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There Is No Future With Occupation


There Is No Future With Occupation

Since October, Palestinians have repeatedly defied the Occupation and its ongoing abuses - expulsions, demolitions, arrests, settlements - proclaiming that, "The intifada is connected to the occupation, and so it will continue." Photographers from the collective ActiveStills have collected stunning portraits of the fiery young protesters, many with no political affiliation other than the devout belief that, "This is our land. We must do anything to free it from occupation.”


Hi Tom,
* You are right, of course. It always interests me that those with "power" always come to the conclusion that spreading enough terror around, destroying enough people, will allow them to gain their ends.
* Coventry and London stiffened the British backbone, Dresden the German. The enormous hammering taken in Russia strengthened the Russians. Vietnam was horribly hammered by both the French and the American forces, both of which were beaten in the end.
* Oppressed people always fight back. The worse the oppression, the harder they fight. You would think Israel would have learned that from the Warsaw ghetto, but instead, the lesson they took with them was the Nazi view, that if you put enough heavy armor and bombers into the fray, eventually the oppressed will all be dead.
* BDS is working! Israel is squeaking louder and louder. Their bought governments around the world are trying to make BDS illegal.
* If We the People of the World would decide to BDS all of the fascist, war mongering, nations of the world, perhaps this insanity could be ended. Remember, those in power live by and for their "bottom line." If it starts getting smaller, they might decide to rejoin the civilized portion of the human race and learn to live in peace.


No justice, no peace.


Like a stuck pig. Oh, how very inconsiderate of me. Let me try again: like a stuck "chosen" pig.