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"There Is No Meritocracy": College Admissions Scandal Exposes Systemic Rot, Progressives Say

"There Is No Meritocracy": College Admissions Scandal Exposes Systemic Rot, Progressives Say

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The most far-reaching college admissions plot ever prosecuted, revealed on Tuesday by federal investigators, provides a window into how wealth and power operate in American society, progressives say.

The scheme involved getting the children of wealthy people into the colleges of their dreams, often by manipulating sports scholarships, disability allowances on tests, and by inflating resumes. Per Democracy Now!,


This piece is spot on. The roll back of the 20th century is just about complete.
Welcome to the new Dickensian 19th century. Grover Norquist got what he wanted


“There Is No Meritocracy”

Of course not. But never forget that is the lie Neoliberals (and I’m especially focused on the Dems here) have always peddled - from the Clintons and Obama down to the Thomas Friedmans of this world. It is the rotten underpinning of their entire economic belief system. Even without bribes, it’s easy to see. Take Obama - all those years the birthers not only went after him as a “foreigner” but questioning how he got into Harvard. There is a “scandal”, however in not Harvard, but how he got into Columbia. How did a stoner kid from Hawaii do it? Well, he went to a tony prep school. How did he get in the prep school? His uncle was in the service (I believe) or otherwise friends with the person who could get him in. And remember his (unlike most African-Americans) uncle was white. Rather benign and i only use the word “scandal” facetiously, but still it was who someone in his family knew and not solely on merit. From there, he did do it on his own. I don’t hold anything against them for that, but it does belie the myth of “merit” as all-empowering that underpins Neoliberal thought. And this actual college admissions scandal should expose our corrupt system of “meritocracy” for what it is - a lie.


RIP Meritocracy.

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Another Lie promoted by the Elite for their benefit and to keep the Rubes under control


Cross-reference Joe Biden’s remarks that the wealthy in this country are not the problem, remarks channeled also through both Clintons and Kamala Harris.

It is very important to them that voters believe the meager quality of life of the many is in no way related to the prodigious fortunes of the few.


The US was approaching meritaocracy, but the .00001% was able to force a u-turn. In the early sixties many public universities had free tuition including the California and New York systems. The population has expanded at least twice in that period which increases demand and the supply, the number of public universities, the supply, has remained essentially the same. Simple economics says that situation will create more competition and lead to corruption.
The Finns have developed a good system that they phased in over 20 years. Finland has the highest rated school system in the world. No private schools allowed so the rich have an investment in the public system. Free education to the highest level desired that and competency allows in academia, technology or trades. The teachers are highly trained, well paid and honored. Something that was also common in California in the sixties until Reaganomics. The grade school children have no homework and attend 20 hours of classes per week. They test highest in Europe. We do not have to reinvent the wheel we just need to copy Finland. They copied the best parts of the California system of the 50s.


Hi Antisandman: thanks for that information about CA in the 1950s----but I think that was still mostly for white people. Still, it worked well-------- and then-----grades became more important than knowledge. I especially like that NO private schools are allowed in Finland, so this is truly democratic. The actual work can bring the best to the top—but with dedicated teachers—there is a top and a middle but no real failing bottom. I think that happens when society’s expectations are in concert and see that all citizens as important for any society.

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I attended schools in Loomis, 2nd, Santa Rosa, 3rd, Pitsburg, 5th, Concord, 6, 7 8, 9 Richmond/El Cerrito, 10,11,12. There was racism but little segregation. My mother and grandparents were radical labor organizers in the 30s until the red scare drove them out, so I learned racism on the streets, sometimes from the families of my black friends. Made it impossible to maintain those friendships. The real segregation happened when blacks and latinos tried to get jobs or buy or rent housing. Those observations led to participation in civil rights, pacifism, free speech. Capitalism, like all hierarchies require separating the 99%. The largest separation is patriarchy. Capitalism sucks!!!


HI Antisandman: and Europeans speak so many languages, and that recognizes the value of cultures and histories. When I visited France, and I speak no French, everyone were seemed to speak English. I suppose that’s because America really was a great nation once. Today, I am learning ( trying to learn some basic Chinese phonetically, it’s not using tones, but speaking slowly so that someone MIGHT recognize what I am saying --: ) That far east direction does seem to be the direction of the coming world—if we don’t kill the planet first.

We’ve built a bridge to the 19th century.

Is this a story?

Two thoughts on meritocracy:

First, it’s a two-sided coin. On one side is the concept that the cream should be able to rise to the top. On the other side is the implied notion that those at the bottom are where they should be.

Second, isn’t meritocracy a justification for trickle down economics, in that the ‘job creators’ merit a low tax environment to incentivise doing what they would do anyway?


“I hope it’s a wake-up call for people who have bought into the system that people become wealthy because they have worked hard,” . . . . right on!
Also - the meritocracy doesn’t exist and never has in my lifetime of just over six decades.
Some of the hardest working people i have ever seen make much less money than those who do not work as hard. The corruption of connections and undemocratic market operations select the few, reward them extravagantly, and empower them to dominate politics and cause unnecessary suffering for millions. We can stop this, but it won’t happen under Dems and Pubs.

I could understand a person who struggled to get by all of their lives and having some small amount of Money wanting something better for their children and perhaps trying to cheat their child into getting entrance into one of these Universities or Colleges.

The children of the wealthy do not have to worry about such things. They will inherit millions.

This is about EGO and the belief of those parents that not only are they better than anyone else due to their money but that their children are btter than anyone elses child due to their money. Remember that the next time one of these “Hollywood Actresses” speaks at a charity event hoping to house the homeless. They in fact think they are better people. They cheat their children into these collges and in so doing a space closes to the child of some poor person, who might be far more deserved of that spot.

This is how Bush graduated from Yale. One of the dumbest men ever yet he has that degree.

They are also cheating their own children. They are raising them with rewards for no actual achievement. Sure, they don’t actually have to do anything with their lives, but how empty is that?

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Sure did! enjoy the times of no unions, no pensions, no social security, no unemployment insurance, no medicare, no medicaid … no help at all for those who can’t contribute to the capitalist’s profits

It is also cheating their own children because they are more likely to struggle at a school that they didn’t truly deserve to be at in the first place.

Hi Plutogirl-----
Thank you, Thank you! LOL " ,a bridge to the 19th century…"- LOL
That 19th century thinking is what took Pluto away as a planet too----I guess those science guys forget that Pluto is a necessary planet–death does serve life after all.