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There Is Zero Actual Evidence Iran Is Responsible for Killing Hundreds of Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/07/there-zero-actual-evidence-iran-responsible-killing-hundreds-americans


A Progressive President would diffuse this situation overnight by…

A) Apologizing to Iran for all of the evil things the U.S. has done to destabilize Iran since 1953.
B) Unconditionally ending all sanctions against Iran
C) No longer giving aid to Israel
D) and finally closing all U.S. military bases in the Middle East and bringing hope every single U.S. troop.

The immediate result of this moves would be…
A) a drastic improvement in America’s image around the world
B) massive financial savings that could be redirected to the plethora of problems afflicting the bottom half of the American population
C) Provide the necessary funding for free college tuition and Medicare4All
D) A surge of patriotism amongst U.S. troops where many of them have recognized (too late in some cases) that their services are be used to boost Wall Street profits rather than keeping America safe or promoting democracy around the globe.

Now of course any president who made such a bold and sensible solution would be immediately earning the scorn of Wall Street and may find themselves meeting the same fate as Soleimani. It takes a a lot of courage to stand up to the evil forces that have co-opted our government, our mainstream media and our Supreme Court, yet this is what all Americans should be aiming for if they care about our future.
I have no illusions that a Progressive solution is not forthcoming and that instead the 1% will knuckle down to further undermine democracy and the 99%, but I also believe that Wall Street’s end is nearing with their reckless adventures at our expense.


To be blunt, the Government of the United States of America can not be trusted to ever tell the truth. The nation was founded on lies, it grew to cover the area it does today based on lies and virtually every single war it has involved itself in was premised on lies. People know this yet continue to believe in the US Governments versions of the JFK assassination, the death of Martin Luther King and 9/11.(Among a large number of other fabrications)

The US Government never has evidence of anything when it invents these fictions.Indeed it was not too long ago that Pompeo openly stated that the US lied as a matter of course and that is how the CIA functioned. He boasted of this in fact.

As evidence the US Government can not be trusted ever , just ask the First Nations peoples down there.


I stopped reading after this quote:

‘…Suleiman’s nefarious role in advancing Iran’s geostrategic reach in the Middle East supporting extremist militia, exacerbating sectarianism, and suppressing progressive democratic movements.’

The writer himself is advancing the narrative that Suleiman was some kind of Boogey-Man, when in fact, Suleiman was Iran’s equivalent of Norman Schwartzkopf or Colin Powell.

Suleiman was a military man, a high ranking officer, and military men kill, professionally. He did not target innocents, he did not target American civilians. He killed US military & mercenaries who happened to be invading a neighbor country. Imagine Colin Powell defending Mexico from Russians.

War is evil. Political leaders are amoral. Military officers are killers. Simple facts Americans seem not to understand.

Iran is not trying to take over the region. It is strategically trying to defend itself against the Israel, the USA & it’s client states. USA engineered a coup in 1953 & has had Iran in its crosshairs since that nation freed itself of American control in 1979. Did Iran ever shoot down a US passenger airliner? The US military did, for no reason but fun.

Liberal multicultural diverse inclusive Democrats have shamefully advanced the narrative of Iran & its leadership as being Bogeymen for the last 40 years. They tilled the ground so that fiends like John Bolton, John McCain & Trump could grow their war.

Trump couldn’t get away with this if Democrats hadn’t been advancing the Islamophobic War on Terror BS all these years. Until we free our minds of this imperialist racist mindset, nothing will get better.


Several points:

There seems to be a weird American consensus around having those we invade turn tail and not fight back. That isn’t how wars work. Iran can fight back, Iran will back, Iran should fight back.

Which brings up another matter. How did we like it when the Iraqi military we armed and trained turned tail and ran when ISIS invaded Iraq? Because then it was suddenly time to fight back, but it was Soleimani’s groups that did so.

Let’s acknowledge who controls US policy in the MidEast: It’s Israel and their christo-fascist enablers here. Use that as your baseline and every move we make starts to fall into place.


Preach, yo.


Except to the degree “control” by Israel hinges on a nation-state theory which doesn’t have anything to do with how things work. The central anti-Shitte cabal is seen (by Shiites) as USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE. That’s my impression when I wander over to the gray zone, where writers feel constrained by reality.

From there, it’s just a matter of rhetoric which symbol of the cabal one imagines in control of it. The Prince of Bonesaws controls it. Orangeman controls it. The Devil controls it.


