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There, I Fixed It for You…

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/06/there-i-fixed-it-you


OK, but how do you edit what isn’t there? The video of George Floyd was CENSORED.

Shortly after he was murdered, a video he had made of himself circulated widely on the Internet. The most common picture of him is a still shot from this video and his mural was taken from this still shot.

I saw this video on The Hill, not knowing at the time that it was George Floyd himself speaking. I went back to look for it, and it is gone.

Nothing I do to search for this video brings it up, but it obviously does, or did, exist.

When I do an Internet search on “George Floyd was censored,” it says there are no search results, try it without quotes. When I try it without quotes I only see results about Trump’s video being taken off Twitter.


Thanks Sam, Great work, even tho did not bear fruit - gone like a fart in a windstorm - , just like any recent mention of the cop plant and provocateur, the “umbrella man” who smashed windows to incite the crowd, but failed - they would not bite!.
That cop plant is now disappeared from all news stories and likely any official attempt to ID the him as a cop and intentional police provocateur!
All such stories, videos, investigations, critical of cops, vanished down the hole of censorship and corruption in the “law enforcement” and media industries!


Do you mean this guy, @Emphyrio ?


I found another video of GF and I reshot it through my phone. He doesn’t sound as clear as he did in the censored video, and he swears; maybe they didn’t want a jury seeing a video that showed the victim as a well-groomed, articulate man.


Yes, Jimmy has the guy that seems clearly to NOT be in any way part of protests against police violence and murder, but a provocateur with premeditation trying to incite the crowd to vandalism and robbery! He is entirely out of place, using cop paraphernalia. He was likely being “spotted” by other cops, and the umbrella part of alerting those other cops as to his identity and location - I can also hear what sounds like a helicopter in the vicinity.

I think its important to establish his true identity - what about facisl recognition technology to see if cop Jacob Pederson matches?. His ex-wife has ID’d him as the umbrella man. In any event his ID is being swept under the rug and censored!
Here is another copy of the video



Like the song says
If you to play the game, boy, you’v got to learn to play it right.

Something like that.

What part of JFK’s observation that “those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable” don’t they understand ?


and Jimmy Dore questioned this video on 6/1/20 in the early protests in St. Louis
Who benefits?

Are Under Cover Cops Pushing People Into Police Line To Start Riots?


We are dealing with a system premised on extraction, marginalization, negation of human value (labor) in order to satisfy the mandate to produce profit. The distortions that this premise demands requires that TRUTH BE NEGATED for advantage. It is a system extracted from an adolescent mindset. That is to say the entire framework (set by an effete predatory class) is to create “chains” of production. The “class” system has been the armature on which this clay has been sculpted since the Roman empire. It is regularly re-papered torn apart and plastered together to divide and conquer.

A psychological consequence of this is reflected in the abusive practices which provoke, because the premises of the system DO NOT address humanity, ecological integrity, the interdependency of the planetary creation … the system MUST hide the truth; the system MUST kill; the system creates voids in reasoning, in order to create division and conquer because its reasons for being run counter to the realities of life itself. This is not rocket science. Any methodologies that DO create JUSTICE, ECOLOGICAL INTEGRITY, HEALTH and so many living systems exist because the vast majority of human being DEMAND THAT RESPECT AND INTEGRITY BE AN INTEGRAL PREMISE OF ANY SYSTEM.


As usual, Jimmy Dore is one of the few people who are consistently telling the truth about matters (along with the Gray Zone, Graham Ellwood, Abby Martin, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, and a few others).