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'There Has to Be Retribution': Trump Openly Endorses Extrajudicial Killings of Suspects by Law Enforcement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/13/there-has-be-retribution-trump-openly-endorses-extrajudicial-killings-suspects-law


How warped is it when you could poll WW II vets and find that most of them would agree that they are ‘self-described anti-fascists’.

The GOP ability to warp language to fit their current plan is working out nicely for them. This is what happens when the country is dumbed down to an extent that even the GOP of 40+ years ago that started the whole thing cannot believe how successful they were.


The depraved indifference and insanity of this creature never ends. He is in the mold of the others he admires, duterte, bolsonaro, putin, mussolini, all fascist “strongmen” that despise the rule of law and justice, who work for wealth and power over all honor and the Common Good. This creature and his ilk are the examples of the ugliest of humankind, who in inspire others by evil and violence, not empathy, great spirit, and uplift of society, only exploitation, pollution, usury, the war machine and for-profit wars,and wage/debt/interest slavery.

“What is an evil man? The man is evil who coerces obedience to his private ends, destroys beauty, produces pain, extinguishes life.”
— Jack Vance…

The sooner America recognizes the true nature of this ugly actually evil person and what matters to him and his ilk, and remove from any position of power or influence, the better - our lives depend on it.

Regardless the utter failure of the corrupt “opposition” party to put forward any real contrast or person of great integrity, that path, however flawed and odious in its own right, is not so gross and depraved as the trump regime. They have not represented or stood-for the needed change/reforms, but cling to a construct that also victimizes, also lauds corruption and wealth, exploitation, lack of environmental stewardship, and fails to provide the leadership so very needed in this time, this republic and wider world - a world teetering on the brink.


Viral video of BLM/ Antifa BernieBros™ starting deadly fires, with Cheech sized spliv, in 5… 4… 3… (MSDNC, FOX, CNN)

Trump HAS to distract his willing victims; as we’d guessed by blaming AGW firestorms, financial disaster & his own utter failure on “the other” which now includes pretty much, everysomebody with a fighting chance of a three digit IQ & sentience?) Stochastic terrorism is so much cheaper than “droning” us and “hiring on half of the working class” to kill us, would give his churls something to occupy their time… almost like a Red New Deal O’ Death? I’m eager to hear Joe, Nancy, Chuck, etc. chime in? Betya, they’ll get 'em a whole messa fully armed Apaches & Blackhawks, to OR now?

Wonder if they’ll reenact The Lord Humongous’ address?







He’s working hard to create enough chaos and bloodshed that he can declare Martial Law and suspend the election.

Joe? Nancy? Chuck? CNN? MSNBC? FOX? ADULTS?
Batter up!

PS: yes, FOX too. They were smart enough to not even air this speech


Der Fuhrer, Trump, is openly promoting murder of anyone the police wish, based on real or trumped-up “suspicion”.

IF President Putin has a hand in this, he is doing to the United States what the US has done to countless other countries in the past.


"There has to be retribution."

If Trump Inc. manages to stay in power through all the well known tactics we start the retribution by total, non cooperation and we shut the machine down. We are all anti-fascists now.


People who don’t get out of siloed enclaves might not be aware of the growing enthusiasm for Trump.

Yesterday, I went to Home Depot and found many people with Trump paraphernalia. Driving through a nearby conservative town, there was a massive Trump / Blue Lives Matter demonstration. Anecdotal, but consistent with polling trends.

Last night’s shooting of LA police officers, and reports that protesters tried to block the officers from getting to the hospital, is guaranteed to incite war against BLM and progressives in general.



Apparently, Trump isn’t aware of how “there has to be retribution” works both ways.


Yet another reason to vote for Biden/Harris, even though they aren’t Bernie or some other truly progressive candidates.
Trump, the GOP and his followers are in favor of fascism, a police state, and worse.
If Trump is reelected, this country is doomed.


What our Supreme Leader really endorses is the extrajudicial execution of the lower classes. When it comes to the crimes of the upper classes a pardon is the correct response.


Agree there should be,
… but I will be shocked if the Dem ‘leadership’ does anything except tell us all to ‘look forward and move on - for the good of the country’ as their excuse to not do a damned thing.


Voting for Biden isn’t going to make “Trump, the GOP and his followers” go away.


Exactly. They will be even more emboldened in their angry mob mentality at the “injustice” of their god like leader being “removed” from power. And they will escalate their violence until their next “leader”comes along who understands and endorses and feeds their hatred. Four years of Biden/Harris who will do nothing but serve their oligarch masters will surely lead to someone even worse than Trump, or even Trump arising yet again. What the so-called left fails to understand is that they are just as violent as the right when they refuse to give the citizens things like Medicare For All, a UBI, a Green New Deal and so on. There is no future for the USA that involves the two corporate parties playing their Kabuki Theater production of Good Cop/Bad Cop. The USA is collapsing now and voting for either party will do nothing to stop it. I’ve said it before in many of my posts and I’ll say it again as it is the truth: Trump is the inevitable outcome of a nation founded on genocide, slavery, violence and rapacious greed. And since the USA refuses to come to terms with those things, things will only continue to devolve into complete dystopia.


Why aren’t we hearing immediate calls for resignation? The man violates his oath of office on a daily basis.


There have been so many of those they have become merely background noise.


That’s the problem. An exponentially increasing number of us lifelong, loyal Democrats realize that Hillary & Joe were DNC’s pretty damn blatant & obvious subterfuge to further enrich the superdeligates, party elite & fulfill contractual obligations to their multinational donors, as Wasserman Shultz testified under oath, Donna & Mark sneered, while running to FOX. NYC & DC multimillionaires want to become billionaires, blame real Black, Latino, working class & female Democrats, use Trump’s Sturmabteilung to silence liberal dissent; as protestors, whistleblowers & minorities are shot, beaten, arrested, blackballed. While selling some fantasy of liberal to BOTH the 9.9% liberals & their 0.01% constituents, simultaneously. Folks only awaken, when it’s THEIR turn?

Subtlety was never a necessity; given their smug, sneering and defiantly delusional yuppie “base?” The Creative Class™ has 27K miracuously vacant apartments to flip, here, so far? We’ve gone from 105 to 121 billionaires since de Blasio told us to, “go on about our lives” killing an additional 27K. So, Liberal yuppies benefit from Trump. DNC™ LLC can blame us & Resist® him all the way to the bank. So, NU?


What’s a banana republic without death squads?


Frankly, I don’t think much differently about antifa types bringing guns to protests than I do right-wing militia types. Whether the militia types do it first doesn’t matter. It’s an escalation that can lead to the events described above, and more. And it doesn’t further the interests of the protesters who are there legitimately and constitutionally.

That said, T.rump himself just mounted an escalation of his own that’s going to put a lot of people at risk from the right-wing militia soldier/cop wannabes who hang on his every word. They’re going to be the ones who will exact “retribution.” This country could very well begin to look like Colombia under Uribe in very short order.


This guy just further demonstrates what frauds those right wing militias citing the 2nd amendment are.

When that Bundy took over those Public lands in the West these guys flocked to his cause citing Government Tyranny and claiming the Government were going to kill him without a proper trail or due cause. They use the same logic regarding Ruby Ridge and Waco.

When a sitting President suggests the extrajudicial execution of peoples protesting the Government they are silent, they cheer it on, or they get their guns to go in and help the “jackboots”.