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'There Is a US Imprint on the Death of Every Child in Yemen': Sen. Chris Murphy


'There Is a US Imprint on the Death of Every Child in Yemen': Sen. Chris Murphy

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As the "humanitarian nightmare" gripping Yemen rages on, the head of the United Nations World Food Program pleaded for the United States to "end this war," while a group of U.S. lawmakers underscored American complicity in civilian deaths.


The only answer to the above question that may help to stir the conscience our Congress to act, is if there could be some way to post the pictures of these horrible deaths and atrocities of these innocent, Yemen, children throughout the halls of Congress.


Can anybody provide info as to the context the conflict? Why? What is the objective of the overwhelming assault? There can be no justification.


So these progressives who are suddenly horrified by the slaughter of Yemeni children have generally been silent on the U.S. permanent war against humanity to spread capitalism. Selective outrage is opportunism and hypocrisy.

Where was the outrage in the on-going slaughters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Honduras, Columbia, Mexico, Haiti, the Philippines, the Congo, Rwanda, Nicaragua, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia/Timor, Argentina, Paraguay, – all over the biosphere named Earth.

Until they explicitly reject the permanent capitalist war against humanity they are complicit. Because the U.S. is permanently at war against the world, it’s not all that hard to become outraged at the the latest horror.

But is takes courage and clarity to take on the global war against humanity on behalf of capitalism.


This story about Yemen has to be on the front page of every News Paper and the main Story in every News Channel every day until it stops .

The 100 Richest Billionaires on the planet in 2012 (after the crash of 2007-2012 ) earned more money to end world poverty FOUR times over.

There’s lack of Will not lack of anything else.
The planet is abundant the human heart is not.



Glad to see this article.

As far as that imprint, it has Hillary Clintons finger prints on it. Never forget that while Hillary was running for President she was putting the final touches on that largest arms deal in history that she brokered for the US defense contractors to sell arms to Saudi Arabia - a country on our do not sell to list.

Saudi Arabia donated $200 million to the Clinton foundation right after the deal was signed and when the donation hit the news, She quickly folded the Clinton foundation.

The bombs Clinton sold to Saudi Arabia were dropping on Yemen within a month of the deal and it was instantly hell on earth there - and for children.

Yemen kept being summed up as 100 percent worse than Syria. And the US MSM news agencies(all 3 of them) wouldn’t cover it.

Hillary Clinton - always proving she’s a true sociopath, went on campaigning that she’s good for women and children.


There are several good articles on the internet relating to the genesis of this on going conflict in Yemen. By the way, how about all the other children and adults killed in our wars against other countries that we have a problem with?


How many US/CIA does it take to bring this nation to its feet and to real revolution here?

These pictures should be on view at every Trump rally –
and at every GOP “prayer meeting” and every GOP “pro-life” get together.
Let’s hear their explanation for this among their claims of righteousness and morality.

There is nothing whatsoever moral about this party or the Koch/Dem party, having permitted decades of “illegal wars of aggression” by their government to be funded by to continue to destroy other nations
and their populations, especially women, children and young males –
Any legislator still voting for this MIC and its wars should be targeted –
And we must find a way to STOP having our tax dollars be used for this insanity of wars and MIC.

Given that impact on the nation’s youngest, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), who just saw House Republicans block a vote on his War Powers Resolution to stop U.S. support for the war, dismissed the suggestion that another bid at the resolution could wait until January, when his party retakes contol of the chamber: “13 million Yemeni civilians are at risk of famine and 500,000 children could die in a matter of months,” he stressed. He added, “The deaths of babies and children in Yemen are not abstractions.”




Better yet perhaps, Run a full length movie what you suggest and show comparison pictures of the holocaust. Then show a picture of every building we have destroyed in the last 17 years. Then organize a march on Washington, Vietnam War protest style. It to happen sooner or later.


Where are the christians? On election day they all showed up to cast their votes, their decision firm and confident - the republican candidate. That was a quiet day down at the abortion clinic, without a single protester anywhere to be seen. As Trump proved to be a liar their numbers swelled, strongly in support. When he was revealed to be a Sexual assaulter, they exponentially supported him more. As Trump proved to be a boon for the war industry, his christian support was strengthened further. Where is the overwhelming concern for innocent children they pretend to posses? In Yemen the largest humanitarian disaster unfolds year after year, sponsored by the American Christian vote, and the Christians don’t sound in at all, just going on with their knitting i guess.


I know that O’Bomber during his administration complained of Yemen’s threat to the U.S… drumming the war beat. Here we are, different party, same outcome. Enough!!!


Apologies – that should say …
“How many US/CIA WARS does it take to bring this nation to its feet and to real
revolution here?”


Maybe we are so inside out that we should be carrying signs that say: MORE WAR-- MORE WAR

Think maybe the reverse psychology would at least get people thinking?


As to the reason why Yemen?
Yemen has oil. Saudi Arabia is running low on oil and wish they had more. SA wishes it could attack Iran. The problem with that is that Iran would block the Strait of Hormuz cutting off the selling of SA oil. Nothing pisses off SA but lack of oil money. By taking Yemen SA would have shore on the Indian Ocean and would not worry about blockade of the Strait. Its about oil, money and a religious war. Why else would America be involved.

