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'There’s a Smell of Treason in the Air'


'There’s a Smell of Treason in the Air'

Michael Winship

Monday’s hearing of the House Intelligence Committee was proof positive of the absolute need for both a special prosecutor and an independent, bipartisan commission with subpoena power to conduct a full investigation of the Trump campaign’s connections with Russian intelligence — as well as Russia’s multipronged attack on our elections and Trump’s business connections with that country’s oligarchs.


Just a tasteful hint of fragrance; just the way both parties want to keep it.


This will all amount to NOTHING. My best guess is that all this Russia buswah is a PSYOP to keep Liberals busy chasing their tails so that Repubs & Dems can quietly go about the business of implementing the Trump agenda in Congress without too much hoopla. Oh, and I guess by kicking Cold War II into high gear, the War Profiteers & the Pentagon make out pretty well.


I also think this is a smoke screen to hide whatever it is they pretend to be doing for us all but are only doing for the ultra-rich giving them tax cuts and to take away medicare, which is currently available but soon will not be once the Republicans pull $800 Billion out of it and start charging us premiums (over and above the premium we currently pay). The Republican Wealthcare Plan is only a plan to eliminate Medicare as we know it and they don't care that we cannot afford huge premium increases on a fixed income (if you are retired).


There is a Breach in the Anti-Putin Groupthink, discussed, in of all places, Foreign Affairs, in an article by Prof. Robert English. Read the following analysis of the piece by Gilbert Doctorow, or if you want to read it in Foreign Affairs it requires registration.

English provides a valuable historical summary of recent U. S.- Russia relations, recounting the role played in Ukraine by Victoria Nuland and her involvement in the coup, and much more.


Can we finally have an independent investigation. Untruths are swirling around but perhaps somewhere in this cloud we can find the truth. But we certainly won't without an independent investigation. The Trump people regard the truth like most people regard a serious contagious disease, something to avoid at all costs. How strange is that in a democracy. What has gone horribly wrong between 1776 and now?


Why would the Russians want to make their business partner the President of the US? I'm ever so incredibly very certain that any shenanigans over the election would never even enter their minds.


I won't be even a tiny bit surprised if enough 'evidence' is discovered to get Trump removed and Pence installed in his place. Then our 'government' can go happily on its way, destroying any semblance of democracy that might be left with a more 'respectable' face as the putative head.


You have to have some evidence before you have an investigation. What you seem to want is a fishing expedition.


There is no shortage of evidence tying Trump and his entire family to Russian connections, and Putin. That is business, conflicts of interest, and ethics violations--for all of them. The E hacking of HRC has already been outed as done by an insider. The DNC issue was done by the head of the DNC-- HRCs good female buddy. This is a story that just won't die but is all smoke and mirrors. The DP is still doing the blame game, and that game is over. HRC is now ready to "come out of the woods", and save the DP alongside Obama. Wow. Isn't that how that got themselves into this mess? Seems like.

Putin and Russia had nothing to do with HRC losing, or the Mad King being elected.


There's been a smell of Treason in the Air for a very long time now. It's not new.


Two fired/quit Trump campaign managers and a sitting NSC head doesn't count? That the Trump campaign lied about their contacts is no biggie either, right? No cause for concern, just another day in typical-behavior sphere.


Where is the evidence of wrong doing? People being spooked or bullied into resigning is not evidence of anything.


When a presidential campaign and the people running it lie about meeting with people from foreign governments, lie about receiving money from foreign sources, and fail to register as foreign agents, wouldn't you say that's grounds to determine whether or not a crime has been committed? As the FBI director noted yesterday, that's what happens when "credible" indications a crime has occurred happens. That's what an investigation is about, to determine if there is any evidence. It doesn't mean anyone is guilty of anything, charges may not be pressed. That's what happened, after all, with Clinton's email server.


Yeah, at least since November 1963.


Yes, and threatening N Korea while the people get all hyped, the media goes bananas, and they get their backroom deals.


Yes, of course - it is basically to let the poor and working/middle class die off so they can have all for themselves. Remember the Kochs: I want my share and everybody elses' share as well.


Be sure to phone your representatives office today and tomorrow. The vote is scheduled (so far) for Thursday. They just made the bill even crueler to please the Rand Paul faction of crazies.


Excellent article, I highly second your recommendation.

I'd also add historical background information in "War Profiteers and the Roots of the War on Terror".


There is tons of circumstantial evidence. Computing records of hacking activity, phone calls, the dossier, etc. Far and away enough to demonstrate the need for an investigation. There are both Democrats and Republicans in Congress calling for an impartial investigation. Why don't you want to get at the truth?