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There Are Better Ways To Fight Poverty Than Giving Money To Corporations


There Are Better Ways To Fight Poverty Than Giving Money To Corporations

Noelle Sullivan, Lisa Ann Richey

Thursday is Red Nose Day, an annual fundraiser hosted by Comic Relief USA, a charity aiming to end child poverty.

The campaign encourages people to purchase red clown noses at Walgreens for $1 and pass the proceeds on to a number of partnering charities. One can also purchase Red Nose products from Coca-Cola, M&M’s, Oreo, Dial, Skittles, and Windex, among other brands, or donate funds directly through the Red Nose Day website.


You cannot seriously discuss poverty with out naming the political-economy of capitalism which structurally requires that the vast majority of human beings live in economic degradation. These kinds of articles are childish.


The greatest charity is to have no need of it.

First thing to change the discussion is to assert not only one’s citizenship, especially global citizenship, and one’s humanity but to unequivocally refute the insidious branding as “consumer”. Next, name the Beast: Capitalism and the engine of what drives it–not only greed but the Protestant “work ethic” that keeps the majority on the treadmill of crass materialism/consumerism so as to enrich the unscrupulous few who exploit the rest for their own enrichment.


Isn’t it interesting how these liberals never seem to get around to actually naming the Beast?


Yep I do agree with you.



Sorry, but Bono’s tax dodge in Panama or wherever, is not making me " warm and fuzzy " about giving him the time of day, let alone buying junk from his charity. His ilk are just selling the universally recognized " pig in a poke ", too often. They’re nothing more " mark " stimulators.
Celebs don’t break a sweat attaching themselves to a charity or the " cause de jour " mentality, behind them, as well. It’s all rather sad, actually.
Let Bono and his 1%er buddies eat only cake, for awhile. Now, I’d pay ( kick in ) to see that.


“There Are Better Ways To Fight Poverty Than Giving Money To Corporations”

There are better ways to fight poverty than government by corporations.

Direct Democracy


The beast is conservatism.


How can you say that honestly? Don’t you know that the invisible hand of the market will make capitalism do the right thing for all?
Our corporate masters have always made sure that we have the company house and store. Poverty was invented by commies to sow unrest among the people who have so much. Why people flocked here from Africa for jobs in the US working on plantations. They were so happy to be here that they asked their masters to chain them up so they couldn’t be stolen away by commies.
What’s next, telling me the sun rises in the east? The earth revolves around the sun?


It is basic problem solving, each problem has a solution but apply the right solution to the wrong problem and things don’t improve. Emergent issues like hunger and disease can’t wait for entire economic shifts or for market economics to address the issue. Corporate charity is misnomer for creating another corporation as means or solution. Not absolutely, but probably more than you think. The Red Nose could be effective but probably isn’t. Consequences determine outcome and I don’t see any real behavior change for participants or charity. Or Comments either, with some exceptions.


Rather than asking how individual consumers can guarantee the basic sustenance of 10s of millions 0f Americans through charities we should be questioning an economic system that only halts misery and starvation if it is profitable. Rather than solely creating an individualized “culture of giving,” we should be challenging capitalism’s institutionalized taking


The only real way to fight poverty is to fight capitalism.


Tom, you are so right under the corporate capitalism economic system we are under today as it, in the long run, only serves the senior management of large corporations and the investor class. Any crumbs that just happen to benefit the commoner working class is unintended and temporary much of the time.