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There Is No Justice in Our World

There Is No Justice in Our World

Eric Margolis

A gathering of rich oil Arabs pledged $30 billion this week at a meeting in Kuwait to start rebuilding war-shattered Iraq. Sounds nice but these kinds of conclaves are notorious for offering big but delivering little.

The event was billed as helping Iraq repair war damage caused by ISIS. In fact, most of the damage from that short-lived conflict was caused by US bombing and a few Russian air strikes. ISIS, as this column has long been crying in the wilderness, was largely a paper tiger confected by the US, Britain and France to justify their military re-entry into Syria.


“I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for Justice, no matter who it’s for or against.”
~Malcolm X~


Pres. Eisenhower was so very prescient in his warning of the MIC and the dark forces that underly its existence. Absent the Soviet threat, the MIC shit-stained its pants and voila, the ME was to be the boogie man. According to Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard (1997), the plan for the ME was largely aimed at containment of Russia (with a bit of concern for China). Orwell’s perpetual war is now a reality. With bread and circuses the masses don’t see what is going on and those of us that do are too few in number to turn the tide. We simply must awaken the sheeple.


Thank you, Mr. Margolis.


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I too, was one of those “sheeple” WiseOwl, for over 30 years, and as a 2 year old at an Eisenhower rally that my parents took me to, perhaps Eisenhower spoke his warning then and being not intellectually developed enough to understand his words and their meaning, I succumbed to the misinformation and lies that the parties of the Duopoly dispensed to the “unwitting” public.

The fact that “this” nations government has instilled in it’s citizens a strong sense of Militaristic Worship, displays one of humankind’s basest instincts, and in my opinion, distorts their perception of what Peaceful Coexistence would look like in their eyes.

Growing up as a Antiwar Movement protestor in the late 60’s, I saw War televised. The Duopoly got smart, or should I say, devious and deceitful and learned to hide those images from the citizenry.

Keep us docile yet hateful towards their enemies.

This, my friend, is the Evil that men in power do.

Yes, we can point out those who haven’t yet opened their eyes to the injustice that we so clearly see, however, I will continue to have faith in them, and pray it doesn’t take a catastrophic event in their future for them to join us.


15 years ago today, i was arrested for helping block a highway in Seattle, carrying a banner that read “WAKE UP USA: STOP THIS WAR”.

USA did not wake up.

Bogeyman Russia did not ruin the USA. It was an inside job, people. Horror upon horror…

Are we woke yet?


If that WAR CRIME quote by mad woman not so bright, doesn’t make you ashamed of what the US government has done in your name…NOTHING WILL! The fact that no US government official has ever been indicted for war crimes, tells me Amerika has become the Fourth Reich.


I worked in a western style kidney transplant hospital in Baghdad in 1983/84. We (white western) were initially housed in the Al Rasheed. The second tier staff (porters, cleaners etc.) were recruited in India. They were housed in what was once a hotel outside of Baghdad. This hotel originally had a swimming pool – but the pool was by then just a crater in the grounds.

A couple of years before the swimming pool had been hit by a stray Israeli bomb when the Israelis “took out” Saddam’s attempt at building a nuclear power station. They just blew the power station away one morning. If anyone imagines that Israel would have tolerated a nuclear armed Iraq then they don’t understand the region. There was never ever any doubt about it - there were no “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. If they existed Mossad would have found them ages before. It was all a hoax.


One has to wonder, how much longer these war criminals will be able to remain free from being bought to book.


Mindless consumers, wage slaves and canon fodder,
spoon-fed the opiate of the masses, religion, of one type or another.


“The UN asserted that over 550,000 Iraqi children died as a result of contaminated water. US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright later notoriously asserted that these deaths were ‘a price worth paying.”

What exactly did that price get for the US? It worked for Israel to get that adversary fractured (as fracturing Iran and Syria would work for Israel), but what did the US get? Why do we continue to put up with these Israeli-besotted neocons that have been leading us to destroy much of the Middle East for Israel’s benefit? If Netanyahu gets his way, we’ll smash-up Iran next.


True, but unfortunately, Bush, Powell, the N.Y. Times and all the rest that lied to the American people have never been brought to justice for murdering so many innocent people for this hoax.


Bitter fruits of oligarchy.

Personal wealth needs to be capped periodically by popular referendum. Concentrating wealth can’t be allowed to centralize power over everyone and everything.

Direct Democracy


I naively voted for O’Bummer in 2008 thinking he would do something to bring the worst of our war criminals – Cheney, Prince, Rummy & Yoo – to justice.  His failure to even attempt to do so was the single biggest reason, among many, that I could not support him in 2012.


The Neocons use Israel as a pretext for the US empire doing what it wants. Just look at all of US history, from before 1776 through 1948. There is no question, the USA would be stomping all over the world, and seeking “full spectrum dominance” in “the great game,” if Israel did not exist. The dog and the tail are on the same page.


How could he? Obama knew, if he tried to indict and bring these war criminals to justice…he would be next!


Bush and Blair were indeed war criminals bt post-Iraq both have conducted campaigns to whitewash their complicity and blame it on so-called “intelligence” failures.

Truth to be told, Blair advocated or endorsed the identical means of regime change in Libya and later in Syria. If it was a supposed “mistake”. he never learned from it.

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Although Eisenhower should be given credit for that final warning (after his Administration had served the beast quite handily), he should also be given credit for operation Ajax, the first CIA covert operation that overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh and installed the brutal dictator known as “the Shah” who disappeared political dissidents.


Whether faulty intelligence issued in the disasters referred to at the end of Mr. Margolis´s essay is debatable, it seems to me. Some will wonder whether any intelligence was involved whatsoever. Meanwhile, those who believe these disasters are the result of failed policy might do well perhaps to consider whether the catastrophes we now witness are not rather exactly what is intended–in other words, whether the intention behind the transparent stupidity of the official justifications is precisely to establish a veritable reign of death and chaos. If so, the architects of all this will have to be deemed very successful in achieving their aim.


No doubt the US has also been acting a in the interests of other powerful players in Washington. In the Middle East Israel with its neocons is but one…

My main concern now is with Iran. Absent Israel, what has the US to fear from Iran. What’s the impetus behind sanctions and trashing the nuclear deal?