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There’s Fake News on Your Television, Too


There’s Fake News on Your Television, Too

Richard Eskow

There is increasing public concern about the political manipulation of Facebook and Twitter by private corporations and foreign actors, and it’s certainly warranted. Social media, especially Facebook, are increasingly mediating their users’ realities in ways that traditional broadcasters can only dream about. But millions of Americans still rely on television news, and they probably give it more credence than they do to random strangers on the internet.


No Shit, Sherlock!


There’s fake news on my television? Huh… I didn’t know I had a television.
Perhaps I should dig around in some of my closets to see what I can find.
Media monopolies like Sinclair make me not care about having television.


TV is basically fiction in a box instead of a book, and that includes the news. It has been a tool of the state for quite a while, and is becoming more so with every year that passes. Don’t waste your grey cells on it. Put technology to work for you and seek information from multiple sources–not found on TV. It’s amazing how much smarter a person becomes when they stop watching TV news.


There is very little on the airwaves that is NOT fake news. Rachel Maddow at MSNBC is nothing but a propagandist; Fox News has long been allowed to put out blatant BS without consequences. So when people start going after “fake news” without reference to the mainstream networks - all of them - I say bullshit. They’re all beating the war drums, they all pick and choose what to report, and they all avoid speaking the truth about these unlimited wars the US engages in. It’s all “Russia Russia Russia.” Evil Putin. Evil Russians. Brave Americans. Red white and blue. Nearly 40 years ago I told my college journalism professors that the “free press” was an illusion; I wrote it in papers and I attempted to demonstrate it in research papers. Then I spent a quarter century having it repeatedly proved to myself as I tried to be an authentic, honest journalist. I gave up. But the sheep swallow the nightly lies hook, line and sinker. George Orwell on his worst days could not have provided a more cynical view of “the news” than the reality we actually face today.


On a positive note, people are increasingly getting their news online, not on the MSM.

Protect net neutrality.


There is a propaganda routine, not necessarily unique to the US but absolutely used to perfection by the US, that goes something like this. Whatever country, large or small, that the US decides to have political/military/economic control of is demonized to the American public as “brutal,” “tyrannical,” “oppressive,” or “un-democratic.” And indeed many of our eventual military or clandestine targets have committed abductions, murder, torture, and political imprisonment. What is often missing from the picture is the fact that for many seasons prior to the vilification and demonization, our psy-ops and “counter-revolutionary” spooks, spies, assassins, and saboteurs (and those of our allies , both overt and covert) operate within the borders of that target country to disrupt, discredit, assassinate, and foment discontent and insurrection. If the ruling powers there see mortal enemies everywhere they look, and respond oppressively, then it is only fair to ask which came first – the chicken or the egg?

If the US was infiltrated with saboteurs, assassins, and those fomenting rebellion, one can only imagine the response here. Instead of the marginalized or rejected crazed revenge shooters mass-killing innocents, or those who’ve become unhinged by the warped hypocrisy of our collective mirage randomly attacking the closest and easiest targets, imagine real assassins killing government officials and researchers, industrialists and investors involved in national defense; saboteurs blowing up armament factories or crippling our infrastructure, or attacking other research efforts. In this scenario many here, including myself, would be shitting our pants waiting to be disappeared, not necessarily for anything we’ve actually done, but just for what we’ve said. (And that’s a sardonically humorous mental image – a modestly sized gulag full of 60-something cranks, hippies, contrarians, and naysayers. A real dangerous bunch. “Please sir, can I have my inhaler back now?”)



The author could have left the title as the text. No one who reads Common Dreams would find this “news”.
Sadly and unfortunately, the author looks only at Sinclair’s role. While the rest of the MSM may not engage nearly as often in repeating outright falsehoods, they are collectively guilty of spin, omission and propaganda; which are in my view at least as damaging to an informed democracy.

How many people will learn, for example, from the MSM just how much of the national debt is a function of imperialist war-mongering? Or for what % of the money spent therein we could fund a national health care system, infrastructure maintenance, a decent education system? We know the answer: NONE.

How many will get to learn via the same channels, anything at all about who buys elections, who and what is bought?

How much reporting will they do about the results and dangers of climate destabilization? Almost none, in total. Yet they can report Trump / Russia - 24 x 7, pausing only to cover the latest mass shooting.


The TV channels are not allowed to just lie to us!


I’ve been a big fan of Sharyl Attkisson for a number of years, but am sorely disappointed (but recently not surprised) to discover that she is somehow affiliated with Sinclair Broadcasting.

Over the last few months I have noticed that some of her stories were really not much more than easily recognizable propaganda in favor of the GWOT, for example her coverage of the ISIS in the Philippines stories.

Too bad.


It is worse than just fake news! If THEY watch MSM news the American public are being brainwashed not only overtly but surreptitiously, whether they realize it or not! There use to be an advertisement that said: " this is your brain on drugs" that showed an egg being fried; that would be a great advertisement if was changed to: THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MSM NEWS!


Well Richard, not to shock you, but ALL OF TV is fake and has been fake since its begining…