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There’s a White House —and GOP—Fungus Among Us


There’s a White House —and GOP—Fungus Among Us

Michael Winship
Almost as depressing and infuriating as the president’s racism have been the denials and obsequious lies of the congressional Republicans surrounding him


Hmmm, fungus? No, I would equate Trumpo the Klown and his band of gangsters with a form of metastasizing cancer, one that is capable of doing near fatal damage to our body politic. This piece of corrupt, shameless garbage and his right-wing wrecking crew have every intention of reversing all the social and economic progress that we have made in the last 80 years. They will not listen to reason or facts just like the tens of millions of their supporters who “want our country back” and who parrot their loathsome president when he attacks any criticism of him and his vile agenda as “fake news”.
You know things are really fucked up when George W. Bush is being “normalized” in the public media after being compared to the Mango Mussolini.


Why stop with Trump? Might as well get it out in the open and start publicly condemning the entire Republican party as racist. There’s plenty of evidence to support it even without Trump. Call them on it. Make the label stick and put them on the defensive. Make it a campaign issue for this year’s election. Long overdue.


I would liken the orangeantan in the offal office to oozing sore spreading infection - bacterial that is. The patterns exhibit nothing of the truly stunningly magisterial components of fungi mycelium.


Absolutely agree! Trump et al are the OPPOSITE of the elegance of fungi and mycelium - see Paul Stamets!


As long as Mr Trump signs legislation approved of by the most conservative forces in the US, e.g. The Heritage Foundation, A,Americans for Prosperity, Family Council, etc, he will be the useful easily manipulated stooge and the GOP’s will try to accommodate his inane antics. The policy he signs should be what’s important not his childish actions and sayings. The neocon’s and neo-liberal’s policy is what concerns me. Their absolute refusal to address global poisoning and selling off public lands for exploitation is of greatest concern along with nuclear chicken being in vogue these days.


Trump’s Immigration squad could have raided one or two Perdue chicken plants and probably found more of his “illegals” than raiding a hundred or so 7-11’s. But the Perdue’s have Sonny as Secretary of Agriculture and David as a senator from Georgia.


I agree. Make their other activities an issue as well. To me, they are near treasonous. The trouble is - can we count on the current Democrats to do this? Sure, there are a few but the majority of the party are usually DNC stooges. Example? How about Dianne Feinstein and 17 other Democrats in the Senate who just voted to extend the Surveillance State’s powers to spy on us? I think that the current crop of Demo sellouts are at least as interested in appeasing their donor class as “representing” their constituents. It all seems like a big game to me. The Rethugs push some more right-wing bullshit and the Demos try and make it less outrageous and, even if they succeed the country is pushed father to the right. It has been going on for decades, ever since the DLC was formed. Me? I still vote but I don’t expect to change much because of it. It looks more and more like a multi-billion dollar dog and pony show. Then I remember the words of the great radical and socialist Emma Goldman - “If voting could change anything they would make it illegal.” Looks like the Rethugs are trying the next best thing - gerrymandering, “cross checking”, voter suppression and machine fixing. That’s why I said “near treasonous.” Here’s today’s fun quote and a blast from the past - “Don’t throw the Constitution in my face, it’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” – Republican George W. BUsh


Plus, they have Tommy Cotton Balls protecting Tyson, etc. The chicken shits are covering
for another p.o.s.


Actually, neither Sonny nor David Perdue are related to the family that owns the Maryland firm known as Purdue Farms, of chicken fame. Sonny and David are first cousins, to each other.


There’s a “Fungus Among Us?” We need to stamp it out – no matter what the cost!


The picture with this article – he’s got his ‘intelligent, thinking face on’ but he has no clue what is being said … ‘dreamers’ … ‘democrats’ … ‘Africa’ … ‘Haiti’ … ‘Hillary’ … ‘Benghazi’ … lunch? … ‘wait a minute, did somebody say fooooood?’


The disastrous impacts of catastrophic climate change is just another form of warfare the filthy rich are conducting against the rest of humanity. They know the poor will suffer and die just as they know their profitable armed warfare will similarly kill millions and leave many millions more as refugees imposing a near impossible burden on neighboring nations purposefully bred with murderous animosity. They know that globalization leaves all nations dependent upon industries for export commodities and too little production to serve basic needs. All the filthy rich need do is shut off the oil supply and hundreds of millions will die.
Connecting the dots to World War III. President Shithole is a modern day Hitler plotting genocide.


Purdue is a university. Perdue Farms is in Maryland. The Perdues are both from Georgia, but you say they aren’t connected to either the university, or the farms. Is this a classic fustercluck or a chicken crossing the state lines to get to Georgia, joke? Frank Perdue may have fathered the Perdue cousins, do they both appear rather cocky? Trump reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn after he dropped 4 hits of Windowpane#27. Does this help you figure out who came first? My money is on Trump judging from what Stormy said.


Oh Windowpane, oh my yes :-)))


The line, fungus among us, is an old slang saying from the 50’s.


I’m old enough to remember that as well. I wish that Trump and his fellow scumbags WERE a fungus. That could be dealt with but the kind of spreading cancer they represent to me is much more dangerous.


In the end, these same Republicans willing to lie for Trump, will betray him in favor of restoring Democracy.



The : “Racist Republicans” has a kind of ring to it.

Yeah, let’s all start using this phrase to define the pure evil which is growing in our government, a Cancer upon our nation that needs to be cut out and disposed of.


Since 80% of Republicans approve of Trump it should not be surprising that the Republicans continue to back him despite his lack of human decency, foreign policy that looks like one big mess, and so forth. The problem is the populist movement that elected Trump and many of these Republicans. At the center of it is white supremacists and patriot militias who live in a world of paranoia and conspiracy theories. This is the Republican base and the politicians know it. Trump has brought this “monster” movement into the mainstream. It is an authoritarian movement. Forget the Republicans. The only thing left to do is defeat them at election time. Only a tremendous election defeat will get the message through to the GOP that support of white supremacy and authoritarianism is not a ticket to high office.