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There’s a Toxic Weedkiller on the Menu in K-12 Schools Across the U.S.


There’s a Toxic Weedkiller on the Menu in K-12 Schools Across the U.S.

Caroline Cox

Many parents cheered about 10 years ago when Michelle Obama took on the important task of improving school meals. Of course, every child should have a healthy lunch and breakfast. Most of us have school cafeteria stories; I still remember the feeling of failure I had decades ago when I realized my daughters never had time to eat more than their dessert before joining the stampede for recess.


“Monsanto (now Bayer) made hundreds of millions of dollars in 2017 from herbicide sales. We need to demand a change.”
No we need to demand this hellish conglomerate be dissolved for the public good. They have destroyed genetic diversity, and contaminated much of our farm land, even some land used for organic production. They have endangered the future of safe agriculture products, putting all of us at risk, all for money.
Dissolve this company NOW.


Trump and his five predecessors in the oval office have each appointed many GMO/pesticide cartel operatives to high level gubmit posts, paving the way for serially diminishing regulations concurrent with ever growing taxpayer funded subsidies for the GMO/pesticide cartel.

Michelle Obama’s school meal program ignored the pesticide problem. She did not want to step on the toes of all the GMO/pesticide cartel operatives that her husband appointed to high gubmit level posts.


Eat only organic food—or, as our grandparents called it, food.


That toxic weed killer is also a toxic people killer. Monsanto should go out of business & its executives should be given life imprisonment with no possibility of parole. Its commercials should be pulled off the air.


But, but, but, … the Big Ag Guys and American Farmers want to make America great again. By destroying their organic seeds, the nutrient- richest land in the world, the aquifers and wells…where does it all end? Plus, there’s China! $$$$$$$$$
As someone who saw first hand the switch from large scale organic farming, and livestock production, to this ongoing slow poisoning of the population; again, where does it all end?
" You cannot force-feed your children money ".


I remember when I was first told to wash my produce to remove the pesticides. When I enquired as to how to remove the pesticides absorbed in the fruits and vegetables themselves, I was met with blank stares. The wash the outside propaganda has so permeated the American mind that most all reason has been checked at the outside of the door of the TV room. Critical thinking is just about an oxymoron in this country.


Doesn’t the Patriot Act consider critical thinking, connecting the dots, and any real gubmit or corporate accountability treasonous…at least in a defacto sense.


Glyphosate may well be the agent of the next mass extinction.


HI raydelcamino: I think I read after Michele Obama planted the White House Garden, that the soil brought in for the garden was suspect----but I was eating Quaker Oats and I thought that with Quaker there was a healthiness----- oh well, wrong again. : (


Nothing grown in the Obamas’ “organic” white house garden left the white house.


Isn’t that the FDA’s job! Hell, more proof that they care more about big companies like General Mills than children eating healthy food.


You may not like Monsanto because they are helping commercial agriculture.
You may believe you are immune from criticism yourself because "Why everybody knows Monsanto is bad/ Why Julia Roberts thinks so and even though she isn’t a scientist, I believe her.
You probably believe that farmers’ expanding use of Glyphosate means they are constantly running up and down fields with more and more.
You probably believe that PPB means a dangerous level of what is a molecule that the FDA, PMRA and others have deemed ‘is toxic to plants’ growth but not toxic to mammalian organisms’.
The silver lining in having irrational advocates is the manner by which rational science adjusts and keeps agriculture productive inspite of you folks.
I respect your freedom to express yourself. I am less than enamoured however, with your feeding the public the lower colon waste products of male bovines after 8 hours travel through their GI tract.


I switched to packaged Nature’s Path Organic dry cereals, available at a nearby health food store, and, less expensively, from Walmart, where it’s usually stocked; or, if you purchase $35 worth, it ships for free. I’ve tried and like the Heritage Flakes and the Mesa Sunrise (available with or without organic raisins). Haven’t tried any of the others, yet.

Currently, on these cold mornings, I’m addicted to hot oatmeal, made from organic oat groats purchased in 25 lb bags from the health food store. Three cups water and some pink Himalayan salt, to one cup water: 40 minutes on simmer. Plus, whatever organic fruit I happen to have on hand. This is probably the least expensive, hearty, organic oat cereal one can make.


HI Callmeskeptical: Thank you for that information! : ) I have never been into a walmart, and I won’t start now. : ) I will look for the others. But---- Pink Himalayan salt-----what is that? : 0


If you purchase $35 worth of the Nature’s Path Organic cereal product, you don’t have to go into the store, the product will be shipped directly to you for free. It will probably be difficult to match Walmart’s prices. But, then again, if you detest WalMart as much as I detest Amazon, I understand.

Himalyan salt is mined in Pakistan. Look it up on Wikipedia; and, you’ll see that page states that it’s no better than table salt. Look it up on the Websites that sell it; and, they’ll have all sorts of pluses for it. I use it; because, most of the ordinary table salt products, which are available in the supermarkets, contain iodine and other chemicals, which I don’t want to ingest.

Have you seen that Tulsi Gabbard is running for President?


In California, oil companies can sell their oilfield wastewater to farmers, who can use it on their crops if they wish. Both practices are perfectly legal.
The (so-called) Wonderful brand of tangerines, pistachios and almonds are grown with such wastewater, as too its brand of pomegranate juice.
Bon appetit!


Exactly right. NOTHING less will make ONE BIT of difference.