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There’s No Excuse for Blocking the Anti-Lynching Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/24/theres-no-excuse-blocking-anti-lynching-bill

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Freedom and Equality for our Black Brothers and Sisters is their human right.

Those who hate and refuse to address the needs of our Brothers and Sisters must be removed from any positions of power.


Why would Rand Paul fight the Anti-Lynching Act? He must know what that horror is of a person or a person grabbing and beating him up----Since Rand Paul’s neighbor did that to him—it is truly amazing that Rand Paul didn’t learn anything from his own attack. I guess he was lucky that there wasn’t a garden hose nearby. Still, it does appear that Rand Paul should not be in the Senate


Anti-Lynching legislation should have been passed in 1866. It’s 150 years too late. Right now, it is a diversion from what we really need to do to end racism in the country: transfer wealth from the top to the bottom (including inheritance taxation), change the tax structure, restructure the funding of public schooling, provide employment and employment training for all who need it, provide health care for all, and restructure and partly defund policing. Symbolic stuff is too easy and diverts energy from the heavy lifting that will require a huge joint effort and lots of focus.

Respectfully, i disagree it is 150 years too late. Unfortunately, folks band together to mete out extra-judicial lethal justice against black folk quite often in modern times. In 1998 three white supremacists dragged James Byrd’s body behind a pick up truck for three miles in Jasper, Texas.

Then there’s the group of suburban white teenagers near Jackson, Ms who in 2011 apparently grew bored with the normal ways they used to terrorize black folks. They decided to drive into town and, as they put it, “fuck up a n****r”. Beating Craig Anderson nearly senseless and robbing him wasn’t enough. When they saw him stagger to his feet, they ran him over killing him. They celebrated after.

Seventeen year-old Lennon Lacy, a black North Carolina high school student, was found hanging from a swing set in 2014. Like the five black and brown men recently hanged in public across the country, his death was ruled a suicide.

Can’t even begin to count the lynchings by cop in the last 20 years. Nope, never too late to pass anti-lynching legislation in this country. It’s still an American pastime, they just don’t picnic at the event anymore.

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Why did Rand Paul block the anti-lynching bill? He instantly gave it away on the Senate floor, announcing “I know I’ll be excoriated…”

Some dyed-in-the-wool racists unsecretly yearn to be excoriated as excruciating penance for their insatiable blood-lust. The little devil is not-so-coyly asking for it, isn’t he?

That does it. I’m hanging out my shingle:

Excoriation Services Offered Here.
since 2020

Or else, in my dreams, vapid frauds like Rand Paul just blow away, or get washed away by the tidal wave of the Floyd Rebellion. That’s an optimistic dream I have where we get out of this dystopia with some vestige of democratic respect for each other. Where everyone realizes, all the sudden: It’s crazy for us to be mortgaging our future to oppressors. This stops now, if not sooner.

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