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'There Is No Migrant Crisis.'


'There Is No Migrant Crisis.'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Search the Internet for articles on the so-called "migrant crisis," and half a million results pop up in a matter of seconds.

There's just one problem: There is no such crisis.

"A right that only exists for the rich it not a right at all."
—Alex Scrivener, Global Justice Now


America's "exceptionalism" has been responsible for millions of deaths and needless suffering. Along with other anti-democratic players like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey the United States has corrupted governments around the world destabilizing their societies and, by design, causing massive civil chaos.

Once America's war machine destroys infrastructure and civil order refugees are denied protection from the horror created. Honduras, Iraq, Syria and virtually the entire Middle East. The United States has, indeed, become a global monster and threat to other nations.


NAFTA has been a huge destabilizer, enabling global corporations to dump products at cost into Mexican markets for the past two decades, driving domestic producers out of business and into poverty or over the border to hang drywall in the US and give Trump leverage to sell his fabled wall on the Mexican border to US voters..


And with Clinton we not only get 'more of the same', but a revved up version of Obama, akin of W (Cheney).


The training, arming and funding of al Nusra and IS by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar had something to do with the "migrant crisis" as well.



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Comparing her to ANY republican, let alone Cheney, is ludicrous.


This is a problem with no solution. While it is true that Neocon (US, UK) meddling with complicity of EU is the proximate cause of the unrest, the article does not address the underlying problem which is extreme shortages of food and water brought on by drought, extreme overpopulation and the consequent habitat degradation. Most of the citizens of US, UK, and EU had nothing to do with the meddling by their criminal governments and many of us protested against the western invasions of MENA.


There is a war crisis. The wars we cause are causing people to flee war zones. They are causing destruction in the ME & S Asia. Bush lied about Iraq, Obama lied about Libya. Obama said " Assad must go". Syria is a sovereign nation. It is not his decision who is in charge of Syria anymore than it's Assad's decision who's in charge of the USA.


There is no migrant crisis,but there is a Refugee Crisis.
Blame it on the Refugees. The Refugees are the symptoms and consequences of the driving forces of war, environmental destruction, lack of essential war & food.
As with many issues, the symptoms are treated, but not the underlying causes.


Then explain this: Some Of Wall Street's Top Republican Supporters Are Now Backing Hillary Clinton
See: http://fortune.com/2016/05/09/wall-streets-gop-clinton-donor
She is the new Republican sweetheart. She has been the one for the armament industry already.


There was no mass migration out of Syria until the CIA and the US/Britain surrogate golf Arabs sent in their goon squads to terrorize and massacre people whose resources they want. In fact Syria, Libya and Iraq were models of success doing much better than even the so called first world nations.


The underlying causes as you put it are not accidental, those wars are planned and carefully orchestrated to create dysfunctional states so that they can easily be controlled by US backed military junta in the tradition of south America. The other major reason is to sell weapons to the US government and others to keep up the weapons industry profiteers happy and the dough rolling into their untaxed savings accounts.


Syria, Libya and Iraq had no food shortages until US imposed wars and economic sanctions


Hardly so, those nations would have done well without western intervention. Even Africa had it not been raped by stupid Europeans would have fared better as they had for thousands of years before the colonials came in to loot, plunder and steal everything and leave behind wastelands and destitute.


Tell that to the Rothschild family et al.


Another organisation with a similar solution to TZM is the World Socialist Movement and the SPGB - check them out also...free access to goods and services and production for use


The root cause of global dysfunction is private control over money creation. The so-called migrant crises is a result of the international banking cartel and its vassal corporations inventing wars to attack nations that control their own central banks and currency. Every nation that has been destroyed since 9-11 owned its own central bank and currency. Now, there are only five nations left--Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Sudan (the "official enemies list")--that still control their own central bank and currency. Ending the migrant crisis begins with nationalizing the Fed and getting rid of the criminal banking industry. http://coloradopublicbanking.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-view-from-top-of-power-pyramid.html



It offers a rational explanation of what capitalism is and how it should be removed. It is an anti-nationalist political organisation that seeks no countries, no borders, no governments and it has been advocating such a world without money for over a hundred years. It is a pity there are those who persist in assigning false causes to the problems we face and lead us into wrong directions and dead-ends. Blaming banks and the Fed is an example of this futile diversion. The Bank of England was nationalised, and for all practical purposes so is the Fed. Governments do control the money supply.


Americans are worried about immigration because they see it as a potential threat to their jobs. Think about it. The US shipped out a huge share of our jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, and still hasn't come to terms with the obvious consequences. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless Americans who still have the means to pursue one (can't get a job once you no longer have a home address, phone, bus fare). How do you convince anyone that increasing the number of people who are desperately competing for jobs will improve conditions?

Reducing immigration would require a very open and honest discussion about conditions in the US -- especially focused on what we do to our "surplus population" -- those who are not of current use to employers. Use facts to crush out the popular myth that there are jobs that Americans simply won't do, thereby leaving jobs open for hard-working immigrants. The resentment of US-born people toward immigrants who get jobs that are desperately needed by Americans only continues to grow.