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There Goes the Rule of Law

Hey fairbly, FUCKOFF, there, said it right at you, so you sit on it and spin!

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“I mean, there has always been a very, very concerted machinery to take out any progressive judge or legal thinker who is at all controversial.”

A culture and legal system that has successfully banned and torpedoed the necessary renovations of a legal system that fails to produce justice and democracy while engaging in bully-politics and corporate and elite-wealthy legal capture, are social structures that will continue to bring vast amounts of unnecessary suffering and strife to millions.

The near impossibility of restructuring an historical fabrication of the few, a fabrication that operates as an imperious, uncivilized, unjust power machine, staffed by ‘the brightest minds of the day’, demonstrates the quick sand that politics and legality has become compliments of the power-culture of conformity and the dash for the cash.


I used to think the world of Bill Moyers, but this interview – and its thesis – are risible: “There Goes the Rule of Law” !!!

What rule of law?

Elite, comfortable, predominately white liberals have forgotten the meaning of the word “liberal” during the last two presidencies. They went to sleep while President Obama “legalized” torture, indefinite detention, warrantless surveillance, and permanent war. They barely even registered when he fatally undermined the Paris Climate Accords and became the number one president in U.S. history for domestic oil production and exported fracking across the globe.

Where was the “rule of law” when President Obama was becoming Bush/Cheney on steroids?

Where was the “rule of law” when Obama’s DNI lied to the Senate about spying on everyone?

Where was the “rule of law” when Obama normalized over three-quarters of Rumsfeld’s “enhanced interrogation techniques,” tortured Pvt. Manning, and persecuted whistleblowers and journalists with the Espionage Act (invoking the act more than twice as many times as all previous presidents combined)?

Where was the “rule of law” when Obama bailed out Wall Street on Main Street’s back? (After Obama let a Citigroup executive name his cabinet…)

Where was the “rule of law” when Wall Street executives were allowed to run their own bailout, illegally kicking millions of Americans out of their homes with “robo-signed” documents?

Where was the “rule of law” when the post-Civil Rights Era economic gains of black households were wiped out by Wall Street criminals and the global fraud they’d committed?

Where was the “rule of law” when Obama was putting ICE on steroids, caging children by the thousands, and deporting some three million immigrants?

Where was the “rule of law” when George W. Bush killed millions of Iraqis based on a mountain of transparent lies?

(And for that matter, where was the “rule of law” when Bill Clinton killed “well over a million” Iraqi civilians with his draconian sanctions – prompting career U.N. development worker Denis Halliday, overseeing the program, to quit?)

Where was the “rule of law” when “Dubya” tried to take over the U.S. Justice Department, firing every U.S. Attorney who wasn’t a Bush sycophant and unquestioning loyalist?

Where was the “rule of law” when Bush stole Florida in 2000 or Ohio in 2004, thanks to hackable, unauditable voting machines and massive vote suppression?

Where was the “rule of law” when Sec. Clinton stole the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2016, thanks to hackable, unauditable voting machines and massive vote suppression?

In short, both Moyers and Lithwick come across as woefully naive partisans, pointing at symptoms while excusing the whole rotten system.

They think that Donald Trump is some kind of anomaly or breaker of precedent. He’s not. He’s just more of the same, only with the mask off. In fact, his grotesque personal qualities aside, Trump has done far less harm to the rule of law – and killed far fewer human beings – than his two immediate, GWOT-era predecessors, who simply chucked the rule book out the window and continued the West’s anti-Muslim holocaust, a 21st-century genocide that has claimed millions of lives.

Go back to sleep now, Bill and Dahlia. Go back to pretending that Trump’s predecessors didn’t pave the way for this ungodly mess, including the Unitary Executive/dictatorial president.

“If the president does it, that means it’s not illegal.” – Richard Nixon

(Yes, Tricky Dick, we’ve been there for some time.)

The supreme court has had more then nine members on the court before now. There is no reason to stop the next president if he has both branches of Congress to change the law and allow new appointees.

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Words of wisdom, WiseOwl.


Hi Seeker:
Well there was the French Underground in WW 2—but I think my favorite was reading about the Navajo Wind Talkers who confused the Nazis with their original Indigenous words. : ) I’m sorry that you are sick----but when you are working FOR something, energy comes a lot more easily. Be well with energy for the GOOD. : ).

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In a democracy, the final arbiter on what the law is should be the people, not 9 political appointees. I hold that to be self-evident.


Hang in there, Seeker. We’ve got to hang on as best we can and contribute whatever we can toward getting our Constitutional Republic back again. Try doing lighter things occasionally. I like to look out the window and watch the squirrels living their lives on the fir trees outside my window. And the birds! It saddens me that there are far fewer than were here just a few years ago, but they go on living their lives, enjoying the rites of Spring, and the suet and seed that I keep available as time and forage becomes thinner. There is a whole world out there that will probably survive after we finally perish, that will not notice or remember the suet and seed that is no longer strewn out in the back yard and on top of the log, but they will be there, adapting to whatever is left, and playing in the trees for their own joy, without an audience.


The rule of law is a myth: Extreme proprietorial discretion daily violates the idea that the consequences of one’s actions will be determined by law (that applies equally to all) rather than the whims of someone in executive power.

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Hi Atilios,
**Thanks for the link. Great film! We need a Judge Grant to bring the Trumpenfuehrer to justice, along with his gang. We’re running out of time!

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