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There Are No Winners in a War With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/09/there-are-no-winners-war-iran

With all due respect, the MIC and possibly Israel win.
And Mikes Pompeo and Pence inch closer to the rapture.

And millions of dead bodies don’t matter an iota to these maniacs.


I’m afraid I agree. Some of those promoting war via the MSM have close ties to the weapons makers, according to this CommonDreams article. I’ve heard, “If it bleeds it leads.” It’s also in the interest of the MSM to promote war and hatred – blood sells papers. (Remember the Maine!)


Seventeen years ago, when we invaded Iraq, young and naive, I tried to appeal to people’s emotions. Now as an adult, I am still moved to tears as I write these words, but I have learned to appeal to logic.

Endless worldwide war is the logical course of action - - - for many corporations in the capitalist US empire. Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and all war profiteers, will enjoy immense windfalls. Due to support from war profiteering engineering firms, your alma mater, the University of California, and all universities with engineering firms are benefiting from the present hostilities and will benefit even more if full out war ensues.

Rather that abandoning an appeal to emotion, I suggest being more ‘in your face’ with appeals to a visceral reaction against war. How about going to an upcoming UC career fair and throwing blood on the Raytheon, Lockheed Martin recruiters? How about bringing in pictures of the ripped apart bodies and blown open brains of the 40 Yemeni school kids that a Lockheed - Martin missile killed? How about having folks chain themselves to the tables the recruiters use until campus police bust-in folks’ heads , showing how the US forces of repression protect purveyors of crimes against humanity while attacking promoters of peace as ‘terrorists’?


I remember the " Shock And Awe" of March 19, 2003 I woke up in a Spider Man costume with Hamantaschen and hang over.

I could see the MIC winning. Along with anyone who owns any shares of defense stocks… even you could benefit. You can purchase shares of DFEN or RTN or HON or BA. Buy and hold. Protest but insure. Create a safety net in case you don’t stop the war.

Great post .

We must shut down the war machine .Those that profit from war and all those who profit from the world’s conflict consciousness .
It’s obvious that this source of abundance for the few is so misplaced. If one is to depend on the world living in strife in order for one to survive ,this dependence explains why our world resists any attempt to create a structure for lasting peace .

These major problems are off course Spiritual in Nature and Spiritually solved.
The misplaced desire results in conflict. Fear of not having something and fear without having a certain thing ,you won’t be happy.

Not needing the stuff of your outside world gives freedom .Not needing frees you from anger .Anger is fear announced .When you have nothing to fear ,you have nothing to be angry about .

A change of consciousness has to be our priority .