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“Then, I Have an Article II, Where I Have the Right to do Whatever I Want as President.” – “King” Donald Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/28/then-i-have-article-ii-where-i-have-right-do-whatever-i-want-president-king-donald


Of course that’s what should have been done Ralph, which is why it wasn’t.


Pelosi always defines the right thing to do as the politically right thing to do. Politics, first, always, and her track record proves it. It’s why the party establishment chose her for Speaker. Can’t let stinking’ principles get in the way, after all.

Don’t hold your breath about another round of impeachment.


Nothing underscores the laughable mix of ineptitude and corruption that is the d-party than the “leadership” of Nancy Pelosi. She has four priorities:

and I can’t remember number four.


You’re right Trump, you have a right to be the "Worse Human Being For The Job."

You nailed it.

It’s just that, 315 million people shouldn’t have to pay for the sins of the 63 million you fooled into voting for you.


Everything Nader says is valid but impeachable offenses in the past for which no action was ever taken shortened Pelosi’s list. The worst being trading US missiles for holding American hostages until after the Carter-Reagan election, running cocaine and arms against the will of Congress, invading Vietnam, starting the second Iraq war, invading and destabilizing Libya, Syria, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, Iran…Venezuela are too embarrassing or bi-partisan to consider.

Trump is a despicable, ignorant human being and a danger to our domestic economy. Blame the electoral college for bringing the two worst Presidents ever into our lives. Rewrite the charges based on existing and new evidence and then send the documents for McConnell to act on.


Good comment Bayviking,

I blame the 95% of the voting electorate that pulled the levers for these two worst candidates of all time.

“What could they possibly have been thinking of?”


Good description PB.
But, aren’t we ALL supposed to adore him?

Fox Noise told them to.


I can’t figure out why there is so much surprise and consternation about Pelosi and Trump. Everyone knows that they both work for the same mob and do its bidding. So do probably eighty or ninety percent of the house and Senate. That’s what keeps the money rolling in.
If We the People would just wake up and act, we could turn it around, but unfortunately that seems to be a very big IF.


They weren’t!


Considering the votes for other/third party candidates, closer to nine million, not just Hillary’s three million more voters rejected Trump (consider that mass of people in one space). Nothing was done about the electoral college in 2000; nothing was done after 2016. Now voters are told to remain complacent when, again, a much larger popular vote margin will probably be canceled out in favor of the electoral college. Had the 2000 decision gone against the Republicans, they’d have worked frantically to abolish it. Now they know it is always liklely to work in their favor. It seems to be up to the states. Hopfully mor will cast their electoral votes for the popular vote winner.




Oh yeah, that was it.


OK, Ed, that’s funny! Some humor is refreshing, now and again.

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As long as Pelosi withholds the I-articles the Democrats are in an offensive position and the GOP is in defensive position. The minute Pelosi hands the articles to Mitch the GOP is in offense while the Democrats are pushed back into defense, and the Senate “trial” will become a 24/7 infomercial that makes Trump look better than the media has ever made him look and the Democrats look bad. That “trial” will last until Trump not only wins the electoral college on November 3, but also the popular vote.

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Yep. That’s why Nancy will slow walk it.

And in the meantime, more damning evidence keeps trickling out. The NYTimes had an interesting piece on holding up that Pentagon aid package to Ukraine just today. And Lev Parnas is getting closer to spilling his guts. And Rudy’s bombshell reunion with Lutsenko and their joint appearance in an OAN “news” show purporting to reveal solid evidence on the Bidens was downright embarrassing. And apparently, several White House sources told the WaPo that Trump admitted that Putin told him that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 elections – and why would Putin lie, right?

The more Rudy blathers…
The more phone transcripts and emails that surface…
The more Trump tweets…
The more time Bolton has to consider testifying…
All add to Nancy’s strong hand.


The electoral college may have been prescient its initial years to reach far flung communities wanting fair representation in each sapling state. Today, states are unfairly matched at all times; pitted against each other to award tax breaks to this or that industry employer. Legislatively awarding any lower populated state more electoral votes than much more needy urban states has been more a disservice than its originator’s intent. Who in Tulsa or Dakota cares if the world outside suffers and entire cities burn out. They’re just doing their job putting the oil out to the highest bidder.

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Polarization has struck even our own Ralph Nader. Its time for a reality check beyond, yes, Trump is a despicable personality. For example, neither Nader nor Pelosi cite any evidence that Trump has accomplished any “personal enrichment”. The underlying issues surrounding and propelling Trump impeachment have a long history and complicity of both Hollowed Parties. A good case can be made, in fact, that we are reduced to a One Party system and impeachment has been consciously promoted by RNC/DNC to distract voters from the presidential 2020 campaign as well as from the real issues of the National Committee’s ultimate agenda to further Neocon/neoliberal globalism as set by PNAC and its successors, including the approx. 26 Congressional Representatives who are dual US/Israeli citizens and unknown other dual citizens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_for_the_New_American_Century Bernie Sanders is not a Globalist neocon and Donald Trump is not a neocon globalist (New World Order; Geo.HW Bush coinage 20 yers past). We worried Trump’s appointment of John Bolton heralded Trump’s capture by neocons. Then Trump fired Bolton and got away with it (or not?). Nader and all mainline Dems obscure the fact that Ukraine Maidan was a Western Coup. Here is proof positive that Israel Mossad was there arming and training Right Sektor Bandera Nazis. It was Victoria Nuland/Hillary/EU/CIA engineered, anti-Russian coup. https://www.jta.org/2014/02/28/global/in-kiev-an-israeli-militia-commander-fights-in-the-streets-and-saves-lives Yes, the irony is difficult to believe. Joe and Hunter Biden were carpetbaggers whose activities are amply exposed by the rightist conservatives as some kind of defense of Trump’s leverage in Ukraine. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+joe+biden+ukraine+quid+pro+quo&view=detail&mid=C595B7A6DAB94BA20CDBC595B7A6DAB94BA20CDB&FORM=VIRE.
For those readers who have stuck this out; do your homework! Read all points of view, foreign media and rely on the Canadians at University of Ottawa for a reliable and acedemic approach to understand the real threat to democratic values that are under siege in the world today. https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-rise-and-continued-influence-of-the-neocons/5649583.
Further understand the geopolitical reasons that Russiphobia and Sinophobia are promoted by DNC/RNC globalists. Asia stands in the way of consolidation of energy supply monopoly by the West that would ensure continued domination of the Earth, its People and its fragile ecology. Trump is being rghtfully impeached, but for the wrong reasons. Would we be impeaching Hillary had she won for her war crimes in Libya, Syria and Yemen in collusion with miscegynist Saudi Arabia? For the same reasons, Trump should be impeached; no reason to use milquetoast misdemeanors, but for the same reason John Bolton and Hillary, Pelosi & Victoria Nuland should be jailed.

Why is Bolton the darling of Pelosi?? She supported Bolton’s neocon agenda against Venezuela and Equador, Cuba, Syria and Iran. She is neoloberal/neocon war criminal herself; a seditious anti-Constitution RNC who is bent of ridding Democratic party of Bernie Sanders. Bolton has no credibility. Why should anti-Trumpeters endorse Bolton as a witness; just because Trump pissed him off by doing the few credible things he has done, the firing of Bolton. What? Both Parties are complicit in a neoColonial globalism.