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There Are Only Two Sides to Charlottesville. Trump Is on the Wrong One

There Are Only Two Sides to Charlottesville. Trump Is on the Wrong One.

Christine Emba

Things that have many sides: a Rubik’s cube, a baseball diamond, a complex personality. Things that don’t: the racism and hate seen in Charlottesville this weekend.

Alas, our president doesn’t seem to know the difference. No, that’s too generous. He must know, but he does not care. Or worse, he would rather allow the confusion than endanger his base of support.


When Trump stood in front of the microphone and kept looking down at the words someone else clearly wrote for him to read, rather than looking straight out at the cameras and speaking from his heart, about the tragedy which played out in Charlottesville yesterday, I knew then that he in fact has no heart.

America, there is a Monster in our midst and his name is Donald Trump.


“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides,” said Trump.

Of course, Trump’s words sounded better in the original German.


According to The Guardian, a white polo shirt and khaki trousers are the uniform of the white supremacist group, Vanguard America.

I would add to that a red ball cap with the slogan Make America Great Again. At least that’s what I see in the photo here.


Yeah, but the real monster in our midst, is all the people that voted for DJT!


Funny, I was just thinking the same thing! When I first saw the photo, I thought, “No way that’s a coincidence! White Polo’s and Khaki pants must be their uniform of the day.”

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There’s a picture of them marching in that outfit next to a pic of Trump wearing the same thing golfing. It’s humorous and disturbing at the same time.


Trump has condemned Rosie O’Donnell more strongly than he has Nazis. Let that sink in.


Possibly Shantiananda, but have you ever heard the old expression, “cut the head off the snake, and the rest will die?”

It’s also a military expression that if you kill their leader, those who follow him will retreat or surrender.

We definitely need to cut the head off this snake.

Impeach the S.O. B. now before he can start a nuclear war with N.K.!


Important to keep in mind, our country has a long and deep history of calling “nationalist”–cuz a deep affinity for the ideology of a cause that lost a war of rebellion against the United States is just super patriotism–massacres “riots.” The so-called Colfax Riot is but one example.


Impeach him? He should be arrested and incarcerated for all of the crimes he has committed including inciting violence by our law enforcement as well as everyday Americans at his rallies.

Remember Sandra Bland?

After his arrest, if he’s found hanging in his cell, we can move past this dark chapter in the history of our country.


I commend the writer of this article for pointing out that “The First Amendment applies to all, even vile white supremacists.” While I strongly disagree with what these white supremacists say, I would also strongly defend their right to say it, and their right to choose their venue to say it in. And, apparently, their rally was permitted by the city of Charlottesville. No good can come from trying to suppress free speech, even hate speech, and I think the violence in Charlottesville shows that. If the counter protestors, instead of trying to stop the white supremacist rally, had just held their own separate rallies, in a very different part of town, to show Charlottesville is a city of love, tolerance and racial equality, then the result would have been very different. In this case the young woman and two policemen who died would still be alive, and we would have been able to see how well or how badly the white supremacists would have acted on their own. Also, they would have received much less publicity for their racist cause. If we protest some other groups right to protest, aren’t we being a tad hypocritical? And aren’t we transgressing on their First Amendment rights? If we want to avoid a civil war, we need to cool things down, and soon. Perhaps progressive people in this country could start by not counter protesting to try and stop rallies we don’t like. We could instead have our own fully separate rallies in support of our good causes.