Just more make believe facts from a make believe presidency.

US soldiers invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and have killed tens of thousands. The US military has also led campaigns to slaughter people in Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syrian, Yemen, and elsewhere. The people in these regions who the US has attacked, and their defenders, have the right to kill the foreign invaders.


If the Democrat establishment wasn’t so far up the Zionist’s butts, since their WWII days being set up in the Middle East, the United States might have been wiser using Iran as a friend and trading partner.


I totally agree with ALL of your post. But, I believe that EVEN Sanders wouldn’t be able to accomplish all of it without extreme resistance from not only the Republicans AND Wall st, but EVEN most of the politicians in his own party. And, I have been a Sanders fan since I first heard of him in the 80’s. By the way I am 73 yrs old so I go back a ways supporting McGovern in 1972.

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You hit the nail right on the head when you ascribed how persons in Countries that are not “white” are always described as evil and wicked in the Western medias narrative. It premised on racism and imperialism. It has been this way for centuries.

In the Book “Facing West , The Metaphysics of Indian-Hating and Empire Building” by Richard Drinnon the author outlines how racism the fulcrum on which the 13 Colonies that became the United States of America was founded (This indeed extends to all of the Imperialist nations of Western Europe). The book outlines how even the literature by authors like James Fenimore Cooper was steeped in Racism suggesting a link between a “dark black heart” and the color of ones skin. This Racism was used to expand across the West, to seize Hawaii and the Philippines and to wage war in Korea and Vietnam.

The actions of Western Generals in Iraq , are never described in the same manner as the actions of Iranian Generals in Iraq. The Western mentality is that those Generals from the West tend to have some nobler purpose while those from the oriental nations are always “nefarious”.

It IS racism.


The bizarre thing for me is the parade of Dems (some of the best, such as Ro Khanna) referencing the nonexistant evidence. Even Barbara Lee sounds, to me, like she might be okay with an imperial mideast project, properly administered.

It’s courageous for Zunes to say anything exculpatory about the Iranian commander we just assassinated. In the current context, Zunes risks getting a target drawn on his back – just by telling the simple truth. I’ve had issues with Zunes in the past, but I’ll remember him fondly for this.


This is in error. Here’s my cite from one of yesterday’s threads:

The USA has always had its own reasons for seeking to control the world’s oil supply and enforce dollar denomination of oil. The USA has long been the world’s number one rogue state, and has never needed any other nation to determine its trajectory of war and empire.

The existence of Israel as a disruptive and supportive outpost in the region of the world’s main fossil fuel reserves has been very useful to the US strategy of global domination, but Israel does not control US policy. The big dog wags its own tail. If Israel were literally gone tomorrow, the US empire would continue its policy of seeking to control and enforce dollar denomination of the region’s oil.

Here’s a cogent analysis from Michael Hudson of the assassination and US policy in the region:


Again, it is an error to see the USA empire and terror regime, as being the fault of Israel. See Suspira’s reference in this thread to Richard Drinnon’s history Facing West, and see my post below and cite of Michael Hudson’s article outlining the trajectory of US policy and war-making in the region.

The USA and Britain were not acting on behalf of Israel when they overthrew Mossadegh in 1953, but were acting on their own interests to control the oil supply and dominate the world. As one clear example.


I would argue that oil now takes a back seat to Israel as our guiding principle.

A stable MidEast would be eager to trade in petro$. Not to mention that oil’s heyday is ending.

And if reports are accurate, Soleimani was assassinated when he was on the doorstep of helping to broker Saudi/Iranian peace overtures. Inroads toward sectarian peace are the last thing Israel wants.


I agree with your premise, but the US has no qualms about bombing white people, too.


And “evidence” is so 20th century.

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The Democratic Party has failed to provide any rationale for their continued relevance. This plan of murky Trump Lite, with drones, diplomacy and spin isn’t going to cut it, either. Continuing to drive an oil tanker truck down a box canyon is not a strategy for the future. It’s just dumb and dangerous. That’s not in consideration, hopefully.
After the 2020 General Election, if they don’t get us out of this Iraqi/Syrian/Iran endless debacle, it will be time for progressives, 3rd, 4th Parties and, other noninterventionist groups/orgs. to rethink what the term " coalition " means in terms of the U.S. political/economy, imo.
Same old, same old … what a bogus strategy.


Aaron Mate interviews retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson:

If you don’t have time to listen to all of it, just listen to the last three minutes. Just about all of our politicians are despicable war mongers.