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'There Can't Be Any Dispute': Elizabeth Warren Says US Voters Must Beat Trump 'Bigly' in November

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/there-cant-be-any-dispute-elizabeth-warren-says-us-voters-must-beat-trump-bigly


As Trump has repeatedly indicated over the past several months that he may not accept the election results if he is defeated,

If Trump is not able to cheat enough to steal the coming election and is defeated and still refuses to accept the results by calling the election fraudulent then what we need is for millions of us to descend on Washington, D.C. and refuse to leave until Trump finally vacates AND IS EVICTED FROM OUR RESIDENCE!

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No Elizabeth, we should not have to be coaxed to vote trump out. If we don’t know that by now we are likely screwed already.
But yes, it doesn’t hurt to say “Get out and vote, or send in your vote.”
It is a bit redundant to hint at the importance of disposing of trump (no matter what).

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I don;t think it will come to that Shanti - hopefully - but you are right, we, the people, must hit the streets and/or DC en masse, to make our voices heard loudly by trump & co and Constitutional-defender forces - and use that power to inspire the public to push, drag, or whatever it takes, the Biden Admin. to respond to the 99%, not the 1%. I think he may, just may, want a legacy and he knows damn-well he will not get one that means anything any other way! He must be made to realize he must serve the people and planet, the 'little-people and Gaia, main street, not wall Street! Peace.

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Trump’s bluffing and he knows it. However, there are a lot of preprogrammed Trumpians out there who would respond to his dog whistles and wreak havoc. They cannot govern this country. Most of them pay their gunsmiths before their dentists, but that is what we are up against. As we learned about today in Michigan, this shit is real, but a lot of them are being watched. A lot are not. The hydra has many heads. I hate to sound so bleak, but Trump has sown the seeds and we do not know where they all are nor where the most unstable ones are planted. Nor do we know where nor which law enforcement agencies may be slow to respond to any Trumpian enthusiasts. Let’s do the bigly thing, but not expect a perfect transition. The cult is lying in the tall grass.


Me too! Nice reply…thanks, Emphyrio. Shanti

I am on the left so Warren has about as much weight with me as Harris or Biden. She should have, twice, backed Bernie but instead acted horribly this time around and played a role in Biden getting the nomination. Whatever critiques I have of Bernie, I have far more of her. But, whatever, is what it is. I just don’t care what she thinks about anything at this point.


I can relate. I’ll never forget the too-cute me-too grenade she tried to toss at Bernie (clumsily tossing the pin, oops!) during a debate. It was a rough, awfully frustrating primary season. Seems like 200 years ago.


“Paying the gunsmith before paying the dentist” Great word smithing WiseOwl.

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Great line WiseOwl because that is very true of most Alaskans.

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If they debate again Biden has to overtake trump for a second or two, tell him that he isn’t here to babysit him, that’s the moderators job. Give a little hand signal.
Then every time trump speaks over Joe, he can repeat the little hand signal putting trump in his place.
Trump is so wrapped up in himself he will likely over talk anyway. But Joe doesn’t have to argue or get worked up, just give the little hand signal.
That makes Biden as powerful as trump in that room.
Let the fight begin.

It’s over. Trump is done. It’s time to start organizing to force President Biden to abandon his right leaning policies.

Haven’t seen enough stolen elections yet eh Steve? I’ll wait for the fat lady to sing.

You may be right, Gandolf. But the sense I’m getting is that the rats are starting to flee the sinking ship since they see that Trump will be gone soon.



There’s so much manipulation of the mechanics of the election process, that I think it’s very hard to know what will happen. Also, Michael Moore has been warning us that his followers are fired up, and there are a number of polls that called it right in 2016 that are saying Trump is going to win (the electoral collage even if not the popular vote).

I’m not certain how this is going to play out.