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There’s a Simple Explanation for Racial Disparities in Terrorism Prosecutions: Racism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/31/theres-simple-explanation-racial-disparities-terrorism-prosecutions-racism

terrorism noun: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims

White supremacists are definitely terrorists using this definition. Additionally, they are cowards.

Our white, and in particular our white collar criminals get the favorite uncle treatment. An affordable legal team makes the whole justice system crooked, and certainly unfair.
Is gotten to be sickening to watch the trump criminals have all the space they want to negotiate, lie, refuse to answer subpoenas, have huge memory lapses, one court stalling after another, and none of that applies to a ghetto criminal.

There’s also a whole lot of cowards who start twitching at the suggestion that “The United States government is a terrorist organization”. They might think that any problem can be solved with a “national conversation,” based on the belief that the bad guys are just misunderstood, and with a little compassion toward the neo-Nazis and the KKK, we, as a country can get beyond this and heal. In the meantime, let’s all just put on a happy face and go back to shopping, since nothing good can come of rocking the boat by thinking that America has a domestic terrorism problem.

Remember the American law enforcement axiom…
If a black guy does it, he’s a thug
If a brown guy does it, he’s a terrorist
And if a white guy does it, he was mentally ill.

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Terrorism is as American as cherry pie. All one needs to do is know their history and that terrorism is foundational to our economic system that began in genocide and the brutality of slavery and not only on the Middle Passage, the old South, but particularly on the cotton fields of the southwest aided and abetted by the North. This is what makes even well–meaning folks who insist on capitalism shy away from this history because they simply can’t accept that terrorism is foundational to the horrific slavery practiced in the US. Slavery is terrorism. The violence of the enslavers was not “discipline” but terrorism.

First it was sugar, then cotton and now it is fracked gas but one and the same motivation as the driver.

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Hi nephewsam:

I like the definition of terrorist as:
a single individual or a group that conspires to take choice, intelligent thought, fairness , and civil discourse away from a nation, a state , a people , or from a single individual.

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That needs to be changed to simply the use of violence, etc. After all, slavery and genocide in the US were legal and made possible by cowards such as Thomas Jeffferson or outright pathological bullies throughout the North and South.

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That makes it sound so non-violent.

Many of our Christian brethren hail to the book of Exodus, and those same hypocrites live their lives like Egyptian pharaoh’s. Slavery, the KKK and all of the rest of the phobias are still a disease of the mind that we haven’t all been willing to be inoculated for.

Hi nephewsam:
Terrorism can be physically nonviolent and still be terrorism.
To me, for anyone to mistreat an animal, or another person, or who uses written threats on twitter or facebook, or even in text , to make others feel unsure of life, I think that is terrorism too.
In America, "Making the World Safe for Democracy, " is used by many people. It doesn’t take long to know what that wording means. Parents or teachers who demean others is
terrorism too. Any attempt to make others less sure of themselves or afraid to speak up or write about what they see as truth-----is a kind of terrorism.
It doesn’t just have to be bombs or people holding guns or a badge----- Look at the terrorism which has been happening to Julian Assange for 8 plus years----that is certainly terrorism without force----just a constant drip, drip, drip of a drop on your forehead, every day, every day, and the sole purpose being to disempower and drive a person insane…that’s probably the worst terrorism-----it seems so benign from those looking from afar------but this is truly the worst terrorism meted out to any person and to all humanity- like what happens in Guantanamo too—unrelenting pressure of what might be-----and just waiting, worrying waiting for that “other shoe to drop,” and wondering, wondering, what --where and when it will be. : (

It the same reason a group of Christians killed in Egypt are killed by “Muderous Muslims” while a group of Muslims murdered by Christians in a Coalition airstrike on Raqaa is called “collateral damage”…

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