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'There Is Genuine Panic': Fears of Global Financial Meltdown as Human Toll of Coronavirus Grows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/09/there-genuine-panic-fears-global-financial-meltdown-human-toll-coronavirus-grows


The insane criminality of a destructive economy built on brutality, bubbles and bullshit always comes crashing down. It’s just as well that it is doing so prior to November. Trump can’t run on the great economy, Biden is obviously incapable and Sanders looks better all the time.


A week ago the Trump morons were saying let the ‘market decide’ if you live or die. Seems it may be the other way around. This is what happens when a nation run by billionaires and a third world health system meets reality.


It won’t be the virus that kills us all, it will be the fear.


President Donald Trump described as “the worst person to be in charge in this moment” as the number of known coronavirus cases in the U.S. topped 500 over the weekend.

Please — “Donald Trump, the worst person to be in charge at ANY moment”.


While I do believe that the markets need a wind down to give the planet a rest, a brief respite brought upon by what will probably be seen in the rearview mirror as an overreaction won’t solve the long term issues. This novel corona virus is quite serious, but there seems to be quite a lot of chicken-little responding to drive attention. The real crisis as most of us here at CD have known all along is one of leadership–there is none–or should I state more accurately, negative leadership. Keep your personal immune systems strong, avoid compromising those with impaired immune systems with expert-driven advice (help keep at arms length, etc. as even a “healthy” you might be a carrier), and proceed from there. Neither look nor listen to the naked emperor for anything because there is no there there. Find the sources of information that you trust and follow their advice. Remember that your local medical professionals are beholden to Hippocrates and you–not to the Orange Pustule, who they would surely like to lance.


This is unchartered territory— but one we could see coming.

The black swan or white swan or whatever it is you want to call it. Covid-19 may be the event that tears down capitalism and the “global economy” while the human induced fever of the planet rises and ecosystems collapse.

Fear will be (is) a factor in deaths/destruction. But the delusion of endless growth on a finite planet, the Ponzi scheme that is the stock market, the catastrophic pathology of capitalism/globalization will now be fully exposed.

Throw in 7.8 billion people and we are in deep, deep shit. And of course trump (among other demagogues throughout the world)---- the worst person to be in charge at any moment.

It is more than just fear. It is the reality of the collapse of ecosystems due to human greed and ignorance. No amount of bravery can stop this inevitable collapse that may kill even the bravest of us.

Can someone compile a video of all the absolutely disgusting/harmful things trump and the republicans have said and done over the past few weeks regarding covid-19?

Like that a—hole Matt Gaetz who tweeted a photo himself wearing a gas mask on the House floor ahead of the vote on emergency funding to fight the spread of the covid-19.

And tweeting this a few minutes ago (interspersed with his usual infantile name calling tweets related to Warren, Biden etc.):

The Fake News Media and their partner, the Democrat Party, is doing everything within its semi-considerable power (it used to be greater!) to inflame the CoronaVirus situation, far beyond what the facts would warrant. Surgeon General, “The risk is low to the average American.”


Fear indeed. Did you know that the word “FEAR” is actually an acronym? Yep. Stands for Fuck Everything And Run which is exactly what the world seems to be doing. Of course given the leadership crisis here in the great capitalistic United States is it any wonder? Considering that tRumpo the Klown has done nothing but lie about the status of COVID-19 and cites FOX News for current information while standing with several members of the CDC no wonder people are wondering what the truth regarding the status of this virus is. The thing to freak out about is the fact that this idiot put his Bible thumping sidekick Pence in charge of the whole mess rather than someone who actually understands the disease process of Corona. I wonder…if Trump were Pinocchio would his nose be so long by now it would have to compensate for the curvature of the Earth? Just wondering.


We have met the enemy and they are businesspeople.

Everybody else is staying home and taking precautions. Businesspeople are busy laughing in the face of (someone else’s) death. Hahahaha koff.

  1. Luxury cruise ships are deathtraps.

  2. Conferences are the transmission mode of preference for the coronavirus. The winners are:
    2a. AIPAC made political people sick
    2b. CPAC made political candidates go into quarantine.

