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There’s Nothing Moderate About "Moderates." A Primary Example Is Joe Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/01/theres-nothing-moderate-about-moderates-primary-example-joe-biden


Biden was to Obama as Pence is to Trump–an insurance policy. Do the “wrong” thing and die of lead poisoning,


Biden stood before his corporate paymasters and told them:
“No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change."

I mean, damn, he couldn’t get any clearer that that.


With an uneducated population they haven’t a clue of the history of what republican and democrat mean. Bernie is in fact a true democrat where are HRC, as an example, or Biden another, are republicans. What are known as republicans today are fascists. Our lame stream media is the perpetuater of these myths in definition. I think maybe someone with a political science PhD would know these things. Maybe. It is a shame that places like the NYT and WaPo don’t publish these teaching tools by Solomon and others.


So which of these sock puppets will corporate America choose as an alternative to corporate America’s favorite sock puppet in Donald Trump? The more Biden stumbles and falls, the more attractive he becomes as an easily controlled stooge. Let’s face it, these debates really aren’t about who had the best zinger or put down, they’re a screen test sponsored by corporate America as to who will make the best puppet.


“A coherent analysis and challenge to corporate power” is not limited to “Sanders and Warren”. Although she has no experience as an elected, Williamson has also demonstrates these qualities and would be a better POTUS than Trump and his 5 predecessors.


“I almost wonder why some of you are Democrats,” she said later. “You seem to think there’s something wrong about using the instruments of government to help people.”

  • Marianne Williamson



Try as they will, I believe enough of us finally see through the corporate media bullshit and are firmly of the progressive view and agenda. There will come a time in 2020 where they wont have any choice but to admit Bernie Sanders is the front runner to the Democratic nomination. Once the field is narrowed to 2 or 3 it will be clearly evident. I believe the Independents will be with us and the momentum will be unstoppable. Bernie 2020 ! I just wished that he and Tulsi would partner up now. The sooner the better.


Tulsi and Bernie would indeed make an awesome team to go against Trump.


Also, on the way up, a reassurance to the PTB that Obama was “moderate” enough to pick a racist VP.


Most progressives I know say they will not vote for Biden regardless.

If by divine intervention Bernie overcomes the duopoly’s dirty tricks, gets the nomination and survives, I hope his first act will be to get the money and revolving doors out of politics.

He could call in experts from Scandinavia and Switzerland to show how to set up good government.


I think Solomon had best substitute “Gabbard” for “Warren” for his two people who have offered a challenge to power. But I am glad to see him take on the myth of the “moderate” corporatist ruler. He ought to tackle “centrist” while he’s at it.

Here’s why this sort of abuse of language matters even when people more or less know about differences in usage:

We understand words very little by looking them up in dictionaries, and very much by partial recall of their prior use in context. A word like “table” conjures the kitchen or dining room table where one grew up, but also the flatness of its surface and its nature as a surface raised above the floor. From this we derive “water table,” because the upper limit of water in an aquifer is at a certain level and because that level is important to us, and therefore prominent in our minds. We can talk about a “table” of figures because the straight lines of a spreadsheet provide visually and metaphorically level grounds for comparison. We hear the word in a sentence, summon our association and frame our understanding, and create a more precise meaning to suit a context.

A result of this is that our associations to any word in any context color and inflect our understandings of that word and its associates in other contexts. We port meaning from prior usage to the newly invented understanding. So one may understand that a “centrist” or “moderate” Democrat or Republican is conventionally used to describe neoliberal to neoconservative authoritarian plutarchists, and yet, by using the term, one is certainly conveying and usually also to some extent understanding.

In this way, the guise of moderation and non-emergency is placed over the reality of theft, conspiracy, and mass murder that is basic to neoliberal and neoconservative policy.

The opposite of a progressive in politics, Mr. Solomon, is a regressive. It is not the word " moderate ".
And, believe it or not, citizens will still have to purchase auto, home and life insurance without government assistance, pretty much. Is that too much of a stretch for you, perhaps?
We could return to the words " liberal " and " conservative ". However, that would be disingenuous because Joe Biden is a true " reactionary ". As are about 20 of the other politicians campaigning for the Democratic nomination.
As a progressive I support moving forward to Sen. Sanders’ proposed legislation, aka, M4A.
Also supported, so far, by Sen. Warren and apparently Con. Gabbard. Progressing past the goobledegook that is the ACA, is the goal, btw.

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I am not trying to be disrespectful, only trying to give my analysis of the truth.

I think Biden is Mentally Unstable.

Anyone that would wholeheartedly vote for and promote the invasion of Iraq cannot be Mentally Stable or have a judgement foundation that is trustworthy.

Basically I think he has evolved into a degenerating senile old man drooling all over himself trying to explain his catastrophic decisions regarding Iraq, the Deportation of our neighbors, Anita Hill or his infamous Crime Bill.

It is obvious to anyone who does not support a “Moderate” approach to solving our Nations problems that Warmonger Joe is ready for a Nursing Home.

BERNIE - LIZ - 2020

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Biden will be a like Hillary in 2008, a troll to push a psuedo-progressive Dem to the right, to keep progressives in a defensive posture, so busy trying to push through a rainbow phony identity politics candidate ala Harris or Buttigieg that they won’t look too closely at the actual record of their pseudo-liberal savior.

Then, if by some miracle the Dems actually win 2020, the pseudo-progressive bull$h!t identity politics candidate can immediately go about the vital work of re-branding Trump-style awfulness as rainbow-painted empowerment and inclusivity. The immigrant concentration camps will all be re-named ‘sensitivity centers’ and every child will be given a copy of ‘Heather Has Two Mommies.’

Because that is how the Duopoly works. The Republicans slash & burn as much of the forest as they can, & then the Dems come in and pave it over, and the liberals pogo-dance in ecstasy.

Remember kids: even when the Democrats win, we still lose.

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I don’t share the confidence in Tulsi. Just like Obama, we didn’t have nearly enough information other than what was said during a campaign season. My gut is very rarely wrong because I have a high level of empathy which allows me to really relate to a person by viewing and listening to them. My gut tells me that Tulsi could be manipulated once elected. I would much rather have people in office who have a long term proven track record of progressive ideologies.

I also have to always keep the brakes on when determining the trustworthiness of someone who at one time thought it was a good idea to join the military. Seriously, if you or I thinks it would be ridiculous to join the military now, it was always ridiculous.


The debates were lined up correctly the A team the first night —the B team the second night. And Jimmy Dore says Warren won----that’s a break through-----though I would say progressives won. And the corporate media is in freak out mode against medicare for all----their BS is showing.

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Tulsi has already proven that she she won’t be manipulated, either by the DNC (she resigned as vice-chair to support Bernie in 2016), by the heavy-hitters on the Council on Foreign Relations (as an outspoken outlier amid a majority of empire promoters & apologists), and certainly not by mainstream neolibs and the corporate media, who fall all over them selves (as Kamala Harris did after last night’s debate) to smear her as a Russian bot and/or Assad apologist. Surprise! War a trillion-dollar business - peace through diplomacy is not. Tulsi is doing a soldier’s real job - defending her country against those who would feed young recruits a steady ration of bullshit and false promises and then send them home in a bag, or too damaged mentally or physically to function as whole people. Fighting that fight takes a soldier’s heart, because more likely than not, it will cost your career if not your life. I was ready to enlist to fight in Vietnam at the tender age of 20 - by 21 I was a conscientious objector, but I respect and admire Tulsi for her positions as a conscientious soldier. That’s who I want defending my country “against all enemies, both foreign and domestic”.

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Moderately corrupt, moderately sleazy, moderately offensive…