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'There is an Alternative': Progressive Caucus Puts Forth Worker-First Trade Vision


'There is an Alternative': Progressive Caucus Puts Forth Worker-First Trade Vision

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Senate Finance Committee chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said this week that it is unlikely that a Fast Track trade bill will come before lawmakers for consideration before April.


Note that balloon in the picture. With enough balloons and a kite string you can send your message 100 stories up and pretty much hold it there unless a cop disagrees. With a few extra balloons spaced to hold up the weight of the extra kite string, 1/2 mile of kite string and a gentle breeze you can hang your message 1/2 mile on the other side of a fence. As long as you can position yourself directly upwind, your sign stays right over your target area. Have fun!


If Congress passes the TPP in any form it will be a declaration of war.


I think you’re being far too optimistic. It will not only be a declaration of war, but the first shot, big battle, last shot, and surrender.
We never stood a chance. The only man who could have stopped the TPP was the president of the United States. And Barack Obama thinks this deal is a steak and blow job.
When Clinton sold us out by dry humping NAFTA, this last big deal became a slam dunk. Just a matter of places and dates.
The only way to stop it now is to storm the Bastille and begin placing the heads of those responsible in baskets. And we know that isn’t going to happen in the USA, as half the population still believes in sky fairies and American exceptionism.


Well and good, we have a third of the Democratic party on our side. That would be a start except for the history of submissiveness which this caucus embodies. The powers that be, the real corporately controlled. Hillary is inevitable, Democratic party will simply crack the whip and the “progressive” caucus will fall right in line.



The only way you’ll ever get anything like what the Democratic Progressive Caucus is calling for is to pass laws declaring open season on politicians, business people,bankers and Wall St. types! Baiting with large denominated dollar bills will be legal!


Keep in mind that this is the same Progressive Caucus that proposed the People’s Budget in 2012, which was a wonderful idea, but once they collected their campaign contributions for having proposed it, they never talked about it again.

It is also the same Progressive Caucus that pledged never to ever vote for a health care bill that did not contain a Public Option. They collected over $400,000 in donations for making the pledge, then they all broke the pledge and kept the money.

Never believe what they say. Only watch what they DO.