  3. Two Biogen business conferences shut that company 100% down.

  4. Some well-off wide-traveling guy may have contaminated Grand Central Station two weeks ago.


IMPOTUS can’t handle crises, but he sure can create them.


With the way this virus is being so terribly mismanaged by 45’s incompetent ass kissers, on top of how easily it can spread, I am not at all surprised at the consequences we may all be experiencing more or less.

Which reminds me of how one blogger here stands out in my recent memory (I don’t remember who) pooh- poohed this would EVER HAPPEN.

As a reminder, none of us have crystal balls.

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Don’t know if this is true or fake as the source is “questionable” and not one i use but came across by accident:


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I don’t think we need a crystal ball to see where climate heating is going though.


MIT Tech Review ranks the CV dashboards for worst to best info available:
very interesting critiques

I tend to think the FED and .01% speculators are hiding their having driven the economy into the 300% abyss behind a virus. ‘Correction’ time has arrived - and to paraphrase their advise to Hillary Clinton et al - no crisis should should ever go unleveraged. Talk about having $#!t the bed and then claim having discovered a source of perfume.


There is only one place safe from the Coronavirus:
It is obvious that the Coronavirus is not a problem for Donald Trump or the Trump Administration.
Therefore, the CDC is now recommending that if you think you are coming down with the virus, IMMEDIATELY check into the nearest Trump Hotel.
You will be safe there as the Coronavirus is not a problem anyplace that Donald Trump is involved.
Americans, Please Stay Safe. Stay with Trump.


… that is of course unless this is a description of anatomical fragility of most 45ers in the short hairs, I mean cross hairs… of policy critique


I think Bernie is great and he is totally responsible for putting policy ideas in front of the public and current Congress people that really matter to the overwhelming majority of the citizens so we can really focus on what a lousy job these folks have done in supporting workers. (That is who we are: WORKERS trying to live a decent life with family) however, I don’t think Joe Biden would be incapable in these circumstances. He, I’m sure, knows everyone with the power to actually get things done in the right way in terms of combatting this virus. He would help mobilize health responses in a cohesive, sound manner. No matter what you think about his candidacy (and possible nomination) his long career in government would be most helpful in addressing this crisis. He knows who to mobilize and how to coordinate a proper response. Sometimes being in the swamp for over thirty years can actually come in quite handy and I believe this crisis calls for a steady hand and a man who commands knowledge of govt, knows how to activate the programs that exist (and have been obliterated by Chump), and actually CARES about our citizens and global health. We know who can’t rise to the occasion (do with that what you will :slight_smile:). And we do have a proven leader in Joe Biden.

sounds like Cruz’s type of cruising … for what? who knows. According to ‘reports’ he has a bud with whom to go on the self-quarantine lets-sit-this-one-out-online cruise. What do you want to bet his media coverage is leveraged by … oh, say 300%?

Two things come to mind. First that the record of Joe Biden is - with very few highly strategized exceptions that he has never followed up on (please prove me wrong) - he has been a linebacker for corporate monopoly of the governance mechanism.
Second the ‘failure of success’ (for We the People) of his history is why the DNC-DCCC MACHINE and precisely those corporate interests are bulldozing the mechanisms that - from their very inception were fragile - to make an 80 something the 46. He knows how to take stage direction about as well as Trump and read the dead stares from his masters that say ‘shut up’ and follow orders.


I believe this is not fake though:


Correct. There are facts and one of those facts is aerosols from industrial activity play a role in temporarily cooling the planet. James Hansen called this the Faustian Bargain"—ttps://collapseofindustrialcivilization.com/tag/faustian-bargain-of-climate-change/

To quote a “follower of climate data”, Christopher Cartwright:

disturbing paradox:

“COVID-19 can kill 3% of people infected. Stock markets crash. People panic. Governments intervene and prevent public gatherings, and support the economy.

Climate crisis can lead us to extinction.

Climate change is irreversible.

Why aren’t we acting with the same “panic”?

We block 16 million Italians from living their usual life. But we can’t stop big oil from destroying climate?”