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There’s a Reason Populists Like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Are Gaining on Joe Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/10/theres-reason-populists-elizabeth-warren-and-bernie-sanders-are-gaining-joe-biden

“Identity politics” and “identity voters” are alive and well. I fear Tin Lizzie is going to take votes from Sanders based on that disgusting, no-brain thinking and the Asshole-in-chief will be back for another four years to destroy the country and piss off the world.


That’s my impression of Kuttner: just dim. Needs more smarts to spew more effective agitprop noise. He’s too stupid even for pretending to be stupid, doesn’t work.

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I don’t think that Bernie and Warren are gaining on Biden for the same reasons, sorry. I mean, polls did show that she was the second choice of many Harris supporters, and so part of her recent rise is connected to Harris’s fall. The same would be true if Biden fell in regards to Bernie. And the data shows that Warren appeals to educated people, her support is stronger with older voters, those with more money, and her support is whiter. Bernie gets support more from the working class, the poor, communities of color and the young. I do think she is better than Biden and Clinton, and is better than many others running. I think that says more about the others running than her. She is smart and has done some good work, although the best work she did was before she took office. Regardless, I am getting a little tired of the lack of nuance in regards to her and Bernie, and any analysis on this site regarding why the corporate media is supporting her as much as they are now. I realize, again, that she is more progressive than many others running, but a little bit of critical analysis is needed. There are differences, and not focusing on that means that more progressive candidate that will push for more structural changes, and wants to challenge the interests that we need to challenge (the very interests Warren is cozying up to a bit now), is less likely to win. That does matter for the people that would benefit from his policies. A progressive site should acknowledge that. It isn’t bashing her, if it comes down to her or Biden, it is a no brainer. But, that isn’t the case here and now, now is it?

Even in regards to her campaign’s money, it is a fact that a large chunk of her money came from previous campaigns, and at least some of that money came from big money donors. She has said that she will not “disarm” in the general election and will once again take their money. Does this not deserve at least a little critical analysis from groups on the left? That matters. Compare Obama’s rhetoric and ideas while running first time around to what he did when given power. Think all that money from corporate interests didn’t help to explain that?

I have seen this movie before, and so have people on the left. Let’s not overlook these things.


Joe Biden is also tainted with the O’Bummer-P’Loser cave-in on prosecuting the War Criminals who lied us into Iraq & Afghanistan and the Thieving Banksters who brought us the near-Depression of 2008-09, prosecutions that many of us who fell for O’Bummer’s lofty rhetoric in 2008 were counting on.  As more and more people recognize that the “Good Old Days” of O’Bummer weren’t really so great after all, and that Joe Biden offers only a continuation of Amerika’s long, slow slide into Oligarchy (accelerated great­ly by Tweetle-Dumb), he will fall behind Sanders & Warren.  If not propped up significantly by the DNC and its MSM allies he would be gone by March or April of 2020.  Nonetheless, even if Bernie and Beth have each won roughly 35% in the primaries, and Biden only 30%, there is still the grave danger of the DNC’s stupor-delegates handing him the nomination if an open Convention is still hung up after two or three votes.


More proof(?) of my claim of how “identity politics” is screwing up voting and electing and governing.

**Great and spot-on analysis , Joan!

I can not help but think that Elizabeth Warren is just another Hilary Clinton with a do-over. It like those that advised Hilary in the last election learned from all her mistakes (No they do not REALLY believe it was Russia. They know why she lost but can not admit it) and got another kick at the can.

With this do over they can use the same Bernie Bros trope while suggesting any against Warren are misogynists while at the same time claiming she supports all of the things Bernie does. This a win win as far as they are concerned. I will continue to have misgivings on Warren until the mainstream media and Wall street come out against her.

I would be wary of any message that tries to paint Bernie Sanders and Ms Warren with the same brush as it seems to be an attempt to have the Public accept there no real differences between the two on policy.


