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There’s an All-Out War on Kids, and Not Just on the Border


There’s an All-Out War on Kids, and Not Just on the Border

George Goehl

Donald Trump’s choice to separate migrant children from their parents has unleashed a flood of outrage across the political spectrum. While the president has stepped back from separating families at the border, his solution is to imprison children with their parents, and change laws so he can hold them indefinitely.


“What we’re witnessing at our border is one part of a war against all children — whether by cuts to schools, child nutrition, health care, safe air and water, or family-supporting jobs.”

And yet, the charlatans continue to cynically fellate the evangelicals to whom every sperm/zygote/fetus is sacred. The push to a living hell is sacred?


A scary thought and it has to do with blowback-----but this nation is killing kids all over the world, with bombs from the air or the ground, and by starvation, and war poisons--------------lots of kids are killed at weddings too and schools or protesting against the rise of the Super nazis redux.

I am wondering if there will come an awful time in America when those whose children have been murdered----I wonder if the concept of “turn about is fair play,” I wonder if a new horror is coming , where those who kill the children of others----are made to experience the loss of their own kids?


Ban abortion but kill the kids?


Psychopaths engaging in ultimate sadism.


On Becoming “The Banana Republic with the highest GDP”

A great title for a New Comic Book


This is real dystopia- why even care for a zygote if people do not care once it is born?


Banning abortion is about punishing women for being women. This is also insane - why do these fundie women go along with this?


Yes, this is indeed something to think about - some even thought about 911- after the Gulf War.


Exposed: our society is still functioning, in many ways, like a medieval society where women and children are seen as possessions to be disposed of at the will of the males. Is it any wonder that the victims of the worst, most malevolent abuse, are the children, who can’t push back? That these individuals are willing to yank food from the mouths of babes, push them out into the street, and deprive them of even a basic education in order to further fund their own excesses, is a sign of the basest depravity humans are capable of. What is shocking is that so many Americans are perfectly willing to go along with this evil.


That’s exactly right - many Americans are more than willing to either support these policies or simply turn away in indifference. I suspect the Germans under Nazism had a little more moral integrity than the masses of Americans today, who relinquish all their power to the kinds of people who “rule over us” now.


Many Americans will vote to wreck their own healthcare too:

It’s like a cult. Anyone who thinks Republicans will cave and bend easily to a national healthcare program must embrace the reality that won’t be the case. Voters gave these people power.