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Their Time Is Not Quite Up: Oprah Winfrey, Meet Kerrice Lewis


Their Time Is Not Quite Up: Oprah Winfrey, Meet Kerrice Lewis

Sunday's insurgent Golden Globes were uplifting on many fronts: The black gowns, activist dates, winning female narratives - Lady Bird, Handmaid's Tale, Three Billboards, Big Little Lies - and electrifying declaration by Oprah Winfrey that "a new day is on the horizon." Yes. But not entirely. Because if it was, more of us would know about the savage murder of Kerrice Lewis, a 23-year-old black lesbian shot and burned alive in the trunk of her car.


The horizon free from predation, brutally extractive models in the upper echelons of the clawing, lying, psychopathic and sociopathic cabals otherwise known as corporations with corporate law having born the idols of predatory capitalism - no longer discern or distinguish the vast reality beyond their silos, slices and micro manipulations known as ‘margins’.

It is not an accident that profit and externalization practices use the same adjectives - the former would not exist without the abuses claimed necessary to sacrifice to the god of the damned known for thousands of years as mammon. Its etymology is worth knowing to see the variation on the phrase: “that in which one trusts”


Rest in peace, Ms. Lewis.
The last thing the U.S. needs is another “brand” president.


"…clawing, lying, psychopathic and sociopathic cabals otherwise known as corporations…"
Spot on, tog. If we do not amend or abolish the corporation per se, we will never be free of its pernicious influence over us.


I am sick of this country, and I am heartsick over the deaths of Kerrice Lewis and Erica Garner. Are we really so inhumane as to feel bad for mere seconds and then return to living our lives, forgetting that we all have our place in this world? Forgetting what our fellow travelers have experienced? Forgetting that we have a responsibility to help in whatever way we can?


wolfess, I don’t mean to sound rude or disrespectful but you pose your post as a series of questions, “are we”. Yes we are that inhumane, we as in the general use of the word. It is up to us as individuals to walk a different path, to care. It hurts to care as well you show by your post. Don’t ever stop.


Why DIDN’T you say all three of their names, Abby?

HRC Las Vegas
HRC Las Vegas
Jan 7
#KerriceLewis #BrandiMells #ShantaMyers - the three #Lesbian women violently murdered over the holidays, with MINIMAL media coverage. They deserve better, from all of us. #SayHerName #SayTheirNames #BlackLivesMatter


I take it back, Abby. AND I apologize. I reread your article, and saw that you linked to the Huffpost article, which I then/also read.


Yes, rest in Peach Kerrice. Your life had meaning in so many more ways than this.


When Bill Clinton deregulated the FCC, it allowed monopolization and corporatisation of media. Now we’re stuck with 6 propagandizing, war-mongering mouthpieces for Wall Street and defense contractors.
We can fight this by supporting independent media:
The Real News, RT, Abby Martin, Chris Hedges, Lee Camp, Jimmy Dore, Noam Chomsky…so many more…


Why would you put Russian govt funded RT in the same category as Naom Chomsky


More and more like Nazi Germany.
*You can do whatever you want with the “Untermenschen.” They’ll be gotten rid of when the Reich has full power.
*A young human has been shot, wounded, then burned to death in the trunk of a car. A moment in some of the news, perhaps a speech or so, and then oblivion. “And now the news!” Followed by coverage of some billionaire’s party and the clothes they wear.
Not only Kerrice Lewis, but Brandi Mells and Shanta Myers, all three, young lesbians, savagely killed over the holidays dedicated to the “Prince of Peace.”
*Have We the People become so programmed, so docile, that we no longer have the ability for understanding, for rage, for action?
*Mrs. Minitrue says, "The people now have a National Inquirer mind. A short attention span, a love for scandal, and a quick search for the next titillating flash."