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'There Needs to Be Accountability,' Says Ocasio-Cortez as Documents Show DNC Involvement in Iowa Caucus App

The Congressional “Progressive” Caucus is a myth used to sheepdog real progressives into the Dim wing of the Duopoly. It is quite successful in its anointed role – which does not include confronting the Dim (mis)leadership at the Convention – or anywhere else. We need to be real about the procedures, policies and practices that we must deal with. Labels are meaningless.


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Accountability? that’s only for the “we the people” not the billionaire corporations or individual billionaires. Why is Roger Stone still free? I would not be if I had lied to Congress and other nefarious actions nor would you. WTF has happened to this country? It is not just Trump it is the whole of the republican party, Fox News, and White nationalists. I thought Bush/Cheney took it to another level and then Obama did close to nothing and especially nothing as far as accountability. Same with William Barr as he interfered in justice during/after Reagan and Bush I.

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[quote=“resister, post:12, topic:73769”]
Honestly people?? Does anyone really believe this is some malfunction.[/quote]

Anyone on this thread that believes this was a malfunction, please contact me as I have a bridge for sale in Alaska.

But wait: Next they should sing a chorus of Alice’s Restaurant Massacree with the four-part harmony, and then walk out. (I don’t want a pickle, just wanna ride my politickle.)


To me the good news is that our awareness of the DNC’S plan to maintain power is more open than 4 years ago. Many of us broke with the DNC at the convention and either stayed home in November, voted for Stein, some went off the deep end and voted for Trump. Also, the Blacks and blue collars backed off.
This time around, how about doing what Lincoln did? No more DNC and their cliques: no more Chuck Todds, Chris Mathews, Joy Reids, no more generals on tv, no more Tom Perez’s, Obamas, Hollywood stars and jetsetters, David Brooks. New media people will emerge that are more ethical (Krystal Ball). Political leaders also: AOC, Ilhan Omar… No more “blue no matter who”
Get ready.


meanwhile, go Sanders


Proportional delegates. What a joke. We need a one person one vote, period.
Bernie is playing with the deck that is available.
Going rogue he would lose big time.
It will take some chipping away at the DNC to get anywhere.
It would take at least four years to mount a new party, lots of money, and grassroots support.

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We’ve already wasted four years not mounting an effort to boost a new party, only to see a billionaire oligarch swoop in to buy a nomination.

The worst part: He bought a party, a nomination, and possibly the presidency with what for him is pocket change.

Yup, me too. The first question I want to know when asked to create some program is whether they really need a technical solution (as if paper isn’t a technology, which can last millenia, just a tech that is so familiar we don’t tend to think of paper as technology).
The next thing is if they really did want a way to send data to a central storage area there are plenty of very easy solutions, very open, and around almost since the start of the web, or just phone it in (works). You don’t need to invent a new wheel each time, and especially not at the last minute,
And THEN the REAL POINT: Elections are supposed to be open to examination by the public. Software doesn’t meet that requirement, even open source, but especially proprietary software. Because this code is hidden and created by firms, mostly (maybe all, for voting machine companies) owned by Republicans, this becomes not just problematic, but in my mind, I have to believe just flat out a legal violation of election laws. Proprietary software should NEVER have been allowed and the same goes for the machines themselves. It makes all those poll workers (supposedly there to prevent cheating) uselessly bypassed and all those poll watchers (also there, to watch out that the other side doesn’t cheat) just useless.

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And probably costs less than the $60,000 or whatever the “app” cost which was not needed anyway.

Folks it’s the fight of our lives. I believe there is momentum and at the moment no one is looking better for Super Tuesday. I think the msm know if they can’t stop it by then the train will have left the station. Even republicans will scream as they somehow think trump will beat Bernie and will call out cheating as we must also. It might take a day of Bernie unity in the streets to get the revolution on tv. People are fed up ! Bernie 2020 !

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Iowa should be forced to do a manual recount. I just want the. REAL popular vote numbers. That’s all we need. They did this in an evening last election so what’s problem ? Who’s zoomin who ? Bernie 2020 !

Exactly my point as well. And thanks for expanding on it. Software just like computers and calculaters have their proper places and should only be used wisely and sensibly. Trusting the political parties to count our votes with some proprietary software are like trusting wolves to watch our sheep or fox to watch our chickens. Teachers and most parents have finally realized that you can tech kids math and English better with just a pencil and a piece of paper. Computers are over valued so as to sell more of them.

I guess we can blame a 5/4 SCOTUS for much of that.

They plan on using the same type of app in Nevada…with oversight by a former Mayor Cheat staffer. The MIC has chosen their man.

I dated a woman who was a translator for hire (by that I mean not an employee of a company, but neutral). She asked me (as an old computer techie) to help with translations for Diebold voting machines. Hardware and software.

Your worries are not unfounded. Most of it was explaining how past mistakes would prevent future mistakes being discovered. Not from happening… but not being noticed because they would be so small as to be inconsequential so no one would notice. {wink - wink - nudge}

English was not her first language… so I saw this differently than she did. I knew how to read between the English lines as she was translating to and from the Spanish ones.