruction) and that every one of them, to a man, including myself and Yanis, are really capitalist reptiles devoid of idealism interested only in making money? Maybe it’s more complex than that simplified view? As I’ve said before, the EU is no different from other Western Democracies in the sense that it has both socially democratic and pro-free market lobbies, and so is no more culpable of the accusations you produce than any other democracy in the world, but, and the evidence is there, is far more socially democractic than the bulk of them by a long chalk. With everyone else, like Canada, you’re tolerant, but with the EU you expect absolute perfection! Absurd! You deal with your neo-libs and we’ll deal with ours and generally we’re making a much better job of it than you are.

Also, as said before, your support for anti-cooperative atomisation is the greatest friend of neo-liberalism as it allows them to manipulate a race to bottom in order to achieve what is most to their advantage. If you’d ever worked in Trade Unionism as I have, (as one sort of ‘union,’ a word you seem to despise) you will know it only takes one rogue scab to fuck up the whole mutually beneficial system. Ditto for nation states. Now is this true or is it not true?

I’m trying hard to let light in there, in the depths!

About your other points:

To repeat, never once did I say the EU controls the NHS and you’re deliberately obfuscating my point to keep repeating that. I thought I clarified that last comment. Yet there is so a connection (more than one actually) in the sense that the UK cannot make trade deals that would destroy the NHS such as the one proposed by Johnson with US, unless it leaves the EU, the Single Market and the Customs Union, because negotiating such deals which undermine pan-European legislation and values are not permitted in EU law, which is a theme that has run through the brexit debate since it began so I’m surprised you seem not to be aware of it considering you see yourself as some sort of expert. And that’s why Johnson and co want to leave the EU and always has been.

Trying is the key word there. They haven’t succeeded yet, though they have in your neck of the woods, haven’t they?

No you’re simply wrong about that, try googling ‘EU directives’ and get an education on these matters. As said the EU sets minimum standards on such things and all member states are obliged to comply with them but if possible, surpass them. The ‘EU working time directive’ is a classic example. Try googling that. So I don’t ‘pretend ignorance’ on the matter, I actually express an awareness in the face of your genuine ignorance on it.

No, but France opposed it which kind of proves my sovereignty point, eh?

NOTHING? Again with the absolutes! Oh but it does, in more complex ways than you understand. For example, the above regarding trade deals, for if not why is this article even appearing? In case you didn’t realise it is referring to a POST-BREXIT trade deal with the US. And also in other ways such as the above mentioned working time and other directives and the fact that the NHS is sustained by EU migrant doctors, nurses and other workers and without them will fall into crisis.

So, wrong again Suspira!

The first thing Obama did after the Fukushima disaster was to announce that he was going to increase food imports from Japan.