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'There Has to Be Retribution': Trump Openly Endorses Extrajudicial Killings of Suspects by Law Enforcement

Well, for one thing… he’s dead, having failed and having been executed for trying. Maybe some other role model might be preferable.

Sadly, I don’t think most WWII vets would recognize fascism. What they saw up close was the military arm of the monster. The jack boots, racism and violence are all just decorations over the true ugly core which my old Webster’s describes as the merging of (big) business with the power of the state. We’ve been careening toward that fascism since the neoliberal ascendancy in the 80’s - certainly since Bush the Lessor. Trump has merely unearthed its ugly recognizable characteristics. Too early to tell but if enough people can finally recognize the monster we may be able yet to fight it.

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To sum it all up a sociopath.

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Trade is a life or death issue for millions of people. If their jobs are traded away their careers are over. This is not negotiable for them. Its not like other countries where the weather is always warm and housing, medical care and Rx drugs are cheap. This is a very expensive country to live in even with a comfortable income. Other countries only want Americans with lots of skills and money, they dont want our poor or our huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

So, I think we’re heading into some very very dark waters.


I can’t agree with the WWII part of your post, I think most knew what they were fighting, especially in the European theater. One of the reasons I believe that, is because their generation received a much better formal education, than students do today. I do agree that we have been moving towards fascism since the 1980’s, though I would describe it as “small steps” instead of “careening”, allowing the fascists to achieve their goal with very few members of society noticing it was happening over the long term.

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The GI Bill was because they were terrified by what would happen if they couldnt provide jobs to the returning GIs. And they knew that even then to get a decent job they had to get a decent education. Which up until then was only available to the wealthy and those who managed to get into state universities (many of which were free to GIs)

If it was true then its triply true now. except now really even an MS is not enough, much of the time.

The days when somebody could get a good job just knowing the things you need to do in that job and nothing else, are over, that is unless you have a fake degree from a real school, six weeks of cram school courses, and will work for under US minimum wage and have paid a bribe for the ‘privilege’ to some foreign body shop firm. And then you are only allowed to stay in the US as long as your job lasts. Still, it improves somebody’s chances in the marriage race tremendously to have a job “in the US” so many go back, enter into arranged marriages and bring their spouses, who they literally may have just met, here, (even while working in jobs that pay as little as a few hundred dollars a month after all the various fees are taken out)

This is happening on a large scale in some sectors like IT. Tremendously diverse workplaces where jobs pay decent wages are being replaced by a monoculture where American workers are not welcome.

I don’t disagree with what your saying, just don’t understand how it relates to my above post.

How is voting for Biden supposed to reduce the fascism taking over the country, as far as I can see this risk has turned into a reality with the governmenmt already having divested itself of the kinds of rights needed to govern effectively in all areas involving money. So all the areas Democrats need our government to be “preset” in are off the table. Without those things, we’ll descend into fasicm very quickly because people wont be able to support themselves or eat, while at bthe same time their jobs will be traded away, and others will be doing them for almost nothing. Basically, we will have the economic rug yanked out from underneath us.

Why? To help prop up despotic third world regimes with the jobs, and also because its more profitable paying people very low wages than decent ones.

The likelihood of Biden doing this (as its what is already happening so all he has to do is not change anything) seems like 100% since he already messaged to his base in corporate America in true Obama style that that was his intent.

I don’t think voting for Biden will significantly reduce the trend toward fascism. He was one of the ones who kept us on the path! When I say we may yet be able to fight the monster I’m referring to the bi-partisan/two headed monster that is the republican/democratic party. Between the two parties they’ve arranged our government to take orders from and for the benefit of the big corporations,financiers and capitalists. That’s the Fascism that has already taken hold. Trumps militancy, belligerence and racism are merely outward appearances, not the essence. Biden, like Obama, may sadly be the more effective evil in that he may mask those outward appearances while advancing the merging of state and business. A true third party - or a progressive takeover of one of the two parties - may yet thwart their plans - that’s why they fought so hard (and won again) from allowing it to happen this election cycle.
The pandemic may yet have a few cards to play though…

We should dump parties altogether. As criminogenic trade deals like GATS prove how dishonest and destructive to democracy they have become.

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95% of all protests are non-violent. At least a portion of the remaining 5% are fomented by right-wing terrorists sporting their firearms in search of “Antifas.” Against whom will “retribution” be directed? Peaceful dissenters.

Why is killing them considered “retribution?” When people break the law, they’re not killed by law enforcement unless they’re guilty of a limited number of death-penalty offenses. Before that can happen, however, all those who are accused of heinous crimes are afforded due process of law, not a firing squad consisting of highly armed, quasi-military teenage miscreants urged to murder their fellow citizens.

This is an assault on democracy and the right to vote, as are Trump’s attacks on the Postal Service, Florida’s demand that former felons pay their fines with interest to qualify to vote, the demand for documents not fully accessible to minorities and the poor, as is the constant stream of lies that corrupt reality.

This is the most anti-American administration in history, seeking to perpetuate it’s wholesale terrorism in our streets and around the globe. “At least 37 million people have been displaced as a direct result of the wars fought by the United States since Sept. 11, 2001, according to a [new report]from Brown University’s Costs of War project. That figure exceeds those displaced by conflict since 1900, the authors say, with the exception of World War II.”

He isn’t a law unto himself. Nobody is.