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'There Is No More Two-State Solution': Trump Administration to Further Soften Opposition to West Bank Settlements

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/18/there-no-more-two-state-solution-trump-administration-further-soften-opposition-west

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Headline Fix: There is No More Hope for Ending Israeli Apartheid: Trump Further Bends Over to Receive Bibi’s Hot Missile


Wen the zionist regime in Israel looked to the future after 1948, and 1967, they embarked on a premeditated course of “putting facts on the ground that will be hard to change”; that overtly racist and illegal agenda has reached its zenith under the toady and equally depraved and treasonous trump regime, although regimes of both Republicans and Dems kowtowed to the pro-Israel at any cost lobby and state that spent decades "to get America into our fight" demonizing the Palestinians through press manipulations and censorship, corruption and subversion of Congress and US foreign policy, false-flag ops, including the USS Liberty attack, ignoring, and contempt for UN Resolutions and ICJ decisions on the "Apartheid Wall and illegal settlements, and collective oppression/punishment in The Occupied Territories.

Israeli regimes grew ever more extremist, subversive, racist and murderous, as their agenda to destroy Palestinian culture and any possibility of a sovereign Palestinian state with security for both peoples expanded, and the calculated subversion of the US government - what the zionist extremist racists wanted was all of Occupied Palestine and its indigenous peoples destroyed, be they Muslim, Christian, or any other minority. The zionists oppressed and victimized them all to fulfill their mythological “religious” fantasy (read: theft of territory rationale) - the dream of a “greater Israel” to be for Jews only - the chosen people - their ethnic cleansing continues under the malignant trump regime that also sees a “greater America” based on discrimination, racism, bigotry, the domination of wealth and extremist “religion”, and mentally-ill environmental destruction - both regimes equally destructive of truth and justice!


From the article:

“U.S. policy toward the settlements has largely been limited to public rebukes with no actual consequences.”

No, it’s worse than that. The hard-pressed US taxpayer helps fund these illegal land-grabs to the tune of some $3 billion/year–that we know of. Nothing says “disapproval” like turning off the money spigot.


There is no money in Peace for this money hungry crowd in power.

The Death Dealers associated with the Donald take pleasure in the suffering of the oppressed.

It means a larger Christmas bonus at year’s end, when sales of bullets and bombs exceed sales predictions.

Sad fucking world we live in.

One in which all of us are a part of the “spigot.”


But there is a one state solution for both people.


There has never been a two state solution except as a cover for continued Israeli expansion. All the liberal elites have used it well as a willful delusion, so they can go plant a tree in good conscience. I can’t believe the drivel that masquerades as enlightened public opinion.


I think it is time for the Palestinians to transform their struggle from one for national independence for an unsustainable sovereign state to a campaign for civil rights, to be fully incorporated as citizen of Israel and join their brothers and sisters as Israeli-Arabs.

Zionism can be undermined from within.

Of course, the Zionists will realise that with demographics they will be outvoted but the whites in South African apartheid faced the same dilemma.


The nations of the world, especially Israel, should not take such policy changes too seriously during this period.

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But where is the Israeli Mandela?

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Anyone besides me want to knock that smirk off “Pompous Ass’s” face?


Indeed you point out the problem, Acme. No MLK either. Not so much that there is no charismatic leader but overall there is only a rather ineffective Jewish-Israeli opposition to Zionism, although among others B’Tselem can be commended.

All polls and elections indicate overwhelming support for present Israeli policy to the Palestinian question even when we had Tel Aviv protests a few years ago against austerity.

Worth a read, an article by the very respected war journalist Robert Fisk

“…There will be no Palestinian state. And if Trump is re-elected next year, Israel may indeed claim ownership of all the land between Jerusalem and the Jordan River, and that will be the end of “Palestine”.
It might also – if this is an apartheid state with no votes for the Palestinians – be the end of a “democratic” Israel too.”

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WOO-HOOOOO! Good shot, David!


The Jewish and American fascists are locked in a death spiral which may eventually doom the planet. Two nuclear armed failed states utilizing terrorism to further their twisted world views.


A bit more info to steam up about, Guild:


Too bad Bibi is no De Klerk. It will be a worthwhile struggle however.

You mean the Israeli De Klerk and the Palestinian Mandela–the Palestinians are the victims here as were the black South Africans in South Africa.


The nasty smell of repressive actions that encroach upon peoples in any given area, like the West Bank acquisitions, signify that war will always be present in daily living for the foreseeable future. That is, until the global poisoning/warming crises brings it all down in a cataclysm of epic proportions. Israel and the US won’t escape the destruction of the collapse. Sorry.

That boat sailed years ago. Once they started kicking political leaders of Arab lineage (who were elected officials in Israel) out of their parliament (Knesset) and raising the bar to keep them out… it was obvious where this was going.

Another example of our tax dollars at work destroying any vestiges of democracy it can find.


Both communities have to overcome their fear of one another. Mandela and MLK managed to reassure the more reasonable folk that their security was not threatened - and indeed it was not - both in the US and SA white privilege remains intact although the extremes have been narrowed.

Jewish-Israelis must be reassured that they will not be dispossessed, Palestinians must be reassured that there will be a equal partnership.

By cooperating there is a great potential. The Illegal settlers have shown how feasible it is to create modern cities and infrastructure. Imagine rebuilding the West Bank in collaboration with the Palestinians instead of in spite of them.

However, one obstacle is the right to return for both communities, The Israeli Law of Return, giving automatic rights to any Jewish person the right to live in Israel and the Palestinian right for refugees to return, presently being blocked. Irreconcilable? Not if the will exists to compromise and make concessions. Agreement is possible. Reparations, a way forward?