Here is the story of little Buthaina a four year old that survived an American bomb dropped on her house in the Attan neighbourhood of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen on August 25 2017. She is holding her eye open to see the reporter that is finding out that the blast killed her parents and six siblings, all of her immediate family.

Sadly she did not live long as another American bomb killed her and the rest of her family this past summer. USA.USA.USA. Have a nice thanksgiving assholes.


You know diveshopingoa, I left this site but your post is so powerful I had to return. I am reminded of the time when I got out of high school and was care free. Then the reality of war was upon me. Next thing I knew I am in a group listening the head drill sergeant drill hatred into us of people we had no knowledge of.
Now here I am again somewhat carefree and my government is once again trying get me to hate a people I do not know and who have done nothing to hurt me or even bother me. Ain’t going to happen this time. And I’ll try to let others know what the hate game is all about.


HI diveshopingoa:

Too much money to the military, and when they have no idea what they have spend, and when no one asks them for an accounting-----the Praetorian Guard is in control. When things cost too much , people will say that “it costs an arm and a leg.” In Yemen America and Saudi Arabia are costing arms and legs, and faces , and families of real people.
I guess that Prince MBS is a lot like The Red Queen , who ( I forgot who said that here—sorry ) that PRINCE “Off with their heads,” is so EMPOWERED that he is now just blowing off all body parts.

Buthanina, the little girl sole survivor of her family----in her last family picture shows the peace sign , or maybe V for victory------but America , like prince MBS, and all the corporate makers of death are just as guilty as Prince “Off with their Heads.” What will you do, oh dealers of death, if Amazon delivery zones start shooting at you?


We’d never rest if we recognized the harm we have done.

"… a Yemeni doctor found in PBS reporter Jane Ferguson’s piece sums it up:

The missiles that kill us, American-made. The planes that kill us, American-made. The tanks … American-made. You are saying to me, where is America? America is the whole thing.”"

From Rolling Stone: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/yemen-war-united-states-704187/


The pride of the religious right.


The inexcusable horror that we have inflicted upon the whole world is probably unforgivable, but this has gone on for many years. I am a nuclear veteran who survived my exposure. My heart goes out to the many young mothers from the Marshall Islands who have had themselves sterilized so they will have no more “squid babies,” babies born with no bone structure. They come out, flop a couple of times on the delivery table and are gone.
*Look at the multi-generational toll from Chernobyl, from the Marshall’s, now from Fukushima (where it is treason to mention any of it). Our testing in Nevada left a similar horrible legacy amongst not only the guinea pig servicemen, but of those who lived in Nevada and Utah and beyond.
*For years, now, I have been urging We the People to work together to overcome this criminal, ruthless and worthless government. We could do it, peacefully, if we would stop allowing ourselves to be played like a fish on a trout line.
*We have watched the duopoly trade powers every few years. The abuses and the profits continue to grow, yet when We the People begin to pull together and work to form a people’s party, whatever it may be named, the press goes to work to tell us over and over that not voting “D” or “R” simply gives your vote to the opposition, and we believe it! We vote for tweedledee or tweedledumb, yet again, and when things get worse, we are persuaded to vote for the dee or dumb we didn’t last time.
*This nation won a victory and its freedom and independence. It formed a Constitution that was not perfect, but it worked pretty well for over two centuries. Built into it was a Bill of Rights which guaranteed freedom to We the People.

Just before the turn of the century, a group of wealthy and powerful people decided that the destiny of the US was the control of the world. They wrote the Project for a New American Century [PNAC for short] which laid out a plan for the systematic conquest of the world by the US through war and financial means. The document laid out the necessity of building the military up to be able to fight major multiple wars around the world. This necessitated that the government not provide help to the people, food, medicine, housing, as every penny must go to the military.
*Toward the end of the document, it said the only way to carry this plan out was with the wholehearted support of the population. It suggested a new “Pearl Harbor” to pull the people in. The Supreme Court, in the midst of great controversy appointed Bush the new president. Many of the PNAC authors were in Bush’s Cabinet. 911 provided the needed “Pearl Harbor” and then in the ensuing panic, the illegal, misnamed and unconstitutional “Patriot Act” was voted in, followed by even more restrictive acts.
The PNAC timetable is running a bit late, but many of the goals are being met and, of course, the military buildup is huge while We the People languish except for the billionaires and trillionaires, the 0.001%, who now own most of the world.
*If We the People will just quit listening to the duopoly and their prestitute alleged news and use our heads and hands to make a change, we could once more have a nation answerable to We the People, the Constitution and Bill of Rights that were in force for two centuries and more; a nation of love and peace, a nation that helps its fellow man, around the world. A nation that eschews nuclear weapons and war, that reduces its enormous military to a defense force, and uses the resultant wealth creatively to help its own citizens, and the peoples around the world that we have tormented and destroyed for the profits of war and theft of their natural resources for capitalist profit.
*Coming back to Yemen, We the People should be able to get our alleged representatives to end all agreements with KSA and its allies, and begin flying and shipping huge amounts of food, medicine, repair of water and sewage systems, rebuilding hospitals, establishing markets, building schools.
*It is up to us, We the People, not the duopoly which will only vote for profit and power for their masters.