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There Is Reason to Fear for the Safety of Every Kashmiri in India

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/06/there-reason-fear-safety-every-kashmiri-india

And you thought the fact that 62,984,828 fools voted for Trump was bad. 171,660,230 voted for the fascist Modi.


OMG, one Palestine is evil enough-----but I suppose with Netanyahu as a model , Modi will create his own concentration camps now-----out of a once free state too! Yes, Modi is using the Israeli model ------isn’t he. : (

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The Modi faction an BJP is also in the process of removing citizenship and threatening the deportation of many in Assam.

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Like most countries that consistently “votes” for murderous psychopaths, Inda uses proprietary electronic voting machines.
Their elections are no more legitimate than America’s.

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is he a fascist, really? I genuinely dont know.

So kinda like what Israel is doing with Palestinians? Apartheid and genocide are apparnetly very inspiring.

Yes I think the shoe fits:

Hi alanjjohnston:
OMG this is like Israel attacking Palestine all over again. Modi doesn’t care as Israel has gotten away with it for 70 years. And America, you seemed kinder after WW 2------but even here ------ all People are NOT created equally! I think that all nation’s futures are threatened as the Climate Crisis descends upon us all. : (