There’s really a much simpler reason. Joe Biden can’t get out of his own way


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Kuttner sez:
“Centrism in practice has meant a Democratic Party in the pocket of Wall Street. When 15 Democratic senators voted with Republicans in March 2018 to weaken the Dodd-Frank Act …”

Sometimes referred to as boring larger holes in a slice of Swiss cheese.


…is that normal meant a four-decades slide in the living standards for most Americans.

And a continuous push to the extreme Right. Or Reich in this case.


Once again, spot on Joan.
Warren states emphatically, “I am a capitalist.”
Bernie at least speaks to capitalism as central to the problem --of making democracy work for people.
Where Warren does indeed have some great program ideas, well spelled out, Bernie IS the progressive candidate. He is running as who he truly is as a human being. Warren is running a deft campaign
–to get elected.


“Just dim?”

Or disingenuous? If both Sanders and Warren can be described as “populists,” the word has lost all meaning. Consider too that Twump ran as a “populist,” but as soon as the oath of office was given, he began to govern like the trust-fund brat he always was.


Good point!
Let’s be VERY clear, Elizabeth Warren is no Bernie Sanders.
–but I’ll support her for his VP.
Maybe osmosis will move her a bit to the left.


If I understand correctly, the “superdelegates” will be activated if there is no clear winner after the first ballot (kind of the whole point of having so many candidates IMHO).

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You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

In a month or three, ByeDone will implode. He comes closer with every appearance – it’s guaranteed.

The second choice of his voters is Bernie, who will rise in the polls, post-ByeDone flame out.

Then the shizzle hits the fanizzle: The Washington Post runs 24 anti-Bernie stories in 24 hours, a bunch of superdelegates make pro-centrist “statements,” Pelosi/Schumer/Clinton/Obama express their admiration for Warren, some “un-named” (coughJohnLewiscough) Dem calls Bernie’s socialism a dangerous handicap, rumblings about Warren/Harris ticket occupy Rachel Maddow.

It’s called “2016 kneecapping, the Even Bloodier 2020 Sequel.” Because Haim Saban ain’t playin.’


I dunno. For me there’s a line the disingenousness crosses when it incessantly insults the reader’s intelligence. I don’t mean it as jest or hyperbole, but my honest impression of the asshole: Kuttner really is (doesn’t just appear to be) too stupid to understand that his readers don’t all suffer from similar cognitive dysfunction. He’s a fucking moron, to coin a phrase… (I could go on, but I’d be tempted to draw on John Cleese’s classic Dead Parrot sketch.)

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Certainly the whole point in the MSM’s pushing Warren these days — anything to split us progressives between Bernie and Beth so Joe can take home the prize.  Just one of the ways that 2016 was rigged was that a majority of the stupor-delegates pledged early on to support Hilliary (contrary to the DNC’s stated rules, IIRC, but since when is the DNC going to follow any rules?)  This made Bernie’s task ap­pear even more hopeless than it should have and dissuaded a lot of people from backing him.

IMHO, our only hope is that if Bernie is ahead of Beth just before the convention then she will swing her votes to him, or if Warren is ahead then Sanders will swing his votes to her.  Other­wise Buy-Done wins, and all of America loses!


If they run this Clinton 2.0 idiot down our throats - He will lose.
And as many here have noted, including myself, The 3rd Way Wall Street crowd in control of OUR Party couldn’t care less. They win either way

We really need a 3rd Party - Bernie, Are You Listening?


There has also been a “four decades slide” of the political center itself sliding rapidly rightward to the extent that what the media label centrist today would have labeled by the media as right wing exteme during the 1970s.


Yes, the Third Way “Democrats” pushed the Overton Window so far to the right – overtaking Republicans on “trade” pacts, Wall Street/telecom deregulation, and McCarthyism/warmongering – that they ultimately defenestrated themselves! (Crushing the innocent progressive movement walking on the street below…)