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'There Needs to Be Accountability,' Says Ocasio-Cortez as Documents Show DNC Involvement in Iowa Caucus App

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/14/there-needs-be-accountability-says-ocasio-cortez-documents-show-dnc-involvement-iowa


'Only provided security assistance"

Uh, was the password, ‘password’ ??
The DNC preferred security code.

Failure also due to lack of training. Obviously the software was written by a 12 year old inside a Pakistan closet for $.18 / hour.


As more and more comes to light I can’t help but make the same suggestion I did about 4 years ago when these shenanigans first came to light during the DNCs “fixed” primary system.
The congressional progressive caucus needs to use the convention to stand up, in unison, walk to the stage, and announce the formation of the American Party for the 21st century. Then nominate Bernie Sanders and walk out.
With all due respect to the Thom Hartmanns of the world, there is no fixing the DNC from within anymore. Getting the party apparatus to move back to the left at this point would be as likely as getting republicans to stop being fascists. It’s just simply not going to happen.


Nevada Democrats learned from our Iowa fiasco, and refuse to use the Shadow App.
Nevada Caucus is next Saturday, Feb 22.
President Bernie Sanders 2020! Yes!


Apparently they didn’t learn enough. Reports say that the Hillarity/DNC forces have penetrated the Nevada Democratic Party.
Unfortunately, as Wikileaks reveal of Hillarity/Podesta/DNC emails revealed in 2016, the DNC is anti-progressive and just another enemy we have to battle, along with the Fuhrer and his mob.


There are six pages, single spaced legalese text on confidentially. My five year old grandson could design an app in thirty minutes that would work and give it away. The DNC and IDP paid third party vote hackers then agreed ‘we are all in this together when we get caught stealing votes’. Otherwise stated: The DNC and IDP would violate the confidentially agree for talking about the vote stealing.

Sorry, AOC. The DNC said in the Florida lawsuit, regarding giving campaign funds from Bernie’s contributors to Clinton: “We are a private 501 © (4) organization that has no Accountability”.
The judge agreed as a private organization an individual or group had no standing to sue the DNC for shearing the sheep and vote rigging.


Too many people still don’t seem to grasp that, the DNC and RNC are PRIVATE clubs, and thus can pretty much do anything they want.
Only when people stop supporting these prejudicial clubs will they lose their power over our electoral system.


Since the 2004 Democratic Primary I have encouraged progressives to contribute to the candidates, not the DNC, DCCC or the DSCC. This was my answer to changing the party, as an original DFA supporter and contributor.
Many of them are contributing $5 or $10 on a monthly basis to challengers of the tenured, DNC backed Republicrats in the Congress. Breaking The UniParty Consensus is the first step in creating a new fusion party of unrepresented constituents of the Corporotocracy in The Swamp.


There is not an “If” about Hillary’s regime change invasion
and continued corruption from 2016, of the DNC. As Max Blumenthal
and the CD commentators above so well describe.
But Happy Valentine’s Day! Your post is a good beginning.


Kill the computers and go back to paper ballots, always felt much more secure to me.


Hate to rain on the party, but check out:

mintpressnews nevada-democrats-caucus-new-software-despite-iowa-app-problems


Honestly people?? Does anyone really believe this is some malfunction. The sole purpose of this app was to steal votes from Bernie, and I’m sure it did. Count the paper now!!! The DNC is full of evil people who must be stopped. Like I’ve said a million times they prefer Trump to Bernie. And that is the truth!!


For the most, this isn’t news and here’s why:

Anyone with a half a functioning brain was already painfully aware that the DNC was untrustworthy, unaccountable, and undemocratic. They might make excuses and try somewhat to cover up their blatant cheating, but under oath in a court of law, they have stated explicitly that they are under no legal obligation to follow rules, including their own.

And Bernie supporters can feel free to attack me for saying so, but he’s been a fool to lead his flock to slaughter at the hands of the DNC a second time. I mean, damn, the Iowa situation is absurd, perhaps most of all because winning the most votes PUTS YOU BEHIND in national delegate allotment. WTF?


It is Sickening the amount of hurdles Bernie must overcome in order to get the Corporate Dems to understand that the vast majority of Americans are disgusted with the lack of Representation we are getting from our Legislators.

America is tired of Law Makers representing their Donor base over the needs of their Constituents.

It is absolutely disgraceful how Cable News and the Print Media are ignoring election results and the popularity of Bernie.

As Congresswoman Omar has said: It is All About The Benjamin$.

The Health Care Industry advertises heavily on TV and Newspapers, a Candidate like Bernie could curtail their revenue considerably.

But We The People are fed up with getting ripped off by Corporate Greed, especially by Health Care Corporations that care more about Profits than the Well Being of their Policy Holders.



The best vote counters are humans witnessed by humans, all software are hackable!!! I know I’m a software engineer in real life, I test software they’re not “secure”. The DNC claim of “Russian” interference could be totally eliminated by hand counting every vote however long it takes.


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

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Hire 50 people to count the ballots by hand. It might take 2 or 3 hours at most. How difficult is that?


Happy Anniversary BigB !

The congressional progressive caucus needs to start NOW and make it LOUD !
These are crimes against democracy. Even for a Private Corporation.

Maybe the DNC should have it’s corporate charter cancelled for these crimes


THAT is my explanation of why the DNC “allowed” Bernie to run in their ‘Private Party’


as has been said here many times - It’s not a malfunction, it’s a feature and the DNC intends to continue to use these excuses.