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There Trump goes again


There Trump goes again

Eugene Robinson

If you want to look at the bright side of things, at least we’ve learned that the nation can survive for half a year without a sane, functioning presidency.


Mr. Robinson, you spoke for me and millions of people around the world, including the leaders of nations. There is a loose cannon rolling around the hallways of the WH that needs to battened down, disarmed, dismantled, and jettisoned into a toxic waste dump.

Each day brings more rancor, hate, vitriole, and pure evil emanating from the diabolical despot and practiced/implemented by his henchmen.


I agree with everything Mr Robinson has said here as well as Seatower’s comment. I would add, however, that it does not take an expert to evaluate another persons behavior when it is obviously unacceptable.
DT has shown for many years that he has been and is not only irresponsible but unhinged. I think that it is important to continually point this and his behavior out. His, DT’s, inexcusable behavior is not only unbecoming to a President of the US, but is inexcusable for a responsible citizen and person to exhibit. I find it hard to not believe that he is a seriously mentally disturbed individual and his low standards and crudeness is bringing the whole country down to disgusting and and unacceptable level and legitimizing it. This alone is not only disturbing, it is unacceptable, period!


Here's a game being played out with all the protagonists on the same page. Each new day your stress is registered in your mind, anxiously awaiting a new debilitating tweet, break away for your own sanity.


We have got to do whatever is necessary to get this Putrid, Inane, Grotesque prictator out of office! :rage: He is so lacking in class, intelligence and simple humanity that he cannot even be trusted to clean toilets, let alone run this country!



That frickin' Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a transsexual. All of these gross, evil, and conniving creatures are transsexuals bent on destroying the U. S. and the world. Senator Sanders is no different from the rest. American, wake up, rise up, and shed these lunatics.