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There Goes the Rule of Law

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/23/there-goes-rule-law


So it shall be written in some corners of the U$ that Trump lasted not only (at least) four years, but forty through the life-time court appointments he has made with McConnell. How many who failed to vote in 2016 or whose progenitors did will suffer under the tyranny of said appointments? Many, I suspect, given the appalling rate at which the electorate pass on their duty to participate both by staying informed (yes, I know how difficult that can be) and then dragging one’s arse to the voting booth. If the People want Power, they need to pressure the apathetic to get engaged. Sans said engagement expect more of the same.


My takeaway from the article is this: Why in God’s name, when the Democrats knew there were 3 possible Supreme Court appointments to come in the next 4 years, why did they insist on having Hillary Clinton be their party’s “best foot forward?”

As I was not a registered Democrat, and hadn’t been one in well over a decade before the 2016 election, I personally thought Hillary Clinton was the worst possible choice the Democrats could possibly make, especially since they had totally ignored the surging candidacy of one Bernie Sanders who was filling stadiums and Clinton had trouble getting 2,000 people to show up for one of her campaign stops.

This leads me to believe that the Democratic Party Establishment, and the DNC knew that they preferred losing the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and the loyalty of any progressives who wanted Bernie to win, instead of getting behind Bernie who would have threatened the elites hold on power by putting the masses first.


If the American experiment is to survive at all, there will have to be a second Revolution. If we haven’t got what it takes, I suggest that the civilized people of all colors keep our passports up-to-date. I can see a liberal exodus in the not-too-distant future.


The people of the DNC and DLC aren’t stupid. They have considered opinions based on judgments they have made, just as you and I do. We just don’t agree with them.
Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff were inept. They did stupid things because of hubris. Hillary acted in her own self-interest and failed to see the flaws in what she had done.
The DNC and DLC are making the same mistake this election cycle. I don’t want Joe Biden, but will vote for him if he is the nominee. It would be stupid for me not to, as it would be for anyone else who doesn’t vote for him that doesn’t want another 4 years for the virus expert-in-chief.
Non-voters, voter suppression, gerrymandering, and Russian meddling gave tRump the presidency and will again if Democratic voters don’t turn-out in large numbers.
The Repulsicans have been playing hard-ball since 1994. Sometime this decade, they will have re-captured the judiciary. The DNC and DLC and Dumbocratic pols took their eye off the ball to concentrate on attracting members of the monied class. They have become rich.
The problems of low-income people, immigrants, the working poor, minorities, the uninsured, and displaced older formerly Democratic voters are not their main concern. It’s not good, but this group of people have bigger things to worry about than what has happened to the rule of law.


Fabulous interview of Lithwick by Moyers! The Slate article with its excerpts of the letter and the article in the Harvard Law and Policy Review are eye-opening. I’ve seen and read about this now for a while and it is scary. Anyone here ever read the 2017 book Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean? The entire book is about what this interview treads upon: the takeover of our Justice system by the wealthy conservative people of power in this country. Again, scary, but very true. Thanks for publishing this C.D.! Can’t wait to read that full article from Lynn Adelman if I can find it somewhere.


Easy answer is: We all thought she would win against foul mouthed bully trump.

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That is quite the conundrum. Do we jump ship and let the right-wing win? Or do we stay and suffer their leadership? These are choices that are pretty crappy.

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Funny, I thought the people of America would all come to their senses, and Dr. Jill Stein would win.

Looks like we both thought wrong G.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record. **Institutions. Will. Not. Save. Us.**We are on or own. That happened way before Covid-19. It happened way before Tramp. But is finally being proven. Institutions no longer work for the people. They have been completely engulfed by the rich. The longer we continue to count on these institutions the deeper we will have dug the hole in which we will be buried


I could never understand that Obama walked away from his own choice when Mitch said that Obama only had 1 year left as prez, so he had run out of time to choose. Yep, that’s when I knew for sure that Obama was either really a republican—or a really stupid man.

When courts fail, people very often will create their own laws to either repair things or to take revenge. France had an army of underground patriots once in WW 2 ----I wonder if an underground of the People will ever emerge in America ? Probably not—as America really was somebody once--------I don’t know who America is anymore. : (


“I don’t know WHO America is anymore” either. I DO know that with the federal courts now stacked America is a kleptocracy wherein the 1% can count on the courts to overturn any of Congress’ legislation that they dislike.


If the people truly want power, they must take a deep, unflinching look at how thoroughly corrupt the system of casting votes has become. Somehow, this corruption must become unmasked. This will be no easy task as much of the corruption involves corrupt lawmakers, governors, and Secretary of State officials that actually get their jobs from this system and then give a hand to pull more corrupt people onboard utilizing that very system. All aided and abetted by a completely corrupt, partisan media.

Going all the way back to the hanging chads of the Florida election when voting corruption started to become more of an issue to some, to where we are today when the Dem primary results do not match up to the exit polls by large margins. We as a people are being cheated. We are nothing but props in this process. And it’s all swept under the rug as soon as possible.
I mean, long lines of people waiting for hours to vote is barely spoken of by major media let alone the digital trickery that is so easily done to persuade the computerized voting machines to provide the desired results.

It has become crystal clear that citizens in this country do not really have the power of the vote.
They have nothing but illusions although more and more people are waking up. Unfortunately there are very few people in politics, media, courts etc that give a damn and like it just the way it is. And I see voting rights and voting integrity to be such a marginal issue amongst the electorate that it appears likely that this will never change.


I’ve read Democracy In Chains. It’s essential. The Powell Memo laid all this out many decades ago. It can only all work when there is no real opposition party as we have had for decades.


Actually, we do have underground(s). And recently Trump brought them out into the light. I know you meant a positive force… and that is up to us. But yes, it still works here in the US.

We just have to be more in the shadows… let them grab the attention. That is how it is going to be if it is to work. At least we look better in pictures without the hoods and robes…

Edit to add: Underground was gives a bad connotation in the 60’s. And that sort of changed it for us. It has a broader, plus/minus concept that modern speech ignores. It is not just violence and terrorism.

My favorite reference to underground, is “Notes from Underground” by Dostoevsky. A personal version of the “dark” of the underground. Not a pretty read, but short. And the idea of an “underground” being something that consumes the soul… well a good lesson to be learned. And why many are not able to do it.

I am tired and sick, so I keep forgetting things. We think of the “Underground” when used for good, is like something like “Hogan’s Heroes”. Simple, we are smart, they are not. No… it is more every moment knowing that you will die. But also knowing every minute you are alive you will fight so others can live.


Brought to the people (even the ones that voted that way) by the Republican Party.
What a surprise.

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We need Justice Frank Morgan to save us:


I’ve listened to Nancy McClean being interviewed several times. The methodical dismantling of the regulatory powers of the state, regarding your health and well being, comes out of the tobacco and fossil fuels handbook. It also uses the power gained by decimating, and then the resegragation, of the public education systems. From day care to the university systems in every state. This is a plan which has been in effect for a very long time. And, its coming to fruition. Resentment politics running on rocket fuel and a beaten down andd weakened social safety net.
Right wing corporate libertarians in control; without the label warnings on your essentials, replaced with a universal and generic gov’t approved stamp of caveat emptor. Welcome to a heavy dose of arbitrary and capricious, folks.


America has become the same as its current president.


Why is Death not stalking all of these evil mother-fuckers? I would gladly die last watching all these evil things, both male and female die first!