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There Are Names No One Cheers For: Ibrahimović's Tats For World Hunger


There Are Names No One Cheers For: Ibrahimović's Tats For World Hunger

When he peeled off his shirt after scoring in a big game for the French club Paris Saint-Germain, renowned Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović got both a penalty for the banned flashy move, and lots of attention for the estimated 805 million hungry people in the world - 50 of whose names he'd tattooed on his body. Part of a U.N. World Food Program campaign, he did it "so whenever you hear my name, you will think of their names."


Way to go. True heroics.


Can’t help to compare Ibra to Ronaldo’s antics. I guess not all egos are created equal! Glad to see Ibra puts his ego to good use.


Just like the supposed ‘layers’ of skin of the ‘temporary tattoos’ how many layers to the arguments of polarization: is the Guardian intentional editorial parody? - this means _____ and it cannot mean ________ , hence I will feed my egoistic argument about ego by pretending that it is not MY mirror, NOW and forever as I say it is.
Hmmm…narcissism for others? and how many people will be exposed to and (hopefully) get this man’s message?


Good for Ibrahimović, You are right that to date, as far as we know, Christiano has not tattooed his body for world hunger or other worthy causes but he does do charity work and for that he should be congratulated and encouraged to do more. HIs charity efforts include, “…the two best football players in the World, started an online auction campaign at CharityBuzz.com, in order to raise funds for ONEXONE, a non-profit company that aims to help children from all around the World” according to http://www.ronaldo7.net


Zlatan Ibrahimović earns €15,000,000 a year, lives in a €3,000,000 mansion and has a six or seven Lamborghini & ferrari’s etc. I wonder how much of that he gives away to help these poor people around the world?

God the gullibility of the masses (and CD editorial staff), enchanted by glamour and celebrity, and narcissistic self-promoting superficial gestures, bright shiny things, never ceases to amaze me. What a spin-mad age we live in.