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'There Is Hope for the Progressive Movement': With Bold Message of Economic Justice, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Rallies Draw Thousands in Kansas

'There Is Hope for the Progressive Movement': With Bold Message of Economic Justice, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Rallies Draw Thousands in Kansas

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"And they said it won't work in the Midwest."

That was how New York democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opened her speech at a packed and enthusiastic rally in Kansas City Friday night, one of two events the 28-year-old congressional candidate held alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in an effort to prove that an agenda confronting entrenched corporate power and demanding economic justice has far-reaching appeal.


Bernie: Voice of Integrity
Alexandra: Voice of Promise

I shall sing along to make it three-part harmony.


And for those of you too obtuse to connect the dots, that’s why the younger generation has been taught to despise the Clinton’s, brainwashed with an incessant tidal wave of anti Clinton propaganda (begun by Richard Mellon Scaife) and perfected by our friends at Google/Youtube ( who, BTW were instrumental along with Zuckerberg at iinstalling the fascist currently in the White House.)
Good luck folks. I want to see how the socialists will pull this off. Jimmy Dore says we need a genuine hot revolution.

This is good. Although I would like to see class just disappear. Dividing by the label, for instance, “working people” needs to disappear. Who is not a working person??? Why the idea that “working people” are something lesser??? The first thing that needs to be done by everyone is to acknowledge and address the real overarcing problem which is classism in all of its perverse and ugly manifestations. There is a genuine legitimate replacement for classism: LOVE.


A re do of 2016 with hope then disaster with more rigged elections? Sander’s rallies proved what the people want but due to corruption, money, hacking and lies nothing good was accomplished. We still have not resolved much from the last election when Bernie flipped on us. I personally am not buying into any of this. Our country is pure evil and the dark side is winning.

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Oh, come now. When have we ever seen the democrats thrust a previously unknown progressive into the spotlight just in time to become a household name when the election rolls around?


Typical diversionary BS from you. Alone the “middle class” family or individual can buy a tank of gas or dinner-out…together with a genuinely representative gov and agenda for civilian priorities, not funding the obscene war-machine, oil conglomerate and nuke subsidies, corporate loop-holes and give-away’s, and fraud tax cuts that mostly benefit the 1%…with such a benevolent government Of, By, and FOR the people, the middle class get education, roads, health care, infant and elder care, lower local property-taxes and other “fees” (taxes by another name), etc, etc, all the things that make a _nation_really strong!

When both political parties serve not the people and civilian governance, but wealth, cronyism, corporate abuses and usury, exploitation and self interest - catering to common greed… providing for the Common Good is next to impossible!


You have it backward. We’ve been torn apart and classified by Race, Nationality, Sex, Sexual preference and region. Identifying as a member of the Working Class is the one thing we all have in common.
Who isn’t Working Class? The people who’s job is exploiting the Working Class. The people who make all of our lives suck for their own benefit.
Good luck with the love shit

Clinton’s tax increases largely hit the upper brackets, so middle class voters were stupid. Still are.


The only thing power understands is the sound of money speaking. Money talks when it is being depleted. When profits are being stifled or lost. We can vote through our wallets and at the ballot box. Voting using both means packs a bigger punch than with just one.

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This is how we build Our Revolution!

Bernie and Alexandria bring a wonderful positive energy to US politics in their progressive populism.
The opposite of Trump and the Republicans.

Bernie has incredible energy for a 76 year-old! I marvel at his strength and stamina! He will speak at 3 0r 4 stops a day, for 45 minutes each time.

Like WiseOwl above, how can I keep from singing?


First of all, I am one of the older generation and I hate the Clintons. Bill Clinton did nothing progressive. In fact, the main reason I hate him is because he overturned the Glass Steagall Act - legislation enacted by the FDR administration. And because of this, it’s Clinton’s fault we had the crash of 2008. There’s lot more for my dislike of the Clintons but I can’t remember everything. Maybe the younger generation is more well-informed than you are.


I’m also very inspired by this. With this demonstration of the Huge undercurrent of enthusiasm just waiting for a progressive leader the Corporate Dems have got their work cut out for them to keep the Democratic Party ineffectual and unsuccessful.

Clinton signed the bill killing Glass-Steagall but it had bipartisan support.

On the other hand, he fulfilled a Republican wish list:

Reformed welfare by making it harder to get
Filled the prisons
Emphasized the balanced budget fantasy
Eagerly embraced and pushed NAFTA
Kowtowed to Wall St

Which brings me to the argument I present here repeatedly. If the Dems have been trying to win over a majority of voters with Republican policy, is it any wonder that voters are drawn to, you know, the party that runs on Republican policy?


The Clintons brought us NAFTA, a big wet kiss to corporations. The Clintons brought us Telecom deregulation and the end of the fairness doctrine, another big wet kiss to corporations. The Clintons ended “welfare as we know it”, a big wet kiss to corporations.

Sure, they raised taxes 2% on the high end. That’s hardly an FDR program.

But thank you for playing “What’s my bullshit”.


The Republicans win because the Dims ALWAYS run from their successes. Al Gore never heard of Clinton when he lost with Joe Loserman. Not a single Dim ran on the ACA in 2010.

The fact is that Dims love to “reach across the aisle” to be Republican Lite in a country that is ABSOLUTELY politically left.

It wasn’t “I’m a Reagan Democrat” Obama, if that’s what you’re suggesting.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s parents understood how the economic system was rigged against them. They lived in the Bronx and if they stayed there Alexandria would have had to attend school in the NYC’s substandard school system. The system has some top high schools in it such as Stuyvesant and Bronx Science but these are highly competitive to get into. So her parents moved to the northern Westchester town of Yorktown, which has an excellent school system as is true of most suburbs in NYS, Connecticut, and New Jersey that surround NYC. After graduating from Yorktown HS she went to Boston U, one of the better private universities in the US. By attending and graduating from Boston U, Alexandria at least overcame some of the rigging in the economy. And presumably she has obtained a solid educational background for serving in the House of Representatives which at the moment looks like close to a sure thing.

We have to do away with the idea that the dumocrats are going to save us from ourselves. First, the democratic party has given itself over to the power of high finance and the Military Congressional Industrial Complex, just as the republican party has. Just look at what happened to Bernie back in the 2016 democratic primary and just take a look at what is already happening to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Joseph Lieberman has already called for Joseph Crowley to run as an Independent and for the DNC to back him to the hilt, money, advertising and boots on the ground. Is that what you want from your political party? You choose someone you want to run for office in the primary then your party turns around and supports the candidate that your choice defeated in the primaries! Well kiddies hears a little secret for you, that’s exactly how you lose general elections, not listening to your people. Let’s face it, workers and the poor if united would make up the largest voting block in this country! If Amerikas workers and her poor were united together in a workers party, one that listened and fought for what the people wanted, we would have a much different country, we wouldn’t have a country run and owned by the wealthy and the corporations. We would have a country run by the Amerikan people and their servants in Washington DC, and the 50 State Legislatures. You have to make up your minds now! There isn’t much time for us to be able to pull this off. Completely throw off the republican and democratic parties, or continue with the status quo! We’ve been living with the status quo for 38 years, it’s time for a BIG change!


Aww C’mon now. I was all in in 2016 until all hell broke loose. The Dems are a lost cause. The Repigs have aligned us with Riskies. Progressives have no clout or big money. Awww… C’mon!