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There’s a Hunger Problem in Every County in America—and It’s Solvable


There’s a Hunger Problem in Every County in America—and It’s Solvable

Diana Aviv

Loudoun County is a suburban area with colonial roots, nestled about 45 miles northwest of the District of Columbia. It boasts the nation’s highest median household income at nearly $124,000 per year. It also has 14,000 residents who struggle with food insecurity, or a lack of reliable access to affordable and nutritious food.


And pets nationwide eat better than most of the earth's people.



According to the Governments statistics 1 in 7 American households face hunger. Hardly "rare".


According to this study 245000 Americans die a year due to wealth inequality. This more than are killed in Automobile accidents and certainly more than are killed by "terrorists".


This details worldwide rates of deaths attributed to malnutrition.


Mom, is that you? You sound exactly like my 94 year old mother. She lived on "assistance" during the war years (WW2), and now firmly believes there is no such thing as hunger in America. Mainly because people are overweight, and have TVs and even cars. She thinks people who go to food banks are just moochers, trying to get something for free. I often pass by a church that offers a daily soup kitchen, and it generally has long lines of people waiting to get in for a meal. They don't look like moochers to me. In this relatively affluent town where I live, they look like the downtrodden, the abandoned, the ... hungry. And they look away when you walk by, like maybe they're embarrassed to have to rely on a soup kitchen. Judge not, my friend. Until you've walked in others' shoes, you just cannot know.


A hunger for simple humanity


As long as we taxpaying citizens let the war mongers in government steal our taxes for bombs, war and spying on us then tell us there, are but mere crumbs for the less fortunate people we will have starvation. Why do we citizens keep putting up with this?


No, we're way past the point where little adjustments can reverse our poverty crisis, or America's decline. We're all stuck with reality. In real life, not everyone can work (health, etc.), and there aren't jobs for all. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, creating a poverty crisis that can only continue to grow. Lesson learned from the Great Depression: The only way to reverse America's economic deterioration and rebuild a middle class large enough to sustain the country is via an organized, legitimate system to relieve and reduce poverty.

Food and shelter are basic human needs, regardless of the job market or one's ability to work. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one (home address, phone, etc.). Well, what do you think happens to those who are left out? Once you no longer have a home address and phone, clean clothes and bus fare, you're out. There is no way back up. Meanwhile, the US continues falling behind a list of nations in "quality of life," while the overall life expectancy of the US poor has already fallen to age 60-63.


I see plenty of well-off middle classers. They have homes, cars, kitchens full of food. Does this mean every American is middle class? On weight: Low income people rely on diets that consist mainly of starches and fats. This is the only way to stretch out one';s food supply from paycheck to paycheck. The truly poor just get thin, as the efforts to obtain enough food to keep going (restaurant garbage cans, finding and recycling stuff, etc.) uses more calories than they consume.


If you could not solve it under President Obama, you can not solve it...simply because our Western Civilization is heading for a collapse. If you can fix it, it would be great. Thank you.


Obesity comes from eating foods with poor nutrition, too. Fatty and starchy foods just to fill the belly. And when grocery stores aren't in your area, it makes it hard to get the vegies, fruits, and protein foods needed for good health.

Hunger is not a rarity in the USA. Many poor seniors get $10 or $15 a month in food benefits from the government. My DH thinks this is so the bureaucrats can count those people as being assisted, when the amount is an insult. And the ex-offenders can get nothing, even though they need a hand up to help avoid recidivism.


It's less rare than you might think. I worked for many years in a clinic that served the homeless mentally ill and some of them had brains too scrambled to get to the two big feed the poor cafeteria style places in our city. They were potentially dangerous places at times and poor people with young children were reluctant to try to bring them there and too disorganized to pack up food and take it home to them.

TANF (welfare) money could feed parents with children for a month but just barely, and again the problem was their being mentally disorganized and thus unable to manage their money and purchase food appropriately. Social Workers could and did give out food vouchers but only when asked. Their workloads and client counts were too high for them to monitor all the clients to ensure that they were getting enough calories to sustain them.

Being obese is sometimes not necessarily proof that they have plenty of food available. The cheap sugary starchy foods were all they can afford. It is possible to die of a form if starvation while technically morbidly obese. It happens more often than people who have never seen the lives that poor people must live realize. It it is true that some of them do buy drugs with money that should be spent on food, but I have seen poor drug addicted parents go voluntarily into withdrawal and endure the suffering so their children can eat and not starve to death. it's not common but is by no means unheard of.

The only way to give them something closer to what they need is to stop blaming them for their miserable conditions. They have in many cases internalized the guilt and know very well the judgemental nature of the drive to make them take drug tests in order to receive financial aid. It is unlawful, at least in the state I worked in, to force people into drug treatment programs unless a judge declares that they represent "a danger to themselves or others"


I propose that the true "glass ceiling" claimed to have been 'shattered' by Hillary Clinton is emblematic of a false mythology about the structures that keep such ceilings in force. Those structural architectures consistently support another mythology called GDP, which demands adherence to a parasitic vivisection of societal standards of well being and equilibrium.

The narcissism of predatory capitalism implemented centuries ago, in turn drawing from the bizarre inversion of what it means to be human being known as the Doctrine of Discovery, claims that if a people does not adhere to an equally bizarre inversion of the sacred, they are to be enslaved, all their lands and worldly goods taken.

Today social media responds to deadly abuses generated by these inversions with increasing #hashtags of "I am [the one who has been subjected to this inversion]".

Predatory corporatism has reached a nadir of inversion and the consequences continue to come tumbling down all around us. They are ignored by many because the inversion has also 'islanded' / fractured perceptions of the actual fabric of life.

What percentage of food is wasted each year? What percentage of healthy crop foods are eliminated from the corporate marketing schemes? Take a good long look at the inverted world according to Monsanto, the military poison producer model of "agriculture".


Part of the problem are what I call the the radio bullies. For example, in southern California people spend vast amounts of time in their motor vehicles listening to radio programs. I heard this so I know it is true. Radio bullies whole programming is absolute hostility toward the poor in every way, shape, and form. They egg on the listeners to be hostile toward their fellow citizens if they see them using food stamps, waiting for a free dinner meal, etc. It is all getting the green light from the Program Manager on up the chain of command at these radio stations. Most listeners, I suspect, are just one bad day from being in that food line themselves, and they are not tuning out the radio bullies.