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Their Worst Instincts: Alabama Newspaper Calls For the KKK To Ride Again


Their Worst Instincts: Alabama Newspaper Calls For the KKK To Ride Again

Because so much winning, another good ole bigot - alarmingly, a newspaper editor with an actual bully pulpit - has crawled out of his cave to call for the Ku Klux Klan "to night ride again" and hang Democrats, "Republican Democrats" and "socialist-communists" with "hemp ropes to clean out D.C." The paper of one Goodloe Sutton has evidently long become "a cesspool of indefensible bilge." Hence, when questioned about the propriety of this, his defense of the Klan: "Well, they didn't kill but a few people." Thanks Trump.

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Mr Sutton thanks you so much Abby, for helping him spread his thoughts to a wider public



That guy is pretty offensive but “Racist old coots…” is also offensive, if far more mild. As an expletive expression in a verbal moment it is understandable and normal enough. It fits hims. But in a written piece more thought needs to be applied to strengthen the point.
The “racist” part is accurate but making the association with “old” and adding the dismissive “coots” is beneath you. You would likely think I am old, at 71, but I know enough people who think I’m still a youngster in the crowd. I’m also white and male. All categories which get carelessly grouped into tainted tags by what seem to be an increasing cohort of writers (young usually, I’m guessing) and especially commenters (same guess).



This guy needs a few thousand non-violent protesters on the sidewalk in front of his house.

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Alabama is kind of like that misbehaving child who was never corrected - turns into a monster.



I read this story in MSM yesterday, so berating a CD writer for picking it up is a moot point and ridiculous.
In case anyone is wondering how this vial paper received an award, my understanding is the paper received a journalism award in the 1990’s for a series of stories exposing corruption in the local sheriffs dept., mostly from the efforts of Suttons wife who has passed away. I’m glad to see it was rescinded.
The flip side of this story you won’t see in the MSM is the number of small town newspaper editors who stand up to racism, sometimes at great peril to their own safety. Case in point, Hazel Brannon Smith, who’s newspaper offices were firebombed multiple times for defending the rights of African Americans in her editorials, in tiny Lexington, Mississippi, in the 1960’s.



HI ReconFire— that you for sharing that. I hadn’t heard of most of those people. I do remember seeing a book of newspaper photographs of the little black girl walking between security on her way to school------and then ----the twisted angry screaming faces of the adults who didn’t want desegregated schools.
And as for black people today----still so much hate, and for Muslims and people from the Middle East—with NYPD spying on Americans with ME heritage, it is still astonishing to see that even in the 21st century----that so much has not yet changed.: (



The South has been oppressed along with African Americans because they were all
intimidated and lied to in order to hold the oppression in place.

Thank you for the story – good to know!

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Let’s keep in mind how closely connected to the “cross” and “Christianity” the KKK
really is – and the oppression of women.



Abby helped to spread this vermin’s image as a stark raving lunatic. And that’s a good thing. Most rational people will be repulsed by what they read and condemn this “apology for a human being” to eternal damnation.



The expression “Old Coots” is usually applied to people of all races. Its non-denominational.



They are anything BUT Christians



ray –

Agree –

and notice that I usually put questionable items in quotes.




Good article, but what the author left out is one other reason is that small town newspapers cannot survive without their advertisers. and many would pull out if their local paper got too progressive.