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There Are 106 Co-Sponsors for Medicare for All. What's Up With the Other 130?

There Are 106 Co-Sponsors for Medicare for All. What's Up With the Other 130?

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A week after the introduction of comprehensive single-payer healthcare legislation, Congressional Democrats are split over the legislation.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) unveiled the Medicare for All Act Feb. 27 in an outdoor press conference. On Wednesday morning, Jayapal appeared on Democracy Now! to tell hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez where the legislation stood a week in and stressed the universal popularity of the plan.


Sign on or sign out, never to return!


The other 130 are sitting down with their constituency trying to formulate strategies so as to maintain the status quo. Those they meet with are assuring them more money will flow into their pockets and there a good job waiting for them in the Health Care industry after they retire from public office or are voted out.


The fight for single payer is mainly one with the “leadership” in both major parties along with their traditional handlers and funders–time we worked on making them minor parties (at best).


Any one of my representatives who don’t support Medicare For All won’t be getting my vote ever again. This is the most important legislation of our time. Politicians either support it, or they’ll need to find another career.


They’re for far inferior plans, ones that will be less efficient and may kill only 25,000 Americans instead of 45,000 every year. The politicians always pretend that single payer is impossible, but it isn’t possible right now only because of them. They are worthless. Their only job is go it to into government and to provide solutions to our problems, and they fail miserably at that. What they do well is enriching themselves and their donors. I think they call that “pragmatism”.


Bolivia introduces health care for all. Their aboriginal president probably just added himself to Marco Rubio and the US government’s hit list of socialist Latin American countries in need of regime change. Evo Morales must be an illegally elected dictator doing horrible things to his people so the US imperialist military machine and corporate media must crush him…just as soon as they are done with Venezuela and Nicaragua.


Hi Godless Too: and I wonder, what with all the wars America is in–known, unknown and wanna be in wars----I wonder how much of the world has sickened and died, (provided they weren’t bombed to smithereens first.) because of America. How many soldiers died from inhaling burning plastics; how many families and children died when being shot for no reason: how much depleted uranium is flying around ton the planet–and how much death comes from the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air. When I saw pictures of Iraqi babies born with internal organs on the outside of their bodies-----I wondered when the poisons we’ve spread will soon come home ---- faster and meaner to American children and what will that do to America and the world.

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The other 130 Corporate Dims on the insurance industry payroll.


Cuba, where their 1954 Chevys are sanctioned and still running, is ranked above the US in health care quality and outcomes. Cuban medical teams are in over 60 countries and offered assistance in Puerto Rica following the recent hurricane … no! When you rank 35th in world comparison, below some third world countries, one might see where the US would not be needing Cuban socialist free health care.


If you go over to opensecrets.org and search around for who gets the most money from pharma and insurance donors, one Democratic name consistently pops-up near the top; Bob Casey (D-PA). Just last month, Sen. Bob Casey joined Republicans to vote on a (failed) bill to provide additional medical protections if an infant survives an attempted abortion. This DINO was just reelected in 2018 so not much to be done until 2024. Good old Pennsylvania, Philly in the east, Pittsburgh in the west, and Alabama in the middle.


This is one Event we can not let slip away because of 130 bought off crook Democrats who don’t give a crap about the people that voted them into office. Their names are known and they can easily be tracked, just as we all are. Since they have no problem threatening our well being and put their own personal profit over Heathcare for the many, we need to fight fire with fire. Surround each one of these greedy pigs and give them the ultimatum they are giving us. If we don’t take direct action and expect politicians to do it for us, our fate will be sealed as we run out of time. This is our chance to get this Bill passed at all costs. Being passive about this will result in our demise.


Right wing talking points indeed will become an avalanche throughout what will be a sickening campaign.

Corporate Democrats with their Republican allies rule the roost. To hell with the little people. But, but, Obamacare helped bunches! Millions who didn’t get help? Well that’s just too fucking bad say the “pragmatists”, “centrists”, “moderates” and other such extremist suck-ups.


Just imagine how many so-called “moderate” Democrats a President Sanders will need to deal with. He’ll accomplish very little when Republicans and most Democrats unite against him.

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Alright. Now I know that Bustros and Debbie Stabenow are my enemies.

Other ways to get there, don’t get there. These legislators are fighting to protect the interests of their donors at the expense of the American people. About this, there is no discussion necessary.

Either they will fight for Medicare for All, true Medicare for All, or they become my enemy just as surely as Paul Ryan and the other mouth breathers.

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They’re wrong, so wrong. About pragmatism.

If the entire rest of the developed world manages to accomplish this, being the sole outlier can hardly be considered pragmatic.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the US Empire will NEVER have universal healthcare - the corporations that control the government will never allow it.

Best you can hope for is that some members of the “democratic” party will be allowed to feign support publicly (which is what this article is really about). The healthcare industry will tolerate this, knowing fully that it will NEVER happen. If it ever got close, they would simply kill it from the top, as they did in California a few years ago. You all remember what happened with public healthcare in California, or is that down the memory hole?

However, before it ever got that far on a national level, I suspect the ruling class would simply put out some doctored polls opposing it (to convince the sheeple), then rig the electronic voting machines to match the BS polls. This is how “democracy” works in the US Empire.

So don’t think we’re going to vote our way to change - as it’s not possible to fix a fake democracy by voting in a rigged election. You should have learned this from 2018, 2016, 2014…

When the REAL revolution comes - assuming we win and we don’t all end up in camps, which is a BIG if - maybe then we can have universal healthcare, and an end to Empire, and public college, and all that other stuff that every other developed country on the planet that isn’t an Empire managed by Corporations has… maybe…

Personally, I’m not optimistic. If you want healthcare, you should probably just move to a country that has it… if you can.

Sorry for the reality check.


It’s as though the democratic hierarchy (the clintonian scum that still run the party) have forgotten what happened in 2016 and 2018. In 2016 both parties experienced populist uprisings. One party embraced theirs, while the other shunned theirs. Needless to say, the GOP, who embraced theirs, won.
Then 2018 rolled around and witnessed long term democratic cronies primaried. It then saw the beginning of a quantum shift in the party, with over a third of it moving back to the Left where democrats belong. The very telling part of that movement has been how the Third Way Democrats have reacted. They rushed to appoint Pelosi speaker again, the result being that, in the first two months since the democratic takeover of the house, all Nancy and her corporals have done is consolidate power and circle the wagons around the Clintonians. Even this week, when they finally convened their committees and began requesting (not subpoena) information from the Trump administration, all it seems they could talk about was perceived antisemitism and the pie in the sky ideas of Green New Deal and single payer.
If the democrats do not adopt at least single payer by the 2020 election cycle, the GOP will win the House back, hold the senate, and re-elect Trump, and the era of the USA will come to a close.

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There Are 106 Democratic Co-Sponsors for Medicare for All. What’s Up With the Other 130?

Eoin Higgins

Answer: damned cowards. Spineless doesn’t only apply to the Republicans

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By the time They decide to Give Us MediCrap 4 Awl, we will have died from Old Age…