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There’s Nothing Funny About a Donald Trump Rally


There’s Nothing Funny About a Donald Trump Rally

Laurie Penny

t’s a warm December night in South Carolina and we’re about to see Donald Trump speak on a ship that goes nowhere. We’ve been waiting for an hour and a half in a line that snakes around the car-park of the USS Yorktown, an aircraft carrier that Team Trump has rented out for tonight’s rally. The billionaire tycoon is a frontrunner for the Republican nomination in next year’s presidential elections, and his followers are fanatical.


The only thing funny about Trump is his hair! Since he appeals to so many rednecks maybe Trump should color his hair red!

I do agree with Trumps statement: " that 75% of the MSM are absolute scum". That line would also be good for Trump and the Republican party! But a good line by the author, that Trump is a fascist cartoon character.


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Why does the author say there were only three deaths in San Bernardino?


I've been saying that The Donald may be a Trojan Horse of the Clinton's from practically day one...ever since I read he had a two hour phone call with Bill the day before he announced....for the Republicans.

Wouldn't that be a "The Prince" like move of the Clintons? Political Jiu Jitsu! ha!


He is front runner to the Republican side of the equation. That is not the full U.S. political spectrum. Polls show that Bernie Sanders would beat him.

Perspective matters.

That there are American would-be brown shirts waiting for some father figure to give them a rationale for letting loose on Muslims, Hispanics, and likely Blacks as well as women... and merely sounding the alarm, and like Pavlov's dogs, these wounded souls would "just follow orders" IS plenty chilling. Again, this ilk is not representative of the vast majority. That it exists at all is not just the fault of Wall St. or government.

Muscular militarism crossed with religious delusions that come across with the same kind of mindless passion as found in football stadiums are HUGE factors in the conditioning that leads to this level of consciousness.

I think Ms. Penny ought to quit using the "Liberal Media" meme. It's a CORPORATE media.


If true, he may have grown beyond the control of the Clintons.

Reminds me of the telegram that General Ludendorff sent to German President Paul Hindenburg the day he appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor.... " The evil genie was raging in his bottle, and you have let him out! Mark my words, you and the German people will rue this day.. " peace


I find that odd too. Her point would have been just as valid had she quoted the correct number of 14. I think she was confusing it with the Planned Parenthood attack. Three died at that one. But nonetheless, Add that, Charleston and Sandy Hook - ignoring the countless "lesser" mass shootings per year, and the argument that there is far more violence in the US at the hands of non-Muslims is still rock-solid.

This may be Ms. Penny's first visit to the US. I can understand her confusing all the mass killings with each other...


This lady is a very good writer, IMO.

"A bleached-blonde lady to my right is practically spitting. “Tell the truth or go home!” she hollers over my shoulder at the press standing behind the safety rail.
Right now, I want to do both."



This article is not about Hillary, it is about Trump. And yes, he is a fascist threat. Hillary is another topic.

The right wing has gotta love how the US left is poisoned to a state of paralysis by this belief that there is a spooky plot behind every single human event!


PLEASE! Not a "radical" buffoon, a reactionary buffoon. How convenient that the corporate media in recent years has remade the word "radical" to mean "extremist". This is not correct. "Radical" means "one who strikes at the roots of things" in the manner of Thoreau's famous aphorism.


The criminal Hitler did pretty good for a while. Then his house of Cards came falling down. The reason is that the world outside Nazis Germany United and destroyed Germany. If Trump is elected the world would unite even faster. I figure the USA would be destroyed even faster this time. The Empire would be totally destroyed even faster.


So please stop giving him so much media attention! You who do just contribute to his success!


There's no chance this ubermiststück will be president

But that's not what this is about, is it?

Trump's on the mother of all power trips, his dick rigid as the rabble scream his name.

He doesn't want the job

He wants the rapturous adulation of the mob

The rapt attention of the media

And the celebrity sine qua non to come.


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The problem with polls in the USA is they never ask the Voting machines as to their preference for President and "they" are the ones that really count.


How dishonest (or brain-dead, take your pick) is it to contribute to what you bewail?


The demonization of Trump is by design. The author incorrectly states that, "He is lambasted by the liberal press and idolised by the right" but actually it is a right wing media that also lambasts Trump so as to narrow the debate between Donald and Hillary. It gives Americans either of two very limited options... vote for Donald because you agree with him or else vote for Hillary to prevent Donald from coming to power. From corporate America's perspective, it's a win-win situation. Both are pro war, pro corporate, pro endless growth and die hard capitalists to the core. The key after all is to marginalize any real threats to the regime by ignoring the likes of Bernie Sanders or Lawrence Lessig. By framing the discussion to only include the usual clowns of the Republican Party and Hillary, it gives the voter the impression that no other options exist. Even if Bernie Sanders was supported by 99% of the public, he would still get little or no airtime compared to the corporate fundamentalists that dominate every political debate. The ignorant and angry people who attend Trump rallies really don't matter. They will be ignorant and angry no matter who is elected. The question is how do we get the rest of the population to cut the umbilical cord from the publics inability to vote for anyone who isn't a corporate sycophant?


You have to have something to triangulate against